Shield Round 10 Report: Frankston

The first round of Interclub for the year arrived at a very windy Frankston, which made for some difficult conditions across most events.  Despite it being a twilight meet on a Saturday evening, the Glenhuntly Men’s Open team still had a strong representation.

The 200m will be looked at first, which saw Braydn Tatham lead the region with 23.08, which was followed by for GHY with Leigh Pheelan (23.74) and Geoff Pittman (24.18).  The 40 + saw Rowan Lee run an impressive 29. 25 into a headwind.  The 800m was next, and this saw Jordan Crane in a close race run 2.02.2, which was followed by Peter Macknamara (2.09.1) and Kurt Golonka (2.19.2).  Andrew Ross ran 2.31.9 for the 40 +.

The long distance event was next with the 3K, which saw Chris Winter lead by example with 9.21.0, which was followed by Darren Henstridge (9.22.9) and Antonio Russo (9.45.4).  The 3K walk was next with Phil Hutton leading the way with 19.49.7, which was then followed by Peter Buller with 20.37.1.

The 4 x 400m relays were next up, and despite difficult conditions and it being a Saturday evening, the Men’s Open team still had two successful teams running.  The results saw our first team coming second and the second team coming third in close races.

The field events will be looked at next, with triple jump first.  Despite being run into a headwind Beau Lang jumped a respectable 11.62m.  Next was Patrick Beraun (9.79m) and club captain Will Little (8.54m).  The high jump was next with Beau Lang recording 1.55m and Justin Cohen (1.10m).

The throws are next with shot put, which was lead by Patrick Beraun with 11.26m, which was followed by Tim Rosen with 9.37m, and Beau Lang with 8.14m.  The 40 + saw Bruce McInnes throw the furthest with 6.34m.

The hammer throw was next which saw Ben Hodgens lead the way with 33.49m, which was then followed by our all round athlete Beau Lang (24.09m).  Will Little did 17.52m which was a big PB for him!

This wraps up another round of Interclub, and with only two remaining this shield season is fast coming to a close.  There are only two rounds left before shield final. This also means we need all registered athletes competing next week as it is the FINAL opportunity to compete in a shield final program event!

Next week is Program 2 (Shield Final Program) on the 19th January for a 4:30pm start at Duncan McKinnon Reserve.  It is also the home track, so let’s have plenty of athletes come down to compete and support! See everyone next week!

Andrew Weerasekera


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