All Schools Cross Country Championships on 21st July 2012 – Boys


The club was well represented at these championships ; 18 of the junior boys representing their schools.

It was a fantastic day for running, cool and sunny, and the challenging course saw some great contests.

Undoubtedly, the highlight for our club was the win by Ben Kelly, representing Haileybury College, in the U17 6km event. Ben’s was a dominant run ,to defeat the second place getter by 20secs, in a time of 20min 07 sec. Ben has trained very hard for this success, and thoroughly deserves it. He says he likes the hilly courses and these suit him. He certainly showed this in this event. Well done Ben.

The results are shown below; I apologise if I have missed any one who ran.


Will Ockenden    32nd


Sam Toll                     12th

Daniel Hamilton        13th

Jack Strangio             21st


Chris Hibbert           11th

Ryan Losty               16th

Declan Murphy        40th

Sebastian Zammit    78th


Ben Kelly                       1st

Nick Parkinson           21st

Jack Bullock               41st

Dan Loader                 55th


Nick McGuire            22nd

Adam Braverman      60th

Eamonn Murphy       67th


Wade Zervaas          20th

Sascha Bondarenko-Edwards                    23rd

John Baker               48th

It was great to see the enthusiasm of our young runners at these championships and in them our club has cause for optimism of a bright future.

Enjoyment in the sport comes not from just assessing your own performance, but from being part of a team, and in helping that team achieve to its best.

Boys, our next event is a team’s road relay in Geelong, on August 11th.  Teams of three are needed to contest this event at the Geelong Criterium, a new set up in Geelong, and our first visit there. I hope you are all enthusiastic to represent the club in this event.

Please register your interest with me this week so that teams can be selected, and of course entered.

Phil Hutton

Junior Team Manager

9754 3696


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