Round 5 AV Shield: Duncan MacKinnon Reserve

After a two week break a new Round of Shield finally began at our home track for the first time in a couple of seasons, under warm and sunny skies.  These were good conditions for jumpers and average one’s for sprinters and middle distance guys due to a headwind.

Beau Lang ran 19.66 for the 110m Hurdles which was the first event on the track. The 100m, saw the Open Men’s team have a very strong representation.   Dylan Calleja lead the way running 11.23, which finally saw Aidan Debernardi being beaten with 11.38, which was followed by Leigh Pheelan with 11.77.

The 400m was next and this saw Braydn Tatham lead out with 50.46, which was followed by Aidan Debernardi with 51.12 and then Sean Mitchell with 52.50.  Angelo Portelli did 65.20 for the 40 +.  The long distance was up next with the 1500m, which saw Ben Kelly lead the way with 4.16.2, which was followed by Jordan Crane with 4.19.2, and then Peter Macknamara with 4.20.3.  Next on the track was the Steeplechase which saw Julian Cook be our sole representative with 11.30.4.

The 4 x 100m relay’s were next on the track, and this saw another strong representation with three teams.  The first team won it with a unbelievably scintillating speed of 42.71.  Our second team came third with 47.04, while our third team (invite) ran 54.58.  This was another outstanding result for the Men’s Open team, especially the first Division 1 team.

The field events were next up with the Long Jump first in good conditions, this was lead by Aidan Debernardi jumping 6.39m to lead the way, followed by Aaron Miller with a big 5.93m, which was followed by another Beau Lang PB of 5.77m.  The discus was next with saw Patrick Beraun throw 35.67m ahead of Beau Lang with 24.80m, and then next was John Nomikoudis with 23.75m.  Sebastian Zammit lead the way for Javelin with 28.66m, which was followed by Justin Cohen with 26.05m.

This wraps up Round 5 Interclub, and another very successful day for the Men’s Open team. I hope to see everyone at Round 6 Shield this Saturday at Albert Park!

Andrew Weerasekera


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