Round 2 XCR ’13 Road Relays – Sandown – May 11

New member James Alexander in action

TV’s Hunter Results


 What a great day for a run around the raceway; the late Melbourne Indian Summer with a temperature of about 25 degrees but with a noticeable northerly wind.  After our great start to the season at Jells Park, we were looking to build on our efforts but our great depth of talent was certainly put to the test.

In most age groups we were tested with boys unavailable due to school commitments or injury.

Under 20: Unfortunately we were not able to raise a team with three boys unavailable; only Adam Braverman was available. Adam ran for the senior men’s division 6  posting a time of 28.01 for the 6.2km.

Under 18: We were able to raise two teams here but umpiring commitments hit team two. I was pleased that 14yo Max Meuleman offered to run with that team when it appeared we only had two runners.

Team 1 finished one place better than at Jells with a 6th placing. Led off with a great first leg from Nick Parkinson, 10:12, Julian Lam 10:55 and Ryan Losty 10:44 ran well to almost snatch 5th place.

Team 2 was led off with an impressive 10:49 from Declan Murphy, staking a claim for team 1 in the near future. Sebastian Zammit, club allrounder,  ran a solid 14:21 and 14yo Max Meuleman finished the team off with 12:33. Their 13th placing was also an improvement on Jells Park.

Under 16: Just how good are these youngsters?  After their success at Jells, winning Gold, we were keen to replicate that. But, Matt Crowley and Michael McGuire were unavailable, so up came Jack Strangio and a pleasant surprise when Haftu Strintzos rang to seek a run after running APS in the morning. Could we repeat our Jells effort? YES, and how.

Team 1 were led off by a top effort from Haftu Strintzos 10:10 to lead the race in and then  a sound run from Jack Strangio 11:13 held the team in third place for Sam Toll to chase the leaders. Sam Toll was just magnificent. A very determined effort and a fantastic performance led to a 15 second win Sam posting a sensational 9:47 final leg. The fastest on the day by an U16. GOLD again for the boys. Is a premiership out of the Question?

Team 2: We only had two runners unfortunately. Will Ockenden, still 13yo, ran a very impressive 11:18 for the first leg and then young  12yo Gabe Braverman ran 20:54 for his leg.

Under 14: Unfortunately, still no registered team, but nevertheless some impressive efforts. Jasper Pickering continues to impressive with a fourth fastest U14 effort in a time of 11:06. Blake Pfeiffer, an invitation runner, was next with a sound 12:53 and the team was anchored home by Jake Roberts in 13:00. Although invite, they finished in 7th placing.

Well done to all.


 NEXT EVENT:  Ballarat   5km Road Race Saturday 25th May.

Boys wanting to run this event need to make on-line entry with Athletics Victoria



Round 2 of the cross country races are our all time favourite Sandown road relays.  The conditions were warm but windy and the girls had a strong team again with a few unavailable but with moving some girls to a higher division we still had great results.

Division 1 team with Sarah Lund, Tarli Bird, Meredith Cook and Julia Edwards and with Tarli getting the fastest time for all the girls of 21:53 and not far behind was Julia Edwards time of 22:54, the team gained 1st place with a 4 minute lead.  Division 2 with Prue Davison, Amelia Aslanides, Cassie Higham and Stacey Bulger also came 1st with a 5 minute lead.

Division 3 with Bridget Wetherall, Anna Ross and Kirrily Burnett and thanks to Kirrily who had a last minute switch from div 4 to div 3.  The team also came 1st with a 40 second lead.

And with the last minute switch Claire Oliveri moved from div 4 team 3 to div 4 team 1 and Division 4 team 1 with Anna Moore (welcome back Anna!!), Laura Eades and Claire Oliveri came 1st with team 2 with Alice Enter, Natalie Esparon and Rebecca Beagley coming 2nd and unfortunately team 3 (Michelle Ong and Ebony Warren) didn’t have a completed team.

Well done girls for coming 1st in all the divisions and division 4 team 2 coming 2nd.

40+ Team

The Sandown road relays were early this year and we were very fortunate for the weather but needless to say we had the wind to contend with.  We had two teams again for the relays and both ran really well considering the conditions.

As the gun went off Robyn Fletcher and Kara Gilbert set off and Robyn kept on running tag with Victorian Masters team who just beat here at the finish line with a time of 28:04 and not far behind was Kara with a time of 31.23 despite that Kara’s heart rate had dropped.

Paula Nakase and Lisa Deramond was the second runners and ran really well and Paula overtook the Victorian Masters runner to now coming 5th place and  Paula held the lead with a time of 28:46 and Lisa not far behind with a time of 30:23.

Helen Rainey and not far behind Franky Reid was the last runners and despite not being able to catch Keilor St Bernards, was able to hold 5th place and getting 27:45 and Franky who wasn’t go to run hard due to her mother’s day run, ran 36:09 and gain 10th place.

Well done girls for coming 5th and 10th overall in the 40+ team.

Masters Men Report – Sandown Road relays

Round 2 of XCR’13 saw another big turnout of Hunter Masters at Sandown. It was good to be back there after the trek down to Geelong last year.

Numbers were down a little from Jells Park, with injury, illness, work and party commitments reducing numbers to 25. But that was still plenty, with Glenhuntly once again represented by a 40+ team and five 50+ teams, along with several Masters taking their place in Open teams.

Conditions were dominated by a serious headwind in the back straight, causing a severe lack of PBs. There were still some highlights, including Peter Macknamara’s honourable 21.53 in Div 1, Tony Russo’s excellent 22.14 in Div 4 (won’t be down there for much longer!), and several others good performances by Masters in Div 6 and 7.

The 40+ team of Lyndon Loader (27.02), John Evans (26.20) and David Spackman (25.50) came in 8th, and the 50+(A) team of Andrew Ross (24.02), Paul Strangio (22.38) and Roland Soderstrom (24.40) came in 4th, and stayed in second place on the ladder. Next best of the 50+ runners was Victor Cook (24.59) in Div 7.

Welcome back to Phil Hutton, Eric Sigmont and Hugh Wilson for their first run of the season, and well done to the Hunter Women who once again dominated all four Open divisions, and also the U16 Boys, who won their division.

Thanks also to Tony Wilson and Richard McGuire-White for helping out with team management and timing. Hope to see you both back in business soon.


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