Shield Round 1, October 15 at Frankston

Open Men

The 2011/2012 season was to commence at Frankston in cool and cloudy conditions, which meant probably not the best running or jumping conditions. Despite this and a massive head wind the times were still good, especially when considering everyone is a little bit rusty in Round 1.

The first set of highlights for the day was in the 200m, where we had three Open men go under 24. Matt Harvey was first with 23.5, this was followed by Brendan Miller (23.7) and Jarrod Shepherd (23.8). One of the most impressive aspects was Div. 1 and 2 both being filled up so early in the season. In the 40+ John Hamilton got the best time with 31. Next up on the track was the 800m where despite difficult conditions to be running the two lap race Kulan Ransinghe ran an impressive 2.00.9 first up. This was followed up with Team Captain Will Little leading the way with a PB of 2.05.6. He was followed closely by Pat Beguely with 2.06.4. Div.1 and 2 were once again filled, which showed the depth at the club. In the 40 + Bruce McInnes was our best athlete with 2.57.4.

The next event on the track was the 4 x 400m relays, which is an event GHY is very strong in usually, and this proved to be the case again with Div. 1 dominating with first place and Div. 2 second. One of the toughest events on the track was next, the 400m Hurdles. Kurt Golonka was quickest with 62.5 followed by Brendan Miller with 64.6. Next event was the 3k walk, where easily the highlight was Rhydian Cowley smashing the rest of the field with a blistering 12.20.1 which easily took out first place. Tony Doran was next with 18.13.4 and Phil Hutton (19.43.9).

The first field event is triple jump, and in Div.1 with Brendan Miller leading the way with 12m, followed closely by the improving Beau Lang (11.85m) and Tim Rosen (10.07m). These weren’t great track or wind conditions for jumps, so distances were solid considering these factors. In the 40+ Jeff Lang did 7.30m. The high jump saw Brendan Miller do 1.55m to take out our number one ranked athlete in this event, followed by Jarrod Shepherd and Beau Lang (1.50m).

The next field events were the throwing events, with the first one being the Shot Put. This was easily led by Tim Rosen with a throw of 9.22m. This was followed by Pat Beguely (7.65m) and Will Little (7.47m). In the 40 + Ben Hodgens led the way with 10.94m, followed by John Nomikoudis (9.29m) and Bruce McInnes (7.67m). All Div.1, 2 and 40+ spots were filled, so this a good sign of depth in the throwing areas for shield final. The Hammer throw was the last event, and we had two 40+ athletes gain qualifying marks for points. These were John Nomikoudis (23.23m) and Ben Hodgens (20.98m).

This winds up what was a successful Round 1 Shield performance by the Open Glenhuntly Men’s teams. These types of results and depth early on in the season are what will lead to us winning the premiership again this year!

Andrew Weerasekera
Glenhuntly Men’s Senior Team Manager

A big welcome to the new juniors of GHY, it was great to see so many new faces and old faces return.
Conditions made it tough on most athletes last Saturday, but many great efforts achieved with the Hunters dominating the start line in most races.
Congratulations to all juniors who competed ! We look forward to seeing you next week at the new Casey Fields track.
Junior Team Managers,
Louise and Donna

Open Women
Some highlights from Round One open women include –
· Ella Green ran the quickest 200m of the day with 26.5sec. Eva Klein also ran a strong 30.7 sec.

· Our only Glenhuntly representative in the 800m, Helen Rainey, ran 2.50.8 for second place.

· Bridget Corcoran and Georgina Beech lined up the mixed 3000m and despite having the worst conditions for the day, ran 11.12 and 9.57 min respectively.

· The open women’s 4 x 400m team was the only open team entered (thanks to some junior girls who ran above their age) and clocked a time of 4.13.10.

· In the field, Noni Thompson finished 2nd in the shot put with a put of 8.39m

Well done to these girls. Hopefully we see a few more women next round at the new Casey Fields track on Saturday. Remember participation and having a go is the key. Every point we earn will count to the Team Premiership. We are looking forward to following the clubs great success in cross country this season with a successful track season. Hope to see you all there on Saturday.

Anna Thompson


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