President’s Shield Final Message

Max Binnington – President

All Glenhuntly members congratulate our Division 1 Men’s Team on winning the Shield Final last Saturday. Their success is as the result of a great team effort throughout the season from all members, including many who competed in Saturday’s second placed Division 2 team, the Team Managers Andrew Weerasekera and Tyse Axford and Team Captain Will Little.

There were no particular stars in this Team just a fantastic group of guys who demonstrated their commitment to the team in their fantastic relay run despite the fact they thought they were running for 2nd place in the finals.

While we at Glenhuntly are justifiably proud of our team we are humble in victory and feel dismayed and disappointed for the athletes at Essendon who were initially announced as Shield winners and have since been stripped of the award.

We congratulate all other teams for the keen competition on Saturday and the friendly yet competitive environment in which it was conducted. If we had all known how close the results really were going into the relay it would have been an even more exciting race.

Max Binnington – Club President


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