A Moment With Max. What’s happening and where we’re headed.

It is now 4 months since the election of our new Committee and we are keen to keep the Club moving toward a bright future. Firstly I would like to, on your behalf, thank the people who generously gave their time on the Committee under the stewardship of Grant Smethurst. Last year was a very successful year of Club activity and your efforts were appreciated, and for those of you who have not re-joined the Committee this year we hope you continue to contribute to the Club. Maybe we can get some European reports from Chris Winter as part of our extended recruiting territory.

Sometimes a look back into history can provide a glimpse into the future. Back in the “olden days” when I first joined The Hunters we produced a weekly newsletter which contained results, Club social activities, profiles of new members, local issues that included council matters and general gossip as well as the teams and locations for the following round of “Interclub” as it was then called. Our current Committee thinks we don’t have enough communication with our membership despite the great efforts of TV, Tony Wilson and a few others. We think that the availability of modern media will help us to do better at communicating with you. Nenad Radosevic, Justin Cohen and Tony Wilson have formed a Communications Sub-Committee and they want to know what you think we should be doing and how we should be communicating with you.

They would also like to know what skills you have that could help the Club grow, whether you have 10 mins to contribute or can commit to much more time. Shortly they will be sending out a survey to all members seeking your thoughts. Please take 10 minutes to complete and return it so that Glenhuntly Athletics can provide you with the activities and events you need.

For my part I will update you as often as I can with what’s happening at the Committee level. Included will be building developments, track replacement, AV competition and any policy positions we need to take. Starting right now!

Building – the Duncan Mackinnon (DMack) pavilion has been challenging to everyone. Scheduled completion was April 2014 but a dispute between builder and Council has led to a parting of ways and the appointment of a new builder – Fimma Constructions. They have commenced work and the new completion date is August 2015. We wish them good luck and kind weather. I can tell you officially the rumours around failing foundations and/or steel work are and were always incorrect.

Track – Council has appointed a designer to work on the track re-surface which is slotted in for the 2015-16 capital works program. We made need to do some fund raising to assist in ensuring it remains in that budget so we get the upgrade next season. On Monday 18th August Council staff organised an opportunity for the athletics tenants to meet with the Designer. The discussion was fruitful and we are optimistic that we will get an outcome that suits our needs. Council staff have the challenge of trying to regain the funding lost following the federal election so the re-surfacing of the track and re-alignment of the horizontal jump pits, increasing the back straight to 10 full lanes and improving the high jump and shot put area are all achievable in the 2015-16 financial year. More information to come I am sure.

Membership – with the great work TV and Len are doing at Monash Uni we have seen a steady flow of members from the Uni to our Club. We have recently had discussions with Monash and we are both keen to formalise our relationship further and grow our Club membership, particularly in the recreational/fitness member space. There are other initiatives we are looking at that will also grow our membership in this category. If you have an interest in being involved either in coaching fitness runners/joggers/walkers or helping organise groups at DMack or elsewhere, please let me know. The area we are also keen to boost is junior membership. We need a Junior Coordinator who can organise some events for our juniors…again a bit of history. In the 1980s our Junior Coordinators used to have pie nights or fish and chip nights and show videos and play video games etc with the juniors and we were very strong in numbers. If there are a couple of parents or senior members who are interested in starting a similar initiative give me a call.

Apparel – we have a distinctive club logo and symbol but we don’t see it on enough gear. The hoodies have proven very popular and so too the T-shirts President Greg Varigos designed and procured a few years ago. But we need a strong line of apparel so you can proudly show off your membership of the Hunters. Mick Ryan is setting up a Sub-Committee to pursue some quality apparel for you to purchase and show off to the rest of the world. Talk to him if you would like to be on the sub-committee, especially if you have contacts that can help us get quality products at reasonable prices or you have a design bent or sporting apparel expertise.

Let one of the Committee members know of your ideas to grow the Club and to improve the quality of Club membership experiences. And let us know what you will do to help.

Go Hunters.

Max Binnington
Glenhuntly Athletics