Paralympics Results – London 2012

A belated congratulations to our Paralympians on their great performances in London.
I apologise for the late reporting of the results – there hasn’t been any activity on the club website for quite some time.

All of our athletes performed very well.
Kelly  Cartwright won a GOLD Medal in the Long Jump and  SILVER in the 100m. Russell Short won BRONZE in the Shot Put, and Jake Lappin won the BRONZE in the 4 x 400m. Full results below.

2012       London

Kelly CARTWRIGHT           T42

                            100m                   16.14          2nd     Silver

                           Long Jump          4.38m         1st      Gold


Russell SHORT                     F12

                            Shot Put              14.73m       3rd     Bronze


Jessica GALLAGHER            F13

                         Long Jump          5.03m         5th

                           Javelin                33.56m       6th


 Katy PARRISH                     T38

                           100m                   14.75          5th

                           200m                   30.94          4th Heat

                           Long Jump          3.82m         11th

                           4*100m                       4th


 Jake LAPPIN                        T54

                           400m                   DISQ

                           800m                   1.41.23        7th

                           4*400m                    3rd     Bronze


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