Open Women

Congratulations to our Open Women’s Shield Final team, what a result!!  This is a great record for Glenhuntly women especially since the last time the women’s team won was 53 years ago.

The team spirit was high on Saturday at Lakeside Stadium with the Open Women’s outstanding efforts producing PB or SB!

First up was the 100m with Emily McLean (13.25) and Sherena Mulgrave (13.51) getting 6th and 8th place.  3000m steeplechase was next with Cassie Higham (12.31) getting 3rd place – What a great result despite being stuck in traffic and doing no warm-up.  400m got some great results with Emily McLean (61.36) and Kirrilly Burnett (61.69) coming 4th and 5th respectively with Anna Neumaier (62.54) and Anna Ross (64.24) not far behind coming 9th and 11th.  The 1500m started at the hottest time of day but the girls still ran fantasticly well with Sarah Lund (4:38) coming 1st and a SB and Amelia Aslanides (4.45) coming 3rd with a PB of 5 seconds, Anna Neumaier (4.50) and Anna Ross (4.54) coming 5th and 7th.  4x100m relay with Sherena Mulgrave, Enily McLean, Juliet Austin and Birgitta Nemaric coming in 3rd and just beating Box Hill.  The 100m hurdles with one of our best newcomer Birgitta Nemaric (16.24) coming in 2nd with Emily McLean (18.20) not far behind coming 4th.  The 2000m walk Simone McInnes (10.57) came 2nd despite getting two warnings and Cassie Higham (14.36) PB by almost 2 minutes.

Next onto the field events came the long jump with Birgitta Nemaric (5.36) coming 3rd and Molly Grau (4.36) not far behind.  Pole Vault Molly Grau (2.45) and Juliet Austin (2.00) came 3rd and 4th respectively.  Javelin with another newcomer Sophie Lichoudaris (37.62) and coming 1st and not far behind was Birgitta Nemaric (37.42) coming 2nd.  Last and not least was the discus with the Nemaric sisters competing – Birgitta Nemaric (41.78) and coming 1st and Katja Nemaric (31.65) coming 5th.

These are such great results and this is a testament that we have all worked so hard together and as a team.  Thank-you to all the girls that stayed behind to wait for the presentation, it was such a long day for all of you.

A special thank you to all the Open Women who competed throughout the season to help the team make Finals. Thank you also to all the coaches and all your hard training.

Well done – you are all super stars and this is now on the record books!
Anna Ross, Helen Rainey, Josie O’Sullivan

Open Men

The final event for Shield season 2012/13 came to Albert Park in very hot and tiring conditions for all athletes, managers and officials.  Despite spending 10 hours at the track everyone was able to get the best out of themselves.  The Men’s Open team was striving for back to back premierships.  While this was not to be, a finishing place of 3rd was still respectable.  It showed once again why the Glenhuntly Men’s team has the depth and determination to keep backing up year after year with outstanding results.  These were some of the highlights from the day:

  • -Aidan Debernardi and Dylan Calleja breaking the sub 11 mark with 10.84 and 10.99
    respectively.  They both came 1st and 2nd in the whole final.
  • -In the 400m Braydn Tatham ran a 50.29.
  • -The 1500m saw Rhydian Cowley run an outstanding 3.56.0.
  • -The 4 x 100m relay saw an outstanding run from our whole team (Leigh Pheelan, Braydn
    Tatham, Aidan Debernardi and Dylan Calleja), resulting in 1st.
  • -The 110m hurdles saw Kulan Ranasinghe do 17.28.
  • -The walk saw Rhydian Cowley dominate as per usual with 7.49.2.
  • -The 3K steeple had Peter Macknamara run 10.13.5.
  • -The long jump saw Aidan Debernardi jump 6.32m into a headwind.
  • -The pole vault saw Beau Lang jump 3.50m which is a PB.  The javelin also saw him throw
  • -The discus saw Patrick Beraun throw 36.12m.

These are the highlights from the day, and there were many other good performances on the day and most importantly throughout the season.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the team for their time and effort in helping the Open Men’s team to another Shield Final and another podium finish.  This includes all athletes, managers and captains, without this team effort the results would not be as good as they have been this year and in recent years too.

I would like to finally wish everyone with upcoming meets and championships the best of  luck. I hope this year’s third place finish will motivate the team to get back the premiership next season and make it three premierships from five seasons!

Andrew Weerasekera

Women Under 18

A huge ! thank you to our seven U/18 girls who braved the heat & swirly winds to run in the Shield Final at Albert Park last Saturday.
What awesome sportsmanship shown by these girls. First was Eva Zeleznikow who on her own, was rounding up the 2,000m walk & field events, Discus, Long Jump, & Javelin. Next was the 100m sprints, with Izzy Flook, Countenay Wood, Ashleigh Chapple & Eliza Tatham, all with strong finishes,  running   top 3. With no time for a drink or a break, Ashleigh had the task with her team mates Maddison Holmstrom and Georgina Ryan  in taking on the 1500m. All achieving  outstanding performances. There wasn’t much break for Maddison, who then teamed up with Izzy, Courtenay & Eliza to run the 400m, with Pb’s for both Courtenay & Eliza. Congratulations to all girls not only for a wonderfull day but also for an outstanding season. You should all be very happpy and proud of your efforts. A big thank you also to the younger girls who helped out by running above their age in the relay events throughout the shield meets. It has been a pleasure being your team manager this year. I hope to see you all again next summer for the 2013 / 2014 season.

Donna Brammer

Men Under 16

Congratulations to our Under 16 Men’s Shield Final team of Daniel Hamilton, Chris Hibbert, Edwin Kwek, Andrew McGrath, Declan Murphy, William Ockenden, Haftu Strintzos, James Taylor, Samuel Toll and Sebastian Zammit.

The team spirit was palpable on Saturday at Lakeside Stadium with the Under 16’s outstanding efforts producing PB after PB. Of the 21 individual entries, 16 were PBs!

Will got the boys off to a great start on the track with his terrific performance in the 2000 steeple (7.46.8). The next few track events saw a clean sweep of PBs by Chris (12.34.7) and Daniel (12.36.1) in the 2000 walk and Andrew (11.93), Edwin (12.70), Declan (13.07) and Sebastian (13.32) in the 100m. The boys fired up again for the 1500m with great runs by Samuel (4.24.7-PB), Haftu (4.32.9-PB), Chris (4.33.3) and Declan (4.33.4-PB). The last track event of the day saw some powerful 400m runs by Andrew (54.14), James (55.70), Daniel 57.47-PB) and Declan (57.81-PB).

PBs also abounded on the Field with Sebastian (34.51) and Chris throwing PBs in the javelin (19.82) and Sebastian (38.64) and Daniel (22.93) in the discus. The boys also performed well in the long jump with Edwin leaping to an equal PB (5.10) and Daniel jumping 4.53.

The multitude of events covered by the boys is testament to their Hunter spirit and their willingness to ‘take one for the team’. This was evident not just on Saturday at Shield Final but throughout the season where the boys worked hard to ensure we had all events covered and that we continued to accumulate points each week to clearly qualify us for the Finals.

A special thank you to all the boys who competed throughout the season to help the team make Finals but who were unable to participate due to injuries or other commitments. Thank you also to all the parents and coaches who supported the boys in their endeavours.

Well done Under 16 Junior Men – you are super stars!

It has been a pleasure being your Team Manager.

Louise McLean


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