Georgina Beech at the 2012 World University Championships Cross Country in Poland

Georgina Beech (number 14) at the WUC Cross Country

Georgina Beech was a lone ranger for Monash University at the 2012 World University Championships Cross Country event in Poland.

Georgina, who is in the fifth and final year of her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at the Clayton campus, said it was a great honour to represent Monash.

“It was daunting to compete at such a challenging event. I was in awe of how amazing some of the other runners were, but I’m really glad that I competed and held my own,” Georgina said.

“I finished 46th in a race where there were some excellent competitors. I’m happy with this result but I look forward to being fitter and stronger in the future and achieving even better results.”

Race day started with the women’s individual race with 61 competitors from 16 countries at the start line.

“I enjoyed the comradeship with my fellow Australian runners but I hope to see more Monash students there in the future,” Georgina said.

“It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from many parts of the world and to visit another country and learn about their culture.”

Georgina first got involved in cross-country running when she joined the Monash University running squad in the first year of her degree.

“When I wanted to become more involved in my training, my coach suggested that I also train with the Glenhuntly Athletics Club,” Georgina said.

“I really picked up my training in the last month before the competition, doing two interval sessions a week, a long run once a week and running, swimming or bike riding on the other days.”

Georgina said the Monash University Elite Athlete Program has been a great help.

“My faculty has been very understanding and supportive when practice or competitions clashed with classes, thanks to the program.” Georgina said.

“On top of that, having access to the gym as well as the funding they have provided has made a huge difference.”

Article from: Issue 51, July 2012 – Everything Sport at Monash‏


One thought on “Georgina Beech at the 2012 World University Championships Cross Country in Poland”

  1. Awesome Georgina. Just completing a MBBS is demanding enough, let alone competing in international distance races and cycling!!!

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