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 Current Rules of GAC

 Proposed Rules for GAC Inc 2015

 GAC- Special Resolution

A special resolution will be put to the AGM (Saturday May 16th)  to change the Club Rules  so that it will comply in all respects to the new Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. All members are asked to read the Special Resolution that will be put to the AGM and to consider the changes to the Current Rules. Readers will notice the new Rules are far more detailed but do omit some matters contained in the current rules. Some obvious ones are highlighted. Where this occurs the Committee will include those matters in our Club policies where the issue needs to be included in our operational procedures. The advantage of this is that changes to any of those policies will not require a “constitutional” change and will therefore be less cumbersome.

The key reason for following this procedure is that acceptance of the “Model; Rules” will gain approval from Consumer Affairs Victoria without any need to involve lawyers and potentially drawn out process around approval of a set of Rules we have drawn up ourselves. If anyone requires further explanation of the proposed changes they should contact Max Binnington at to discuss.

The Committee recommends full support of the changes.