VALE JACK MASLEN 1918 – 2013

JACK MASLEN 1918 – 2013

he Glenhuntly Athletic Club was saddened to hear of the recent passing of another former member; the last known of its pre-world war 2 athletes.

Jack was aged 95 and had maintained a continuing interest in the club activities for a long period. His son, Peter, represented Jack at the club’s 90th anniversary dinner and was honoured by being invited to cut the celebration cake on behalf of his father who unfortunately was too ill to attend.

Jack was the youngest of three Maslen boys who represented the club throughout the 1930s. He joined in 1935, aged 17, and was a jumper, high, long, and triple, but also ran hurdles, and was a member of the club’s A Grade team that had a narrow loss (2 points) to Geelong Guild in the 1941 track and field premiership.

His consistency in all of the jumping events, and his competitiveness, were traits that endeared Jack to other club members, and were in part responsible for the club rising out of B Grade and back into the top tier of competition in the latter years of the 1930s.

His eldest brother George, was one of the club’s outstanding performers of the 1930s. He was a hurdler who was rarely defeated and had the distinction of winning the National Games in 1935.

He recalled the club as a vibrant and social group, that was always active and competitive, and provided strong comradeship during the pre-war depression period. Like many of his peers, Jack did not continue in athletics after the war years as the enlistees returned to try and rebuild their lives after this period of disruption.   


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