Hunter Juniors magnificent at Victorian Junior Titles 2015


Great results from our Club’s Junior athletes at the titles.

Thirty-Six (36) of our Juniors gained twenty-three (23) medals (6 Gold, 8 Silver, and 9 Bronze) and seventeen (17) national qualifiers.

In addition, four (4) club records were bettered.

CR = New Club Record

N = National Qualifier

We appreciate the efforts of Club Officials and Club Helpers in what proved to be a very long weekend of athletics.


Dana Dekkers                       5000m   CR U18       19:25.90       Bronze

Nicola Davis                           400m                          60.40              5th

Natasha Ockenden                3km Steeple               15:40.39        5th


Ben Kelly                               5000m           N         15:20.02        Gold

Sebastian Zammit                 Discus                        28.68m           4th

Sebastian Zammit                 Javelin                                    35.77m           5th

Sebastian Zammit                     Shot Put                     10.72m            5th

Chris Hibbert                         3km Steeple               11:01.73        6th

Chris Hibbert                         5000m                       16:45.03        13th

Jack Highnam                                    5000m                       16:51.27        15th

Tom McLean                          400m                          54.68              20th

Tom McLean                          200m                          24.12              25th



Kaitlin Barr                          2km Steeple       N    7:41.98          Silver

Bridget Brammer               400m Hurdles         66.92              Bronze

Kaitlin Barr                            800m                          2:28.10           7th


Sam Toll                                3000m              N      8:52.19          Silver

Sam Toll                                2km Steeple     N      6:18.96          Bronze

Daniel Hamilton                    1500m                       4:08.42           4th

Daniel Hamilton                    3000m                       9:23.22           5th



Georgie Macdonald             1500m           N         4:44.59          Gold  

Georgie Macdonald             800m                         2:14.91          Bronze

Sophie Highnam                  3000m                       11:17.39        Bronze

Christine Byrne                     100m  (12.75)    N   12.56              4th

Christine Byrne                     200m   (25.82)   N     25.92           4th

Claudia Carter                       400m                          62.59              7th

Claudia Carter                       200m                          27.87              12th



Will Ockenden                       2km Steeple   N         6:47.83           4th

Haftu Strintzos                      3000m                       9:31.47           5th

Haftu Strintzos                      1500m                       4:23.37           6th

Will Ockenden                       3000m                       9:46.63           10th

Josh Grant                              400m                          57.02              12th



Ciara Losty               N         400m                         58.00              Silver

Brittany Tran                         200m Hurdles           31.99              5th


Jesse Scholz              N         400m                         52.22              Gold

Riley Thompson CR U16N Hammer Throw      49.37m          Gold  

Jesse Scholz  CR U15 N      100m Hurdles         14.23              Silver

Jesse Scholz                          200m (24.20)          23.98              Silver

Gabe Shaw                            Long Jump                5.87m                        Silver

Jasper Pickering                  1500m                       4:28.85          Bronze

Jasper Pickering      N         3000m                       9:35.76          Bronze

Yotam Kimchi                       Triple Jump               12.20m           4th

Ben Edwards                         400m                          57.21              6th

Gabe Shaw                             200m  (25.31)           25.34              6th

Liam Halloran                        1500m                       4:44.76           8th

Ben Edwards                         200m                          26.13              9th

Yotam Kimchi                       Long Jump                 5.61m             11th

Liam Halloran                        800m                          2:18.71           14th



Sophie O’Sullivan    N         1500m                       4:54.14          Bronze

Sophie O’Sullivan    N         800m                         2:21.71          Bronze


Adam Spencer          N         800m                         2:06.50          Gold  

Adam Spencer CR U14 N   400m                         52.48              Silver

Cody Bellgrove                      1500m                       4:47.96           6th

Alistair Strutt                         1500m                       4:51.08           8th

Cody Bellgrove                      800m                          2:19.46           9th

Lachlan Zachest                     400m                          63.30              12th

Lachlan Zachest                     200m                          29.17              14th




Genevieve O’Brien                800m                          2:30.43           5th

Genevieve O’Brien                400m                         65.09              6th


Liam Glew                            Triple Jump              10.05m          Gold

Liam Glew                            200m Hurdles        37.95              Silver

Liam Glew                              Long Jump                 4.47m             5th

Romin Kodakari                    800m                          2:22.59           6th

Romin Kodakari                    1500m                       5:08.01           11th


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