Hunters at Gold Coast Marathon 6/7/14

We congratulate Tarli Bird for being the first Australian woman home in the Gold Coast Marathon. Tarli was 8th female and ran 2:43:54. Tarli, along with fellow State Team members Toby Rayner and Karinna Fyfe put in great runs.

This should be a big confidence boost for the upcoming Australian Cross Country Championships.

Go Hunters!

Tarli (middle) on the podium

Great runs by Hunters. Personal Bests for: Tarli Bird, Karrina Fyfe, Julia Edwards, Toby Rayner, Amelia Aslanides, Stacey Bulger, Cassie Higham and Matt Wynne.

Marathon (42.2 km):

Tarli Bird: 2:43:54; 52nd overall, 8th female, 1st Australian & Oceania female

Han Quach: 3:00:41; 182nd male

Half Marathon (21.1 km):

Toby Rayner: 1:06:34; 6th overall

Karinna Fyfe: 1:14:47; 3rd female

Amelia Aslanides: 1:16:11; 5th female

Julia Edwards: 1:18:22; 8th female

10 km:

Stacey Bulger: 36:37; 7th female

Cassie Higham: 37:12; 10th female

Matt Wynne: 37:53; 123rd overall

Matt Wynne , Toby Rayner, Cass Higham