Outstanding Results at Knockout final. National Qualifiers and PBs achieved.



The Club had a significant presence at the inaugural Athletics Knockout Final .


Following two previous qualifying rounds, club members showed excellent form in this final.


SIX national qualifiers (Q) achieved with PBs. Well done.





First                Simone McInnes        2Km Walk                  10:01.15

Jordan Ziebell                        110m Hurdles           15.25              Q

Anna Saw                   1500m                       4:36.30           Q

Noni Thompson         Discus AWD               13.23m

Non Thompson          Shot Put                     6.71m


Second            Emily McLean            400m Hurdles           62.59              Q

Anna Saw                   800m                          2:10.92           Q

Beau Lang                  Javelin                                    50.54m


Third              Tim Crane                  800m                          1:55.16

Emily McLean            100m Hurdles           15.54              Q

Sherena Mulgrave    100m                          12.57

Cassie Higham           3000m                       9:53.55           Q

Beau Lang                  Pole Vault                   3.45m

Sophie Lichoudaris   Javelin                                    40.01m


Fourth                        Sherena Mulgrave    200m                          25.48


Sixth               Jordan Ziebell                        100m                          11.92



Under 20

First                Sebastian Zammit     Discus                         31.67m

Sebastian Zammit     Shot Put                     10.38m


Second            Nicola Davis               200m                          26.03

Nicola Davis               400m                          59.06

Sebastian Zammit     Javelin                                    33.31m


Under 18

First                Haftu Strintzos          3000m                       9:26.64


Second            Kaitlin Barr                800m                          2:24.29



Third              Christine Byrne         200m                          25.53

Claudia Carter           400m                          62.43


Seventh          Haftu Strintzos          800m                          2:07.93

Brittney Tran             90m Hurdles             14.76


Under 16

First                Jesse Scholz                200m                          23.84

Jesse Scholz                100m Hurdles           13.96


Second            Jesse Scholz                400m                          52.33


Fourth                        Joseph Zeleznikow    Shot Put                     6.14m


Fifth                Cody Bellgrove          1500m                       4:42.95


Sixth               Romin Kodakari        1500m                       4:57.36

Joseph Zeleznikow    Javelin                                    20.83m

Joseph Zeleznikow    Discus                         15.13m

Joseph Zeleznikow    Hammer Throw         13.72m



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