Round 1 XCR 2012 Jells Park Cross Country Relays

Glenhuntly was out in force on Saturday, achieving some very good results – especially our Women who continued last year’s excellent form. Please take time to read the reports below. Well done to everyone and see you at Balnarring on May 5th.

In total we had  about 118 runners – 73 Male, 45 female – more than 10% of all participants on the day from all clubs.

Items of interest

*** Hunter Results – Team & Individual ***

See how our numbers at Jells Park have improved over the past few years.
Third Generation Hunters.
Predict your time winner is..

By Phil Hutton, Junior Team Manager.
Firstly, a very warm welcome to all for the start of the Cross Country season. It was a most encouraging start for us with twenty junior boys representing the club. This is the largest number of juniors to front for cross country for over a decade.

Eleven of these boys represented our club for the first time. We hope you enjoy your association with our great club and look forward to a successful future.

We had two, third generation competitors with the Harrisons and Cooks competing. Harrisons (Terry, Nick and Marlee), Cooks (Tony, Julian, Taj and Jay)

Our best team result was by our Under 14 boys who ran by invitation to finish in third place. Most of these boys were only 9 to 11 years old and were very enthusiastic. The outstanding run in this age group was by Jasper Pickering who ran ….. Max Hibbert (Chris’ younger brother ) ran 12.23 and Marlee Harrison ( Nick Harrison’s son) 12.33; excellent. The Cooks, Taj 13.22 and Jay 15.32, sons of Julian and grandsons of one of our top Olympians Tony, ran invite and it was really great to see them compete.

In the U16 event we were also represented by two teams with Ryan Losty our fastest with 10.20. he was closely followed by Chris Hibbert 10.28 and our youngest U16 Jack Strangio (son of Verteran Paul) 10.47. A very even team and good performances for 6th place. Our team 2 finished in 11th place with Samuel Toll our fastest with 10.46. Declan Murphy, son of Club Veteran Chris ran 11.32 and Sebastian Zammit, son of club veteran Joe, 13.33. Well done boys.

Our Under 18 teams finished 8th and 13th in a very competitive age group. Nick Parkinson was our fastest with 10.10. Ben Kelly, ran 10.30 on top of a hard 5km performance in the morning for his new school Haileybury. A real team man effort. Eamonn Murphy, son of club veteran Joe, ran 12.12, while Nathan Douglas impressed with 10.50. Another debut performer, Dan loader ran 12.08 and Adam Braverman, in his third season , continues to improve with 11.26. Well done boys.

Finally, we had three U20 boys run today but all ran in senior divisions. With injuries to Division 1 runners, Sascha Bondarenko-Edwards, was invited to run in Division 1, a magnificent achievement, and his was a very impressive effort with a sub 20 minutes; 19.57. John Baker 22.23 and debut runner Tom McFarlane, 22.12 both impressed in division 4, and on their times would have finished 4th in U20s.

So, all in all, a good day for the junior boys in the club.

A sincere thank you to Scott Hibbert, Paul Strangio, and Cheyne Sherman, who assisted as team managers/time keeper for the teams today. Very much appreciated.

Target: Bring along a friend to run and help build this great club.

By Anna Thompson, Team Captain.
Round One of 2012 saw the women continue their domination from last season.  While finishing second to Knox in Div 1, the Hunters had wins in Div 2, Div 3 and Div 4 and an amazing total of eight teams competing on the day – clearly the greatest number of any club. With this depth, the Hunters will be hard to beat again for premierships in 2012.

Fastest time for the day in the women was Erica Fountain in 21.24min, closely followed by Karinna Fyfe in 21.27min.  Special mentions to Prue Davison & Bridget Corcoran for leading the Div 2 and Div 3 teams off so strongly. Welcome to all our new members and to those track & field athletes who joined our cross country team this week – its great to have you in the team!

Our 40+ team once again won a team medal. This year picking up the bronze. Well done to Paula Nakase, Lisa Deramond and Helen Rainey.

Our Junior girls were well represented with our best performers being the Under 20s with a third placing. We had two full Under 18 teams (8th and 11th) and our Under 16s placed 8th. The big improver on last year was Molly-Rose Coulter who ran 12.11 (13.17 last year). Well done, Molly-Rose.

Thanks to Team Manager Lesley Grimes and Peter Cuttler for putting the teams together – never an easy job for round one.  Next round is out at Balnarring – the short 4km for women.  Fingers crossed we have good weather again and look forward to seeing another dominance of Hunter Women.

By Andrew Ross, Team Manager.
A little rain over the preceding 24 hours failed to dampen spirits or the track as the Winter season sprung to life at Jells Park.

Record numbers of Hunters both old and new (and old and young!) gathered together in the shadows of the huge Hunter tent, while registration folders were handed out and teams got themselves organised.

The Masters were represented by two 40+ teams and two 50+ teams, along with several others included in various Mens’ Open teams.

40+(A), with Tony Wilson (23.57) and Andrew Ross (24.25) on their way back from injury, were fortunate to be joined by former Olympian Nick Harrison (Athens 2004 – Marathon 2:21), who despite semi-retirement managed an excellent 21.59. The team finished in 5th place.

40+(B) was highlighted by an excellent 24.11 from Victor Cook, one week after his 3:21 marathon performance in Canberra.

50+(A) was very ably led out by Joe Murphy (24.00), followed by Chris Wardlaw (25.22) and Hugh Wilson (28.27). Hot competition saw this team come in 8th.

The highlight of 50+(B) was Phil Hutton edging out Tony Doran for second place behind Bruce McInnes. The gauntlet has been thrown!

Masters were also represented by the speedy Craig Semple (19.28) in Div 1.

By TV, Team Manager.
Once again we saw a remarkable turnout of Hunters  today with us filling all teams – Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7, for a total of 34 runners.

We continue however to battle a bit at the top – with only Luke Hennessy under 19 minutes, & Sascha Bondarenko & super ‘master’ Craig Semple the only others under 20 minutes. Six more broke 21 minutes.

It was great to welcome Julian Cook back to the team, as well as 2 new members, Jadyn Wall & Mohommed Reese. Jamie Cook made a great debut – on alternate first claim membership for Winter 2012 – with his dad Victor.

We used 3 Under 20 runners in Open Teams – headed by Sascha who ran in Division 1. Also running very well were the other 2 under 20 runners – John Baker & Tom McFarlane in Division 4. In actual fact these 3 would have picked up 2nd place in U20 if we’d left them there !

Our best placed team was Division 4 (3rd) with Division 2  in 4th place & Division 5 a good 5th.

A big ‘thanks’ to all who looked after our teams as Team Managers.

I hope our team will improve as the season progresses as we have great depth – and the individual races may suit us a lot better ,when a couple of standout runners on other teams will not make as much difference as they do on a relay.

And finally – our congratulations to our Open Women’s teams which look like continuing to dominate – winning Divisions 2, 3, & 4 in the relays and  finishing a great second to the ‘stacked’ Knox team – which included their 2 Olympic 1500m reps.

By Helen Rainey, Team Manager.
Congratulations to the 40+ team on an amazing team effort placing 3rd in the relay.  This was the first time I had competed as a 40 year old, which made the result extra special. Our team consisted of Paula Nakase, Lisa Deramond and myself.

As the gun went off Paula raced down the hill, trying to keep up with June Petrie but quickly realised she had to ease off to produce a competitive first leg.  After the second lap first to run through was Box Hill followed by South Melbourne and not far behind came Paula in a great opening season time of 26:01 – an improvement from last year.

Lisa then took over.  Ballarat just managed to move into 3rd pushing us into 4th.  Lisa ran really well despite her limited fitness at the moment producing a 29:31.

I then took over and ran really hard down the hill so the teams in 5th and 6th would not catch me as we all ran off together.  Towards the end of the first lap I passed the Ballarat runner and I just focused on holding our current position.  I was very happy to finish the race getting the team over the line in 3rd place.  My time of 25.52 was a great improvement from last year.

Again well done girls in getting onto the podium in the first race of the season and getting a medal!  And special thanks to Franky Reid for being a fab time keeper.


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