Melbourne Marathon, Half Marathon, & 10k 2011


Dan Hornery 31.22
Michael Ryan 40.42
Josh Papanicolaou 31.54
Simon Bowly 39.45
David Spackman 39.15
Melissa Vanderwater 37.00

Half Marathon

Michael Comport 93.28
Stacey Bulger 99.01
Prue Davison (Friend) 82.38
Roland Soderstrom 84.35
Karinna Fyfe 82.09
Chris Winter 78.46
Cassie Higham 89.41
Johnny Cho 101.30
Laura Eades 106.23
Simon Eades (Friend) 105.09
Simone McInnes 98.32
Bruce McInnes 106.40


Tyler Coady 2.51.25
Nenad Radosevic 3.48.13
Marc Chew 4.42.52
Andrew Ross 3.09.32
Peter Macknamara 2.47.20
Dan Pelly 2.46.24
Han Quach 3.41.00
John Zeleznikow 6.49.16
Ben Howe 3.29.49


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Glenhuntly Athletics is an athletic and physical recreation club providing highly rewarding competitive, participative and social opportunities to people of all ability levels and ages.

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