Presidents Message – from Max

Congratulations to the athletes who have worked so well together and so well with their team managers to ensure Glenhuntly gets the best results possible. As I left at 9:20pm on Tuesday night I could see Tim Rosen, Will Little and Anna Ross over at the high jump and a truck load of 5k runners still working for best results for the Club. Well done to all over you who have challenged yourselves in so many unfamiliar events to support the Team, to the young guys who ran up in the older grades to help them get relay points and especially to those of you who have done this week in and week out. Just one more round to go and hopefully everyone who is a member, whether you have qualified for finals or not, will get out to Knox and earn a few points to celebrate the last round and ensure our teams go through to the finals.

Thanks to Shane Tatham, Mike Farnan and Kulan for responding to my last minute plea to officiate at the hammer and then to Juliet Austin and Geoff Pittman for taking a break in their busy competition program to relieve at the hammer. My apologies for misreading the schedule and thinking we only had to do the hurdles. Thanks to Ally Brammer and Keelan Kolokythas for helping with the hurdles. It is also appropriate to make a special thanks to Pam Noden, Maureen Austin and Margaret Dunbar who each week put in many hours to ensure the Regional program is up and running for us all to enjoy.

I hope I have not missed anyone but I would like to ensure all of you who have made a contribution to the Teams, the competition, the officiating, relays and of course the parents and partners who support our athletes, the great results we have and will achieve this season is a team effort and your contribution has been valuable. A note of thanks to Angelo Portelli for looking after the tent for all those weeks after we stuffed it in his car one wet and windy Saturday down at Frankston.

So let’s make the next two weeks the best of the season and reward your Team managers Anna Thompson, Anna Ross, Andrew Weerasekera, Tyse Axford, Louise McLean and Donna Brammer for all their good work over the season.

Max Binnington


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Glenhuntly Athletics is an athletic and physical recreation club providing highly rewarding competitive, participative and social opportunities to people of all ability levels and ages.

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