The 68th Arthur Beames contest for the A A Theobald Shield – Adelaide July 26th 2014

Hunters in Adelaide for the 68th Arthur Beames contest for the A A Theobald Shield held in Adelaide

TV’s Hunter Results

Images from the run

HUNTERS defend Women’s Shield but we were caught short in the Men’s event.

Only eight club athletes made the trip to defend the shields won at Norton’s Park last year; 6 male runners and 2 female runners. They were supported by club legend and team manager; TV, along with Olga Esmore and Lorraine Hutton.

The Arthur Beames contest is held annually between between Victoria’s Glenhuntly and South Australia’s Western Districts Athletic Clubs for the Mrs. A.A.Theobald Shield. It is believed to be the longest competition of its type between any interstate athletic clubs in Australia.

GHY has won 51 contests to 17, and 11 contests to 5 in the women’s event

The men’s teams event is for four runners from each club scoring 1 to 8 points (women’s team is for three runners; 1 to 6 points) which are then aggregated.

Concerns were held close to the start when our star contingent were delayed at Melbourne Airport due to heavy fog in Adelaide; with TV, Simon, Stacey, Cassie arriving just half and hour prior to a delayed race start.

– Club Captain Simon Bowly dominates the event; easy win
– Club Div 1 women runners, Stacey Bulger and Club Captain Cassie Higham, finish 1st and 2nd in the women’s event
– Lachlan Preston 4th male overall and GHY handicap winner.
– Big run from race regular Kev Esmore to finish third Hunter and an 8 minute improvement over his effort of 2 years ago. – – – Phenomenal Kev. Kev has made five Hunter teams in the past.
– Phil Hutton made up the fourth hunter runner for his second team; the first one 50 years ago in 1963 (unfortunately both teams lost).
– Regular participant Peter Buller came in fifth Hunter. Peter has been a longtime supporter of the event, making 4 previous club teams.
– So, what of Tony Doran? Injured, he started but was restricted to walking a dog around the course. (hoping I think, that 6 legs would be better than 2).

The WD club were generous, as usual, in their hospitality, with a sumptuous afternoon tea, and an enjoyable get together of about 40 friends at dinner in the city.

Overall, a great event.

This was the 68th staging of the event but our club really needs a greater effort by members to go to Adelaide to support it. Our hosting, usually at Norton’s Park in Glen Waverley, is well supported and seems to be enjoyed by all.

It would be great to have many more members commit to this event continuing in the future.

After all, Gus was the heart and soul of the Hunters for so long and this event is a great legacy of friendship and competition between two clubs in different states.

Make a promise to yourself. “I aim to be there next time”.

Gus was the inspiration to so many at our club as a team manager to our winter teams from the 40’s to the 90’s. He was still an active walk competitor, world champion and age record holder in the Veteran movement until his untimely death in 1990 at age 93. He was also our longest serving president and coach.

Wally was the son of one of South Australia’s early cross country champions, Arthur Beames, after which the State 10 mile trophy was named in his honour. He was stationed in Melbourne following the war, met Gus and they conceived the idea for this race. The idea was to provide athletes with the opportunity to travel, compete outside their state, and to develop friendship.

The shield was donated by Jessie Theobald, wife of Gus.