Round 3 XCR CRUDEN FARM Langwarrin

Melways Map 103 G6
60 Cranbourne Road, Langwarrin 3910
Saturday 21 May 2016

Event times:

12.00pm 4km M14 W14
12.20pm 6km W16 W18 M16 M20
12.50pm 8km W Open W20 W Masters
1.00pm 3km Early starters for 16km
1.35pm 8km M18
2.05pm 16km M Open M Masters

• All competitors must wear their club uniform (singlet/black or dark blue shorts) with their current bib numbers firmly attached front and back.
• All competitors must wear their timing chip attached to their shoe. (These are the chips previously issued in past years or to new members this year. For new members who did not attend Wandin, you will receive your chip at this race.
• If you have misplaced your timing chip a temporary one can be bought for this race @ $15. If you have lost your timing chip then it is $50 to buy a new one. DO NOT LOSE YOU CHIP.

Afternoon Tea:
o Reminder to those that have club thermoses to bring them full of ‘hot’ water please.
o Reminder to bring a contribution for afternoon tea please.
• Those that are able to arrive early, we would appreciate assistance in erecting the tent; and at the end of the day to help pack up and load onto trailer.

• TV (Open Men) 0407 922 597
• Phil (Junior Boys) 0477 968 620
• John(Masters (Men) 0448 309 599
• Cass (Open Women) 0403 337 244
• Gill (Masters Women)0408 261 261
• Peter (Junior Girls) 0402 006 572


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