XCR’14 – Rnd 1 – Cross Country Relays – Jells Park

charlotte Imer
New Member – Charlotte Imer

Senior & Masters Women

TV’s Hunter Results

Winter season has come round so quickly and our first round was Jells Park relays and this year they have reversed the course which made you think how tough the race would be but in fact it might be easier. With this course some athletes did have quicker times – Karinna Fyfe, Amelia Aslanides, Stacey Bulger, Laura Eades, Simone McInnes, Claire Oliveri, Robyn Fletcher, Paula Nakase and Helen Rainey. Even though it rained towards the end of the race, it was a great day for the start of the season. We had 25 girls with some girls returning from injury as well.


Division 1 ran well despite a tough Box Hill team to contend with. Karinna Fyfe ran a fantastic time and improved her time by 42 seconds with Kelly Hetherington second who broke 22 minutes, Amelia Aslanides our strong competitor who improved her time by over a minute, next with Cassie Higham and final leg was Brooke Williams who held our 2nd position.


Division 2 had a great race, coming 1st overall with Stacey Bulger, Anna Saw, Sonia O’Sullivan (welcome back Sonia!!) and newcomer to open division Charlotte Imer. Division 3 gained 4th place with Bridget Wetherall, Anna Ross (back from injury), Danielle Trowell and Keana Tour-May – well done!!


Our division 4 team with Sarah Lund coming back from injury and getting a great time of 23:52, Alice Enter and Laura Eades and gaining 1st place. A new division 5 team 1 consisting of Frankie Reid, Simone McInnes and Claire Oliveri running well and gaining 1st place. And Team 2 with new member Holly Hughes, Kara Gilbert and another new member coming from Trevor’s Monash squad Paulina Mikulic and came 9th place overall.


The Master girls finished well with Robyn Fletcher, Paula Nakase and Helen Rainey all improving their times from last year and coming 3rd place overall. 3rd time running for the 40+ team to be on the podium and get 3rd position.


Well done girls a great result to start off the season.


Helen Rainey



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