Victorian Youth Championships 24-26/02/2012

CR = Club Record.


Andrew McGrath High Jump U15 1.82m

Ben Kelly 2km Steeple U17 6.32.32

Maria Nomikoudis Shot Put U17 11.18m

Amy Roberts High Jump U15 1.60m

Andrew McGrath 200m hurdles U15 26.94 CR

Mackenzie Beadman 100m U15 (12.10) 12.07

Taishi Nakase Javelin U15 37.52m


Christine Byrne 100m U14 (13.08) 13.03

Isabelle Flook 400m Hurdles U18 66.64

Ian Palackic Shot Put U17 13.00m

Ellia Green Long Jump U20 5.80m

Isabelle Flook 400m U20 60.01

Braydn Tatham 400m U20 (50.01) 49.67

Nick Parkinson 800m U17 (2:00.12)2:02.96

Charlotte McKenzie 800m U15 2:27.35


Ian Palackic Discus U17 38.15m

Charlotte McKenzie 400m U15 (61.14) 60.57

Ryan Losty 2km Steeple U16 7:04.31

Kayla De Bondt 800m U20 2:19.05

Mikhalla Arthur 3000m U15 11:42.58

Ellia Green 200m U20 (24.98) 24.96

Mackenzie Beadman 200m U15 (24.66) 24.37

Bridget Brammer 200m U15 (27.21) 26.74

Christine Byrne 200m U14 (27.45) 26.81



 Courtney Wood 400m U18 61.93

Tom McLean 200m Hurdles U16 29.30

Bridget Brammer 200m Hurdles U15 32.83

Hannah Llewelyn 800m U18 2:30.70

Ally Brammer 100m hurdles U17 16.31

Chris Hibbert 3000m U16 9:43.49

Braydn Tatham 200m U20 (22.40) 22.98

Sebastian Zammit Hammer U16 20.09m

Kaitlin Barr 800m U15 2:41.60

Maggie Cantano 800m U14 2:29.87


Ellia Green 100m U20 (12.13) 12.34

Bridget Brammer 100m U15 13.17

Sebastian Zammit Discus U16 33.77m

Amy Roberts 400m U15 (61.75) 62.15

Mikhalla Arthur 1500m U14 5:14.81

Niccola Anthony 800m U20 2:22.97

Georgie Macdonald 800m U18 2:30.10

Ben Kelly 3000m U17 9:18.07

Aaron Miller 200m U20 (22.84) 23.10


Kayla De Bondt 1500m U20 4:42.30

Samuel Toll 1500m U15 5:03.86

Lachlan Hogben 200m hurdles U15 30.70

Sebastian Zammit Shot Put U16 10.45m

Sarah Cleary High Jump U16 1.55m

Emily McLean 400m Hurdles U20 (67.89) 68.08

Nicola Davis 400m U16 (61.41) 60.75

Jack Marquardt 800m U18 (2:04.07)2:02.96

Angela Byrne 200m U20 (26.26) 26.03

Tom McLean 100m Hurdles U16 15.65

Amy Roberts Triple Jump U15 10.24m

Lizzy Wardlaw 90m Hurdles U16 14.92

Ashleigh Chapple 800m U18 2:36.33


Angela Byrne 100m U20 (12.72) 12.77

Kaitlin Barr 1500m U14 5:22.48

Maddison Holmstrom 1500m U14 5:38.27

Niccola Anthony 1500m U20 4:42.75

Sarah Cleary 90m Hurdles U16 14.93


Jamie Kerr 100m U18 12.26

Ally Brammer 100m U17 (13.06) 13.04

Sebastian Zammit Javelin U16 27.54m

Nick Parkinson 1500m U17 4:19.20

Adam Braverman 1500m U18 4:55.69

Chris Hibbert 2km Steeple U16 9:06.09

Kaitlin Barr 400m U15 67.96

Daniel Hamilton 400m U15 63.18

Aaron Miller 400m U20 51.59

Sarah Cleary 200m Hurdles U16 33.12

Taishi Nakase 100m U15 12.85

Michael Voumard 100m U20 11.57

Daniel Hamilton 800m U15 2:18.91

Adam Braverman 800m U18 2:16.76

Jessica Clark Triple Jump U15 9.09m

Nicola Davis 800m U16 2:37.57

Michael Voumard 200m U20 23.79

Jessica Clark 200m U15 29.21


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