Club Helpers who have supported the Club at Shield this year

Club Helpers who have supported the Club at Shield this year.

If your name (or someone from your family) is NOT on the list, then you are still to take your turn as a Club helper.

If you have assisted but your name does not appear please make sure you let Max Binnington know tomorrow.

We need more parents assisting rather than have athletes and Team Managers and Club officials who already give a great deal of their time to ensure we do not lose Team points due to a lack of Club Helpers. You do not need to be a qualified or experienced official to undertake these roles. The Athletics Victoria officials will ensure you know what to do.

Please let Max know tomorrow that you will help for an hour or so.

Jeff Lang Athlete
Brett Barr Parent, Kaitlin Barr
Ralph Bennett Athlete
Alex Newman Team Manager, athlete
Phil Hutton Athlete, Team Manager
Kara Gilbert Club Member, athlete
Geoff Pittman Athlete
Leigh Phelan Athlete
Will Little Athlete, team captain
Cassie Higham Athlete, team manager
Ralph Bennett Athlete
Sandra Howorth Athlete
Tony Doran Athlete, club official
Max Binnington Club Official, Coach