A Moment With Max. What’s happening and where we’re headed.

It is now 4 months since the election of our new Committee and we are keen to keep the Club moving toward a bright future. Firstly I would like to, on your behalf, thank the people who generously gave their time on the Committee under the stewardship of Grant Smethurst. Last year was a very successful year of Club activity and your efforts were appreciated, and for those of you who have not re-joined the Committee this year we hope you continue to contribute to the Club. Maybe we can get some European reports from Chris Winter as part of our extended recruiting territory.

Sometimes a look back into history can provide a glimpse into the future. Back in the “olden days” when I first joined The Hunters we produced a weekly newsletter which contained results, Club social activities, profiles of new members, local issues that included council matters and general gossip as well as the teams and locations for the following round of “Interclub” as it was then called. Our current Committee thinks we don’t have enough communication with our membership despite the great efforts of TV, Tony Wilson and a few others. We think that the availability of modern media will help us to do better at communicating with you. Nenad Radosevic, Justin Cohen and Tony Wilson have formed a Communications Sub-Committee and they want to know what you think we should be doing and how we should be communicating with you.

They would also like to know what skills you have that could help the Club grow, whether you have 10 mins to contribute or can commit to much more time. Shortly they will be sending out a survey to all members seeking your thoughts. Please take 10 minutes to complete and return it so that Glenhuntly Athletics can provide you with the activities and events you need.

For my part I will update you as often as I can with what’s happening at the Committee level. Included will be building developments, track replacement, AV competition and any policy positions we need to take. Starting right now!

Building – the Duncan Mackinnon (DMack) pavilion has been challenging to everyone. Scheduled completion was April 2014 but a dispute between builder and Council has led to a parting of ways and the appointment of a new builder – Fimma Constructions. They have commenced work and the new completion date is August 2015. We wish them good luck and kind weather. I can tell you officially the rumours around failing foundations and/or steel work are and were always incorrect.

Track – Council has appointed a designer to work on the track re-surface which is slotted in for the 2015-16 capital works program. We made need to do some fund raising to assist in ensuring it remains in that budget so we get the upgrade next season. On Monday 18th August Council staff organised an opportunity for the athletics tenants to meet with the Designer. The discussion was fruitful and we are optimistic that we will get an outcome that suits our needs. Council staff have the challenge of trying to regain the funding lost following the federal election so the re-surfacing of the track and re-alignment of the horizontal jump pits, increasing the back straight to 10 full lanes and improving the high jump and shot put area are all achievable in the 2015-16 financial year. More information to come I am sure.

Membership – with the great work TV and Len are doing at Monash Uni we have seen a steady flow of members from the Uni to our Club. We have recently had discussions with Monash and we are both keen to formalise our relationship further and grow our Club membership, particularly in the recreational/fitness member space. There are other initiatives we are looking at that will also grow our membership in this category. If you have an interest in being involved either in coaching fitness runners/joggers/walkers or helping organise groups at DMack or elsewhere, please let me know. The area we are also keen to boost is junior membership. We need a Junior Coordinator who can organise some events for our juniors…again a bit of history. In the 1980s our Junior Coordinators used to have pie nights or fish and chip nights and show videos and play video games etc with the juniors and we were very strong in numbers. If there are a couple of parents or senior members who are interested in starting a similar initiative give me a call.

Apparel – we have a distinctive club logo and symbol but we don’t see it on enough gear. The hoodies have proven very popular and so too the T-shirts President Greg Varigos designed and procured a few years ago. But we need a strong line of apparel so you can proudly show off your membership of the Hunters. Mick Ryan is setting up a Sub-Committee to pursue some quality apparel for you to purchase and show off to the rest of the world. Talk to him if you would like to be on the sub-committee, especially if you have contacts that can help us get quality products at reasonable prices or you have a design bent or sporting apparel expertise.

Let one of the Committee members know of your ideas to grow the Club and to improve the quality of Club membership experiences. And let us know what you will do to help.

Go Hunters.

Max Binnington
Glenhuntly Athletics

XCR’14 Round 7: Lake Wendouree Road Race – Report and Results

Junior Women

Due to a number of other commitments quite a number of our ‘regulars’ were unavailable for this event – but we did manage another great team victory with the U18 Girls.

Needing to score well to stay in the hunt for the U18 premiership we saw 4 Hunter females toe the line – and as we needed just 3 to make up a team we had great insurance.

Dana Dekkers put in yet another terrific team effort to pick up 3rd & the individual Bronze Medal, with Kaitlin Barr a fine 7th – ahead on Jess Clarke 15th & Tash Ockenden 19th. So with just 1 event to go for the Juniors (Tan Relays) our U18s look to be in an unbeatable situation – congratulations.
Our sole runner in the U20 race was Anne Wallace who finished a terrific 7th.

Dana Dekkers – 3rd Place

Junior Men

It was a great day for a run along the shores of the famed Lake Wendouree; the home of the Moneghetti trail. It was a cold day (isn’t it always cold in Ballarat?) with a cold wind off the lake, but in the sheltered areas quite pleasant.

We had four boys make the trip, two U18 and two U16, so again we were without a team in the junior age groups.

In the U18s Sam Toll 16:12 continues his outstanding efforts with a 5th placing in preparation for his run next weekend in the Australian titles. He also finished fifth in the Individual champion athlete award. A great year Sam. Declan Murphy 18:09 continues to improve after injury and finished with a solid 28th. A great team man.

In the U16s Will Ockenden 17:42 continues his significant improvement this season and impressed with a top run for 6th place, just beating Jasper Pickering 17:52 who finished eighth. Jasper has been mixing football with XC and apparently has done well with his team contesting the finals. Well done boys.

Also a very big thank you to the mums and dads who continue to support their sons and our teams. It is a great group and one that we should try hard to extend to enable teams in all junior grades.

Now there’s a challenge. Lets try it.

Any ideas?

Go Hunters

PS See the photos on the club website

Junior’s Manager Phil Hutton and Junior Boys

Open & Masters Women

Lake Wendouree lived up to its frosty and windy weather last Saturday for our 15km road run. In a repeat of the 10km Karinna and Amelia finished in 2nd and 4th positions. Julia continued her terrific form with another top 10 finish.
Laura surprised herself taking close to 10 minutes from her 15km best; while Amelia, Cass and Stacey ran huge personal bests on the course.
We happily welcomed back Bridget Corcoran, her first AV race in two seasons, she ran extremely well on a tough course.
Division 1 took another win extending their lead on the ladder. Division 2 finished an impressive 3rd. Running a solid race, Robyn was our only masters representative.

Enjoy a couple of weeks break before the half marathon, see you all there!

Karrina Fyfe - 2nd Place
Karrina Fyfe – 2nd Place

Open Men

Conditions for the 15k road race in Ballarat this week were cold enough to have TV stealing everyone’s jackets while they ran!  With this in mind, it was fantastic to have nearly 30 Hunter men complete the 15k course around Lake Wendouree.

Josh, Craig and Rhydian all put in fantastic runs to finish in the top 20.  Ben Howe is proving himself to be one of the biggest improvers of the season, running a 5 minute PB to record his first Division 1 placing for this winter.  Beau Lang and Peter Macknamara also ran PBs to contribute to a strong 5th placing by our top team.

Great results in other divisions as well.  All our Division 2 runners finished under the 1 hour barrier, and our remaining teams were also well placed.  Notable big PBs of the day came from Matt Larkin, Matt Wynne, Chris Allan and Ian Henderson.

The road race distances are building to a peak, with just the half marathon to go. Hope everyone’s keen to take on the long distance!

Ben Howe in action

Master Men

Round 7 of XCR’14 saw the Hunters converge on the banks of Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. With the cold wind blowing straight off the water, I think it is fair to say that the coldest place in Ballarat was exactly where we pitched our club tent!

Once the race started, the cold was forgotten as the Hunters continued the great form that has been shown all season.

 In the 40+ division:

  •  Superstar Craig Semple (49:26) finished 1st in 40-44 again (and a brilliant 15th overall), as he has done in the other three events he has competed in this season. Hopefully Craig will compete at Burnley to seal the 40-44 individual title.
  • Peter Macknamara (54:35) finished 8th in 40-44, and holds down 4th place on the ladder.
  • With Chris Allan posting an excellent (and huge PB) 1:02:17, the 40+ team finished in 3rd place and stay in 4th on the ladder.
Chris Allan in action

In the 50+ division:

  • The absence of dual Hunter Masters’ Athlete of the Year Paul Strangio saw Andrew Ross (57:50) lead the way, from a close finish between Roland Soderstrom (59:46), Victor Cook (1:00:04) and Mick Ryan (1:00:52).
  • I must take this opportunity to mention that this was Andrew’s (i.e. my) first top-10 finish in an XCR race, finishing 7th in the 50-54 category.
  • Also Roland finished 10th in 50-54, to score another point on the individual ladder.
  • Despite missing our main man, our depth saw us finish second in the 50+ age group, and hold our place on top of the ladder. Three points ahead with 2 rounds to go!

In the 60+ division:

  •  Chris Wardlaw (1:04:51) finished 7th and stays in second place on the ladder.
  • Len Johnson (1:07:57) finished 9th for his third top-10 finish for the season.

Well done to everyone who competed in tough conditions. See you at Burnley!

For complete hunter’s results at Lake Wendouree Road Race please see the following link: Road Race 15k – Ballarat – 2014

Report & Results prepared by: Trevor Vincent, Cass Higham, Phil Hutton, Simon Bowly & Andrew Ross.

Chris Winter: Running in Japan

Chris Winter

While sumo is Japan’s national sport and baseball is widely considered its most popular pastime, running is a significant part of Japanese culture. The Japanese did, of course coin the familiar word ekiden, referring to a long distance running relay race. The first ekiden race took place in Japan almost 100 years ago between the old capital, Kyoto and present day capital, Tokyo.

Just your average Wednesday night at Oda field track.

Eager to continue my running routine in Japan, I researched running groups in Tokyo before leaving Melbourne on March 24. The first link that appeared was for Namban Rengo, Tokyo’s international running group. The group comprises approximately 50% Japanese and 50% foreigners. Interval sessions are held every Wednesday night, with a 5km time trial on the last Wednesday of the month. We train at the Oda field track in Yoyogi, also home to Japan’s 1964 Olympic Stadium. As Wednesday is the only night the track can be used for free, athletes flock from all across town. It is not unusual for 150 sprinters, distance runners and walkers to be using the track at once. A testament to Japan’s orderly way of doing things, there are no collisions! The custom of removing your shoes before entering a dwelling is not lost in the athletics community, with running shoes neatly arranged outside the change room.

In Japan, there is no club athletics scene such as you find in Victoria. After graduating from high school, serious athletes will either compete for their university or company. Aforementioned ekiden relays feature heavily between January and March, the most famous race taking place on New Year’s Day. Stakes are high, with the top universities recruiting talented athletes from Kenya on scholarships to bolster their team. September through to November sees a series of graded track races over 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 metres. As many as 30 heats are filled for each distance. The Africans once again make the journey across due to the high quality competition.

The highlight of my running so far in Japan has been my involvement in the Fuji Mountain Race.  The race attracts accomplished mountain runners from Japan and abroad, as they attempt to run the gruelling 21km to reach the summit.

Chris at the Fuji Mountain Race
Chris at the Fuji Mountain Race

My motivation for taking on this challenge was to raise awareness and funds for the battle against Motor Neurone Disease (MND). MND kills two people every day. Sadly, my cousin Mark was diagnosed with this terminal disease earlier this year. He is only 40. With the help of family and friends back home, I have raised over $2,500 to date. I would like to thank the Glenhuntly community for their generous donations and messages of support. While the race is over, my challenge to raise $5,000 for MND Victoria continues.

To donate, please visit https://www.mycause.com.au/page/fujisummitformnd and get behind this great cause!

View from the 8th Station of Mt Fuji
View from the 8th Station of Mt Fuji

I continue to follow the progress of the club throughout various competitions. While I do not have a set return date, there are many goals I still wish to achieve with Glenhuntly, such as winning a Winter Division 1 premiership with TV as team manager! If you are in Tokyo, please don’t hesitate to email me at winter_ace@hotmail.com and be sure to include a run with Namban Rengo.

Go Hunters!

Written by: Chris Winter

The Melbourne Marathon 2014: Volunteers We Need Your Help!

Glenhuntly Volunteers at Great Train Race
Glenhuntly Volunteers at Great Train Race

Every year Glenhuntly Athletics Club provides a group of volunteers for the Melbourne Marathon running event. The Melbourne Marathon is one of club’s major fundraising projects for the year and you can assist the club by volunteering on the day. This year the club needs approximately 30 volunteers on the 12th October 2014 (Sunday).  Glenhuntly Drink station is located in Albert Park.

If you want to be involved in this volunteering opportunity please contact Mick Ryan via email: blue441@optusnet.com.au.  Alternatively,  you can contact Mick on his mobile number 0425872893.

XCR’14 – Rnd 6 – Road 10 km – Albert Park – Aug 2

Sophie O’Sullivan wins the Under 14  3 km

TV’s Hunter Results

Hunter Images

Division 1 5th
Division 2 3rd
Division 3 7th
Division 4 4th
Division 5 6th
Division 6 6th
Division 7 2nd
40+ 10th
50+ 1st
Under 20 2nd
Under 18 1st
Division 1 1st
Division 2 1st
Under 18 5th

Open & Masters Women’s Report

On the coldest morning for the year the Hunters travelled to Albert Park for a 10km road run.
- The women had huge wins in both divisions 1 and 2.

- Karinna finished on the podium yet again, taking home a silver medal.
- Amelia was 4th, her highest placing for xcr and an impressive course PB.
- We had 10 women compete, all five who ran last year improved their times: Amelia, Julia, Cass, Laura and Paula, many claiming outright 10km bests.
- Tackling the course for the first time Stacey, Jackie and Gill all ran 10km bests.
- Sarah proved she’s returning to form with an impressive run, finishing 11th and rounding out the division 1 team.
- Unfortunately our numbers were down and only two masters women ran. Gill and Paula both had great runs but with only two couldn’t fill a team.
There’s only three rounds left so let’s bump the enthusiasm up and have a great turnout at Ballarat!
Cass Higham

Junior Women’s Report

A major highlight for us in the Junior 3k was the most impressive win in the U14 event by the most talented 12yo  Sophie O’Sullivan – in just her 2nd run for the club.

Sophie was backed up by another very new member, 11yo Genevieve O’Brien who was also having her 2nd run for the club –Genevieve was a fine 5th.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a 3rd runner so did not finish a team in this age group.

Our U18 team, currently on top of the ladder, looked like losing that position with the threatened absence of a key team member, Dana Dekkers, who faced minor surgery just the day before. But Dana most generously walked / jogged the race to complete our team, and they were 5th – so retaining their top of the ladder position. Kaitlin Barr, 8th , & Mikhalla Arthur, 10th , put in great runs for the team.

Our sole Runner in the U20 race was Julia Atkins – who was a fine 8th.

Congratulations to all the girls on their fabulous runs.


Open Men’s Report

A rare still day at Albert Park brought many many PBs all the way
through the men’s ranks – Beau Lang, Leo Enter and Matt Larkin were
the big improvers.  All divisions performed very well, thanks to a
huge turnout from the Open Men’s team.  With only three rounds left in
the XCR competition, Divisions 1, 2 and 4 are well placed to finish
high up the ladder.

The 10k road race gave Toby Rayner his second win this season, in a
tight race that was decided in only the last hundred metres of the
race inside the stadium.  Great to see Josh Papanikolaou return to
racing with a strong run, and another high placing from Rhydian
Cowley, both of which helped our Division 1 team to a fifth place

Tim Tucey, our new recruit from Monash, settled in to the Hunters
colours well, with his sub 35 minute run putting him in Division 2.

Hope to see a big turnout for Round 7 in Ballarat!

Simon Bowly
Simon Bowly followed by Chris Hibbert

Junior Boys


Some very impressive results from our juniors at Albert Park in round 6 of the winter premiership.

Highlight of the 10km was undoubtedly the run of Sam Toll in U18 to finish with a bronze medal in a great breakthrough effort. Sam’s time of 33:23.5 was highly impressive.

Highlight of the 3km was Haftu Strintzos’ bronze medal in U16 in a very accomplished effort; just 3 seconds behind the winner.

Other results were most encouraging for the future.

Will Ockenden was 10th in U16
Cody Bellgrove 21st in U14
Jack Bullock 7th inU20
Chris Hibbert 9th U18
Jack Marquardt 10th U20
Jack Highnam 11th U18
Aaron Landenberg 11th U20 Encouraging debut.
Declan Murphy 20th U18

The provisional team results were fantastic in the 10km and indicate that U18s won GOLD and the U20s SILVER.

It is really great to have some teams and this shows what can be achieved when we do.

Well done to all boys.

Our next outing is at Ballarat (Lake Wendouree) on Saturday 16th August.
Be sure to get your entry in on time.

Phil Hutton
Junior Boy’s Team Manager
9754 3696


Masters Men

On a chilly but gloriously sunny Sunday morning, the crowds were buzzing in anticipation of what is one of the most popular races of the season. The XCR 10k road race has been run in a several different locations over the past few years, but hopefully has now settled at Albert Park, where the stadium finish is a highlight.

The first of three individual road races for the season saw the Hunter Masters maintain their excellent form. In the 40+ division, we were unfortunately missing Craig Semple and Tony Russo, but Peter Macknamara (34:27) led the way, with Dave Spackman (40:51) and Chris Allan (41:20) filling the Hunter placings. The team finished in 10th place, but stayed 4th on the ladder. In the individual results, Peter Macknamara finished 3rd in the 40-44 division, and is currently 3rd on the ladder. Craig Semple sits in second place, despite missing this event.

In the 50+ division, the team of Paul Strangio (35:37), Andrew Ross (37:42) and Victor Cook (38:59) finished in First Place for the third time this season, and is now a clear leader on the 50+ ladder. Good runs also by Roland Soderstrom (39:07) and Mick Ryan (39:39) who have been important members of the team in earlier XCR rounds. In the individual results, Paul Strangio’s 4th place in 50-54 sees him stay in 3rd position on the ladder.

In 60+ results, Chris Wardlaw’s 2nd place (41:30) sees him stay in 2nd place on the ladder.

Excellent results again by the Masters, who are having their best season in quite a while. We need to maintain the pace in the next round at Lake Wendouree on Saturday the 16th of August.

Hope to see big numbers there again.

Andrew Ross


The 68th Arthur Beames contest for the A A Theobald Shield – Adelaide July 26th 2014

Hunters in Adelaide for the 68th Arthur Beames contest for the A A Theobald Shield held in Adelaide

TV’s Hunter Results

Images from the run

HUNTERS defend Women’s Shield but we were caught short in the Men’s event.

Only eight club athletes made the trip to defend the shields won at Norton’s Park last year; 6 male runners and 2 female runners. They were supported by club legend and team manager; TV, along with Olga Esmore and Lorraine Hutton.

The Arthur Beames contest is held annually between between Victoria’s Glenhuntly and South Australia’s Western Districts Athletic Clubs for the Mrs. A.A.Theobald Shield. It is believed to be the longest competition of its type between any interstate athletic clubs in Australia.

GHY has won 51 contests to 17, and 11 contests to 5 in the women’s event

The men’s teams event is for four runners from each club scoring 1 to 8 points (women’s team is for three runners; 1 to 6 points) which are then aggregated.

Concerns were held close to the start when our star contingent were delayed at Melbourne Airport due to heavy fog in Adelaide; with TV, Simon, Stacey, Cassie arriving just half and hour prior to a delayed race start.

– Club Captain Simon Bowly dominates the event; easy win
– Club Div 1 women runners, Stacey Bulger and Club Captain Cassie Higham, finish 1st and 2nd in the women’s event
– Lachlan Preston 4th male overall and GHY handicap winner.
– Big run from race regular Kev Esmore to finish third Hunter and an 8 minute improvement over his effort of 2 years ago. – – – Phenomenal Kev. Kev has made five Hunter teams in the past.
– Phil Hutton made up the fourth hunter runner for his second team; the first one 50 years ago in 1963 (unfortunately both teams lost).
– Regular participant Peter Buller came in fifth Hunter. Peter has been a longtime supporter of the event, making 4 previous club teams.
– So, what of Tony Doran? Injured, he started but was restricted to walking a dog around the course. (hoping I think, that 6 legs would be better than 2).

The WD club were generous, as usual, in their hospitality, with a sumptuous afternoon tea, and an enjoyable get together of about 40 friends at dinner in the city.

Overall, a great event.

This was the 68th staging of the event but our club really needs a greater effort by members to go to Adelaide to support it. Our hosting, usually at Norton’s Park in Glen Waverley, is well supported and seems to be enjoyed by all.

It would be great to have many more members commit to this event continuing in the future.

After all, Gus was the heart and soul of the Hunters for so long and this event is a great legacy of friendship and competition between two clubs in different states.

Make a promise to yourself. “I aim to be there next time”.

Gus was the inspiration to so many at our club as a team manager to our winter teams from the 40’s to the 90’s. He was still an active walk competitor, world champion and age record holder in the Veteran movement until his untimely death in 1990 at age 93. He was also our longest serving president and coach.

Wally was the son of one of South Australia’s early cross country champions, Arthur Beames, after which the State 10 mile trophy was named in his honour. He was stationed in Melbourne following the war, met Gus and they conceived the idea for this race. The idea was to provide athletes with the opportunity to travel, compete outside their state, and to develop friendship.

The shield was donated by Jessie Theobald, wife of Gus.