Tarli Bird wins the Run 4 the Kids. Congratultions Tarli.

Run for Kids 2014 winners Craig Mottram, Matthew Brumby and Tarli Bird. Picture: Stuart Milligan Source: News Corp Australia

Run for Kids 2014 winners Craig Mottram, Matthew Brumby and Tarli Bird. Picture: Stuart Milligan Source: News Corp Australia

Open Women are Shield Division One Premiers

Congratulations, Ladies!

World University Cross Country Championships 22nd March 2014, Entebbe, Uganda

KarinnaCongratulations to Hunter star Karinna Fyfe on her fabulous effort in the  World University Cross Country Championships at Entebbe in Uganda on 22nd March 2014


After over 20 hours of travel, the Australian team and our coach, Gregor Gojrzewski, arrived at The Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda. My first impressions were 1) it is very humid, hovering around 85% humidity and 2) things happen slowly in Uganda. After eventually checking in, we tried to shake the travel out of our legs with a jog around the golf course where the race was to be held.

This was our first experience of running in the heat and humidity and a chance to test out the effect of being at 1000m elevation. After a recovery dip in the hotel pool, we attended a welcome dinner where we were entertained with traditional Ugandan dancing and all the countries were welcomed. Most of this occurred in the dark due to the many, many bugs that were whipped into frenzy by any light sources. Dinner was served at approximately 9pm. After a big day and night of travel, we were all pretty exhausted and retired to our rooms for an early night.

The next day we went to check out the race course, which was located approximately a 5 minute walk from our hotel. As I mentioned, the race was on a golf course which meant the terrain was grass (the rough, not the fairways!) with intermittent sand where we were forced to run through bunkers. Each lap was 1500m (we ran 4 whilst the boys ran 7) over undulating ground with a couple of very steep but short hills and plenty of turns. We were all feeling pretty good after a jog around the course.
After lunch we went for a quick souvenir shop and a tour of the local zoo. This featured some magnificent African animals including lions, rhinoceroses and giraffes. In the evening, we were summoned to a dinner hosted by the Mayor of Entebbe. This involved quite a bit of waiting and we finally ate dinner well after 9pm – a little later than most of us would prefer on the night before a race!
Race day! After a light breakfast, we packed and made our way over to the course. The girls were to race at 11:30 and the boys at 12:30. After a warm-up we were ushered into the call room, given our numbers, lined up and taken to the start line and before we knew it, we were on our marks.

The race itself was tough, carrying some fatigue still from the travel and coping with the heavy ground, humidity and elevation. After what was probably a little too fast a first lap, I maintained my pace through lap 2 and 3 and tried to come home strong, finishing in 15th position ahead of the other Australians in 22nd and 29th position. Our fourth runner was feeling unwell prior to the race and struggled with the conditions, she gave it everything she had but collapsed in the final lap and was unable to finish. I spent the next hour after the race with her in the medical tent whilst trying to catch a glimpse of the boy’s race. The Ugandan teams were dominant, placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in our race and taking out both the men’s and women’s team competitions. The Australian women’s team placed 7th.

That evening we attended the gala dinner and let our hair down a little. Sunday morning we went for a gentle run and took things pretty easy before heading to the airport for our long journey home. All in all, the World University Cross Country Championships were a fantastic experience and I am incredibly proud to have represented my country and Monash University.

Karinna Fyfe

Hunter set to scale great heights in Japan – raise money for Motor Neurone Disease

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) kills two people every day. Sadly, my cousin Mark was diagnosed with this terminal disease last month. He just turned 40. 

I am entering the Fuji Mountain Race (Japan) on July 25. Please sponsor me to run up (and down) this iconic mountain. I am looking to raise $5,000 for MND Victoria. MND Victoria aims to provide and promote the best possible care and support for people living with MND.


Chris Winter

Victorian Masters Track and Field Championships

W40 Frankie Reid
5th 1500m 6:13.78 68.77%

W40 Helen Rainey
GOLD Shot Put 4kg 6.91m 37.43%
GOLD Discus 1kg 14.97m 22.26%
GOLD Hammer 4kg 12.64m 22.64%

W50 Vicki Charles
GOLD 60m 10.18 79.37%
GOLD Hammer 4kg 21.40m 35.40%
SILVER 100m 16.06 77.15%
BRONZE Shot Put 4kg 5.93m 36.99%
BRONZE Discus 1kg 15.86m 27.46%


M40 Geoff Pittman
GOLD 100m 11.74 87.39%
GOLD 200m 23.91 87.12%

M40 Tony Russo
BRONZE 1500m 4:25.9 84.11%

M40 Angelo Portelli
5th 100m 13.47 78.25%
BRONZE 3km Stp 14:39.26 61.05%
4th 1500m 5:57.3 63.81%
4th 60m 8.80 78.64%
BRONZE 400m 70.89 67.02%
5th 200m 29.29 73.32%
6th 800m 2:58.33 61.86%
5000m 22:13.64 61.91%

M40 Kurt Golonka
GOLD 400m 56.73 83.75%
SILVER 60m 7.95 87.04%
SILVER 200m 25.25 84.99%
BRONZE 800m 2:31.30 72.91%

W50 Lesley Grimes
BRONZE 1500m 6:09.64 77.81%

M50 Ben Hodgens
GOLD Hammer (7.26kg) 34.86m 44.99%

M50 Ross Carter
BRONZE 1500m 5:22.31 77.43%

Australian Masters Championships – Hobart

W50 Vicki Charles
GOLD Discus 16.51m 28.59%
SILVER Hammer 20.59m 34.06%
4th Shot Put 6.49m 40.49%
8th 60m 10.13 79.76%

Australian Youth Track and Field Championships – Sydney

Jack Bullock 5000m 17th 15:57.55
Jordan Ziebell 110m H 16th 15.51
Jack Marquardt 800m 19th 1:56.11
Sean Farnan 100m 15th(11.01) 11.03
Sean Farnan 200m 8th (22.14) 22.26
Ben Kelly 3km Stp 4th 9:34.61
Nicola Davis 400m 16th 59.45
Chris Hibbert 3000m 12th 9:04.14
Tom McLean 400m H 12th 60.40
Sebastian Zammit Javelin 9th 38.01m
Sebastian Zammit Shot Put 11th 11.42m
Charlotte McKenzie 800m 15th 2:18.24
Bridget Brammer 400m H 10th 67.86
Andrew McGrath 400m H 1st (57.11) 54.59 GOLD
Daniel Hamilton 1500m 9th(4:12.92) 4:06.15
Georgie Macdonald 1500m 5th 4:39.08
Georgie Macdonald 800m 6th(2:16.51) 2:16.18
Christine Byrne 100m 10th 12.64
Haftu Strintzos 3000m 12th 9:40.86
Indica Cohen 3000m 14th 11:01.52
Indica Cohen 1500m 13th 4:55.37
Ciara Losty 400m 6th(58.16) 58.30
Ciara Losty 800m 9th 2:17.01
Jasper Pickering 3000m 5th 9:44.97
Jasper Pickering 1500m 5th 4:33.24
Jesse Scholz 400m 9th 54.37
Jesse Scholz 100m H 4th 14.57
Lachlan Menara Triple J 6th 11.51m
Riley Thompson Shot Put 6th 11.78m
Riley Thompson Hammer 4th 37.50m

Victorian Senior Championships – Feb 2014

Congratualtions to all Hunters who competed at the State Championships, particularly our medal winners  Sean Wroe, Rhydian Crowley,  Ashleigh Horrobin, Sophie Lichoudaris and  Kelly Hetherington       



BRONZE         Sean Wroe                200m (22.22, 22.02)         22.07

                        Rhydian Cowley      5000m Walk                                    20:22.85


Fourth                        Cahal Byrne               Hammer                                 26.71m

Seventh          Kulan Ranasinghe     400m H (57.10)                     56.12

Fifth                Aidan Debernardi     100m  (11.05)                       10.93

                        Sean Wroe                 100m  (11.07)                       11.00

Sean Farnan              100m  (11.20)                       11.11

                        Cory Innes                 100m                                      11.33

                        Pat Beguely                100m                                      11.69

                        Callum Carothers      100m                                      11.72

Fifth                Aidan Debernardi     200m  (22.11)                       22.21

                        Sean Farnan              200m  (22.45)                       22.46

                        Cory Innes                 200m                                      22.63

                        Callum Carothers      200m                                      23.90

                        Stefan Voorham        200m                                      24.26

Tim Crane                  400m  (50.93)                       51.16             

Jordan Crane             400m                                      52.86

                        Stefan Voorham        400m                                      55.34

                        Tom McLean              400m                                      55.54

Seventh          Stephen Knuckey      800m (1:59.64, 1:53.74)      1:52.77

                        Jack Marquardt         800m                                      1:57.90

                        Jordan Crane             800m                                      2:01.09

                        James Alexander       1500m                                    4:01.40

                        Simon Bowly              1500m                                    4:13.42



GOLD              Ashleigh Horrobin      400m H (61.47)              61.54


BRONZE         Sophie Lichoudaris     Javelin                              41.47m

                        Kelly Hetherington                800m (2:08.24)              2:03.88


Seventh          Emily McLean            400m H (64.33)                                 66.13

Seventh          Anna Neumaier         1500m                                    4:46.34


                        Sherena Mulgrave     100m                                      12.75

                        Amber King                100m                                      13.17

                        Amber King                200m                                      27.17

Nicola Davis               400m  (59.99)                       59.44

Anna Neumaier         800m                                      2:15.33

Fifth                Julia Edwards                        3000m Steeple                      11:41.48

Simone McInnes        5000m Walk                          28:18.09



Gold                Nicholas Hum          Long Jump     T/F 20     6.25m     

                        Noni Thompson       Shot Put        F36          7.27m       68.33%

                        Nicholas Hum          100m             T/F 20     11.47       101.13%      


Bronze           Noni Thompson       Discus            F36          15.27m


Heptathlon           Under 18


Sarah Cleary                        4th       3426 points


                        100m H         17.15             580 pts

                        High Jump     1.51m                        632 pts

                        Shot Put        8.50m                        432 pts

                        200m             29.37             527 pts

                        Long Jump    4.44m                        413 pts

                        Javelin           22.43m          334 pts

                        800m             2:45.83         508 pts


Decathlon  Open


Beau Lang                 9th       4925 points


                        100m             12.91             483 pts

                        Shot Put        8.61m                        403 pts

                        High Jump     1.67m                        520 pts

                        Long Jump    5.58m                        498 pts

                        400m             57.62             498 pts

                        110m H         19.72             372 pts

                        Discus            25.21m          371 pts

                        Javelin           48.39m          565 pts

                        Pole Vault     3.50m                        482 pts

                        1500m           4:31.70         733 pts


Vic Milers 3000m


                        Toby Rayner                                    3rd                   8:18.75

                        Josh Papanokoulau                        14th                 9:18.75


41 of the club’s junior athletes competed in these championships with outstanding results. 16 athletes gained a total of 21 medals. 2 club records.

Well done to all; the club is proud of you.

Thanks to Phil Hutton for compiling these results :) 


Gold                Andrew McGrath      U17                 400mH           57.44 (58.78Q)

                        Bridget Brammer    U17                 400mH           65.92

Club Record  Ciara Losty                U15                 400m              58.34 (59.25Q)

                        Jasper Pickering       U15                 3000m            9:51.38

                        Sean Farnan              U20                 200m              22.32 (22.33Q)


Silver              Indica Cohen             U15                 1500m            4:46.16          

                        Jasper Pickering       U15                 1500m            4:25.85

                        Daniel Hamilton      U17                 1500m            4:12.13

                        Riley Thompson       U15                 Shot Put         11.50m

                        Ben Kelly                   U20                 3km Steeple  9:45.97

                        Jesse Scholz               U15                 100m H          15.76


Bronze           Georgie MacDonald U16                 1500m            4:44.94

                        Sebastian Zammitt  U18                 Javelin            38.34m

                        Lachlan Menara       U15                 Triple J           11.32m

                        Sean Farnan              U20                 100m              11.08 (11.11Q)

                        Jesse Scholz               U15                 400m              56.46 (56.20Q)

Club Record   Indica Cohen                        U15                 3000m            10:45.71     

                        Lachlan Menara       U15                 High Jump     1.55m

                        Ciara Losty                U15                 800m           2:17.18 (2:20.94Q)

                        Jordan Ziebell           U20                 110m H          15.35

                        Nicola Davis              U18                 200m              27.17  (26.82q)



Sebastian Zammit      U18                 Shot Put          11.99m

Nicola Davis               U18                 400m              59.28 (60.82q)

Haftu Strintzsos         U16                 3000m            9:40.93

Georgina Ryan           U20                 800m              2:20.69

Charlotte McKenzie   U17                 800m              2:19.84

Georgie MacDonald  U16                 800m           2:19.41 (2:23.24Q)


Haftu Strintzsos         U16                 1500m            4:20.09

Samantha Miller        U16                 Shot Put          8.67m

Timothy Benton        U15                 Triple J           10.88m

Sebastian Zammit      U18                 Discus             35.42m

Christine Byrne         U16                 100m              12.86 (12.88Q)

Andrew McGrath       U17                 400m              53.02 (52.48Q0

Dana Dekkers                        U18                 3000m            11:37.65

Mikhalla Arthur         U17                 3000m            11:35.99

Christine Byrne         U16                 200m              26.74 (26.50Q)


Mikhalla Arthur         U17                 1500m            5:14.79

Tom McLean              U18                 400mH           60.09

Jesse Scholz               U15                 100m              12.36 (12.40q)

Samantha Miller        U16                 Javelin             28.07m

Lachlan Menara        U15                 Long Jump     5.11m

Declan Murphy          U18                 800m             2:04.60 (2:03.58q)

Daniel Hamilton        U16                 800m             2:06.49 (2:04.59q)

Bridget Brammer      U17                 100m H          17.19

Jesse Scholz               U15                 200m              25.48 (25.60Q)


Chris Hibbert             U18                 1500m            4:14.64

Kaitlin Barr                U17                 1500m            5:15.15

Timothy Benton        U15                 Javelin             22.69m


Ben Edwards             U15                 400m              60.07 (59.78q)

Jack Bullock               U20                 5000m            15:51.58

Jack Marquardt         U20                 800m              2:00.30(1:57.99q)

Indica Cohen              U15                 800m              2:26.79(2:21.37Q)

Kaitlin Barr                U17                 800m              2:28.90


Chris Hibbert             U18                 3000m            9:22.43


Samantha Miller        U16                 1500m            5:22.85

Dana Dekkers                        U18                 1500m            5:18.44

Ben Kelly                    U20                 1500m            4:08.01

Edwin Kwek               U18                 Long Jump     5.48m


Jack Highnam             U18                 1500m            4:27.27


Jake Roberts              U15                 800m              2:24.76

Samantha Miller        U16                 800m              2:36.40

Joseph Inglis              U15                 100m              13.26

Chloe Fakeerah         U18                 100m              13.80

Joseph Inglis              U15                 Long Jump     4.63m

Jack Highnam             U18                 3000m            9:40.48


Rhys Martin               U17                 400m              55.10

Ben Edwards             U15                 100m              13.38


Sam Toll                     U17                 3000m            10:15.38

Claudia Carter           U16                 100m              13.86


Nick Parkinson          U20                 800m              2:01.86

Ben Edwards             U15                 200m              27.57


Claudia Carter           U16                 200m              28.10


Rhys Martin               U17                 800m              2:19.02

Final DNS       Ryan Losty                 U18                 800m              (2:02.05Q)

Hunters Falls Creek Camp 2013


Hunters at a shared meal. We dine in style.

Hunters at a shared meal. We dine in style.

The Viking Lodge at Falls Creek was taken over by a group of 50 Hunters and friends and families for a the week between Christmas and new year. Activities included lots of long runs, mountain bike riding and walks. Social activities with a shared dinner in the evening a highlight.


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