Round 9 XCR 2012 Half Marathon

TVs Hunter results

Men’s Report 

by Len Johnson

Half Good: AV ½-marathon Burnley, 2 September 

What do you call 32 men who spend the morning of Father’s Day running a half-marathon?

Go to the naughty corner if your answer is “silly mothers”. In fact, it was the 32 Hunters – 26 official entries, six invites – who ran the AV half-marathon on a 5km loop course around the Boulevard.

A lovely day for a half-marathon it was, too. Sunny throughout, but cool enough at the 8am start time for all but the slowest of the slow to get through with minimal risk of heatstroke. Just for variety, and an additional hurdle for the numerically-challenged, it was 4x5k, plus change, rather than 3x7km, plus change.

Chris Winter was our leading finisher, running a fine 73:36 for 35th place, closely followed by Jamie Cook, 38th in 74:30. These two have been regular team members in what has been a tough year for the Hunters in division one. Chris also ran the national cross-country on a mud-heap in Adelaide and the Theobald Challenge against our old friends Western Districts, both on the previous weekend.

Peter Macknamara (77:05), Julian Cook (78:03) and Han Quach (78:10) rounded out the division one team.

Special mention, too, for Paul Strangio, who ran despite a dodgy achilles tendon, and led in the division two team in 78:39. Ben Howe, Leo Enter, Andrew Ross and Simon Bowly followed.

Team results hadn’t been finalised at the time of writing, but division one was provisionally tenth. The best team result in the open division appeared to be division four – Grant Smethurst, Matt Haeussler, Tyler CXoady and Justin Bott – in fifth place, with the men’s 40+ team of Julian Cook, Paul Strangio and Andrew Ross the only medal winners in third place.

Let’s see a big turn-out at the Tan on Saturday week to end the season on a high note.


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