Shield Round 10 at Knox – Reports

Open Women – From Juliet

The first week back after an enjoyable Christmas and new year break and now it’s down to the last few rounds before the shield final.

This week saw a smaller number of athletes competing with only 13 open females taking part in events but we still managed to cover 7 of the events on offer which is a good effort to those who competed. But special mention to the 1500m females who took a clean sweep of the points in Div 1.

With only two rounds to go until the shield final this next round on the 31st at Albert Park is CRUCIAL for as many athletes possible to turn up and compete in order to be qualified for the final as this is the last time that some of the events on the finals program are on offer.

Results from Round 10 at Knox:


Ellia Green 12.70

Emily McLean 13.79

Eva Klein 15.55


Abbey Love 63.02

Anna Ross 67.57

Eva Klein 68.87


Melissa Vandewater 4.43.3

Anna Ross 5.05.5

Kellie Macknamara 5.14.6

Ebony Warren 5.54.7

Francesca Reid 5.58.5

Long Jump

Ellia Green 5.62

Molly Grau 4.39

Katy Parrish 3.80

Kelly Cartwright 3.65


Juliet Austin 27.33

Anna Ross 8.60


Juliet Austin 28.41

Anna Ross 15.22

4×100 Relay

Div 1 – 1st 52.34 (apologies to the girls who ran I didn’t get to watch it so im not sure who you are!)

Junior Women

A great turnout form the junior girls for the 1st round of 2012, it’s a shame the weather wasn’t in our favour, once again due to the strong head winds – the results don’t reflect the girls true efforts.
Starting with the 100m sprints U/18 Angela Byrne returning from injury put in a stellar performance being our first hunter across the line, followed by Hannah  Llewelyn, Chynea Lang and Ashleigh Chapple.
In the U/16 girls 1st was Ally Brammer, 2nd Lizzy Wardlaw 3rd Nicola Davis, 4th Flore Marconnet.
U/14 girls, strong runs from Christine Byrne, Bridget Brammer, Charlotte McKenzie, Amy Roberts and Jessica Clark.
400m 1st Hunter across the line in the U/18 was Izzy Flook, 2nd was Ashleigh Chapple. In U/16 Nicola Davis ran a gutsy 400m.
U/14 A strong performance by Amy Roberts lead the way in the 400m, followed by Charlotte McKenzie and Jessica Clark.
1500m U/18 Hannah Llewelyn 1st, 2nd was Samantha Cooke. U/14 1st across the line was Asha Steer. Our only U/18 2000m walker for the day was the reliable Eva Zeleznikow, 1st in the 2000m steeple was U/18 Chynea Lang who also covered all the field events, LJ, pole vault, Jav, discus and finished off the day with a run in the U/18 relay.
It was fantastic to see more junior girls doing extra events this week to boost up their points in both the track and field.
U/16 Nicola Davis did LJ and Jav. U/14 Charlotte McKenzie, Amy Roberts and Jessica Clark all did LJ and Jav as well as Bridget Brammer and Jess Clark  finished off with a discus, Great job girls!!!!.
A Big!! Thank you to Nicola and Jessica and Flore for making up an U/18 relay team, and in doing so coming 2nd, and Ally for helping out the open women, coming home 1st in their relay.
Reminder that there is no competition this Saturday, our next competition will be a twilight on the 31st Jan at Albert Park starting at 6.30pm, program1.
Program 1 will be the program for the shield final, it may be beneficial to you to come on the 31st of Jan as this will the last chance to practice these events before shield final.
I look forward to seeing you all on the 31st Jan.

Regards Donna ( GHY junior girls team manager )

Junior Men

A great start to 2012 for the Junior Men at Knox last Saturday. All appeared to have returned from the break fit and ready to take on the challenge of gaining points for their respective Shield Teams. The Under 18s were represented by Braydn (100m, 200m), Sean (100m), Jamie (100m) and Adam (1500m). Nick P stepped up to help the Under 18 team (Braydn, Sean & Jamie) finish 2nd in the 4 x 100m.

Under 18s who are eligible (or will be) for Shield Finals need to think about Program 1 events they can compete in next Tuesday so that we have all events covered should we make the finals. Events we seem to be lacking competitors in are High Jump, 400m Hurdles, the 3 K walk,  Triple Jump & Shot put.

The Under 16s covered a range of events at Knox. Competitors were Nick E (100m, Long Jump), Xavier (100m), Tom (100h, 400m), Keelan (100m, Long Jump), Nick P (1500m, Long Jump), Chris (1500, 2000 steeple), Sebastian (1500, javelin,discus) and Ben (2000 steeple). The boys also combined with the Under 14s to enter 2 Under 16 relay team who finished 1st & 2nd. A fantastic effort by the Under 16s.

It would be great if the Under 16s could continue to enter in a variety of events next week so they are eligible for all Program 1 events should they make finals. One Program 1 event that hasn’t been covered is the 300m Hurdles. Please consider entering this event and all the others next Tuesday night.

Our Under 14s also performed well at Knox. Athletes included Mackenzie (100m), Jake (100m, Long Jump, javelin), Lachlan (400m, 100h, Long Jump), Andrew (90h) and Taishi (Long Jump, javelin).

Louise ( GHY junior men’s team manager )

Open Men

The first round for 2012 was held at Knox also for the first time this season.  The conditions were warm but very windy.  This meant the sprinters once again had to contend with head winds, while the jumpers enjoyed a nice tail wind.

First up was the 100m, which saw a big headwind cause problems.  Leigh Phelan ran 12.0 which was the quickest time on the day by a GHY athlete, followed by Aaron Miller 12.15 and Brendan Miller 12.16.  This was the first time in quite while we did not have a sub 12 runner at interclub, which gives an indication of how bad the headwind was.  Despite this Glenhuntly still had a full list of 100m sprinters to fill Division1 and 2.

The 400m was up next, again in tough conditions but this did not stop team captain Will Little running an impressive 51.44.  This was followed by a solid run from Brendan Miller (52.78) and one of our newest club members Geoff Pittman (53.19).  We managed to fill both divisions, and the times were also impressive considering the conditions.  Andrew Vincent in the 40+ was our sole representative with a solid 67.55. The 1500m was up next, and this saw an impressive Dean Huffer win it in approximately 3.56(time still to be confirmed). Josh Papanikolaou (4.12.1) and Jordan Crane (4.18.3) were up next.  Division 1 and 2 were both filled up again which was a great result.  The 40 + saw Martin Steer run 5.11 into difficult conditions.

The relays (4 x 100m) were next on the track program, and this saw Glenhuntly again dominate coming first in Division 1 (45.23) and Division 2 (46.86).  The 110m Hurdles were on as well earlier, which saw our new superstar International recruit from Puerto Rico, Andres Amador, run his first race of the season in 15.90.  The 2K walk saw a gutsy effort from Phil Hutton (13.23.4) and John Zeleznikow (17.54.1) complete that in trying conditions.

Field events were on next, with long jump first into a strong tail wind. The Miller brothers are showing good form in the sand pit, with Aaron Miller (5.93m) out doing his older brother Brendan Miller (5.81m).  Tim Rosen was next up with 5.64m.  The top two divisions were filled up again. Pole Vault was next in the field with an improving Beau Lang clearing an impressive 3m.  Javelin saw Beau Lang lead that with 44.09m, closely followed by Patrick Beraun (42.36m) and Justin Cohen (30.88m).  The 40+ saw Jeff Lang as our sole representative with a throw of 24.56m.  The last event was discus, which saw Ben Hodgens lead with a throw of 36.60m, followed closely by Patrick Beraun (34.25m) and Cahal Byrne (26.21m).

That ends another successful round of Interclub competition for the Open Men’s Team. There is now a ten day break till Round 11, which will be held at Albert Park (Program 1) on the 31st of January.  This will be our first night time meet for the year, therefore please remember it will be starting from 6:30pm. This will also be the last chance to get a ranking in a shield final event. The 5k runners in particular are needed. Until then, Go Hunters!

Andrew Weerasekera


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