Milers Club Round 2 – Hunters again show good form

Round 2 of the Victoria’s Milers Club (held 1/12/2015) again provided excellent competition over 800m and 1500m.


Eleven Hunters fronted the starter and achieved impressive results.



Male                                                               Female


James Alexander                   1:52.82                       Anna Saw                   2:16.59

Jack Marquardt                     1:58.11

Tom McFarlane                     1:58.75

Michael Comport                   2:09.21



            Male                                                               Female


Sam Toll (U18)                      4:04.28                       Dana Dekkers (U20)            4:49.4

Jack Bullock (U20)                4:05.22                       Sharon Firisua           5:00.12

Andrew McEvoy (40+)         4:28.86

Alistair Strutt (U16)             4:33.90



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