30 Club Athletes do well at Knockout; Masters, Open, and Juniors.

Open, Masters, and Juniors took part in the Athletics Knockout competition last Sunday and achieved some terrific results. The Victorian Milers Club ran the distance events on 1st December as part of this competition.

I am sure all athletes would like to thank Craig Spencer, Simone McInnes, Kurt Golonka and Tim Rosen for acting as our helpers for the afternoon at the High Jump.

We will need to find another group of helpers for the next knockout; I hope others are able to find time to be one of them.





ROUND 1   13/12/2015 (incorporating Milers Club Rd 2 1/12/2015)


                                    Male                                       Female


2000m Walk                                                                        Simone McInnes        9:27.50

Heather Carr             11:23.62     M


400m Hurdles                                                         Emily McLean            65.30

Natalie Leontaridis    69.89

Jenny King                 75.14      U20


200m                      M Kurt Golonka                        25.73  Christine Byrne         25.96       U18

U20 Spencer Browne   23.45  Sherena Mulgrave    26.32

Aidan Debernardi     22.83  Natalie Leontaridis    27.25


100m                      M Kurt Golonka                        13.63  Christine Byrne         12.56      U18

Aidan Debernardi     11.14  Sherena Mulgrave    13.10

Natalie Leontaridis    13.28

Jenny King                 13.34                  U20


100m Hurdles                                                         Jenny King                 15.74       U20


800m                         James Alexander   1:52.82  Anna Saw                   2:16.59

Jack Marquardt     1:58.11

Tom McFarlane     1:58.75

Michael Comport   2:09.21


1500m               U18 Sam Toll                            4:04.28  Dana Dekkers           4:49.4      U20

U20 Jack Bullock             4:05.22          Sharon Firisua           5:00.12

M Andrew McEvoy    4:28.86

U16 Alistair Strutt          4:33.90


Discus               U20 Sebastian Zammit 32.36m   Abigail Newman     22.14m     U14

Samantha Miller     23.86m     U18


Javelin               U20 Sebastian Zammit 35.83m   Gemma Craddock    9.56m     U14

Abigail Newman     18.38m     U14

Samantha Miller     31.33m     U18


Long Jump       U14 Liam Glew               4.32m   Gemma Craddock     3.34m     U14

U20 Edwin Kwek           5.14m


Triple Jump     U14 Liam Glew             10.27m    Gemma Craddock     7.49m       U14

Shot Put                                                                     Abigail Newman       8.36m       U14

Samantha Miller       9.08m       U18

Hammer Throw                                                      Abigail Newman   14.81m       U14

Samantha Miller     19.43m     U18


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