What a stunning weekend for our young club athletes at the weekend’s All School Championships.


32 of our youngsters competed and achieved some outstanding results; 15 medals.


A Hurdles Club Record, SIX GOLDS, FOUR SILVER, and FIVE BRONZE, and some huge PBs, were testament to the quality of our athletes.


ALL should be very proud of representing their schools at such a high standard and to achieve these results which represent hard work, commitment, and talent.


Victorian All Schools Champions are Christine Byrne, two Golds, Jemma Stapleton, a club record and Gold, Sophie O’Sullivan, Alana Porter, and Lochlan Curry; Golds.


A couple of other highlights were Lochlan Curry’s almost state record high jump in U14 (1.81m the old six foot), and Liam Halloran’s huge 800m PB to go under 2 minutes. Just stunning efforts.


Gemma Craddock, Aisling O’Connor-Buckley, and Isabelle Harper all showed their all round ability in a wide range of events with very impressive results.

In addition, two of our last year members performed well with Riley Thompson winning the U17 Shot Put (14.89m) and Gabrielle Shaw (6.42m) finishing with silver in the U17 Long Jump.



Lochlan Curry          U14                 High Jump                 1.81m                        GOLD


William Ockenden  U18                 2km Steeple              6:21.39          SILVER


Haftu Strintzos        U18                 3000m                       8:49.67          BRONZE

Liam Halloran         U17                 800m                         1:59.90          BRONZE


Edward Marks                     U16                           3000m                                      9:15.14                                     4th

Liam Glew                               U14                           Triple Jump                           11.10m                                     4th

Yotam Kimchi                      U17                           Triple jump                           13.05m                                     5th

Jasper Pickering                 U17                           3000m                                      9:41.71                                     5th

Jasper Pickering                 U17                           1500m                                      4:26.79                                     6th

Edward Marks                     U16                           1500m                                      4:28.47                                     7th

Romin Kodikara                U15                           800m                                         2:08.26                                     8th

Yotam Kimchi                      U17                           Long Jump                              5.88m                      8th

Beau Sciberris                     U17                           1500m                                      4:36.17                                     9th

Alistair Strutt                      U16                           800m                                         2:09.87                                     9th

Will Ockenden                     U18                           3000m                                      9:03.25                                     9th

David Blecher                      U15                           200m                                         25.24                       10th

Liam Glew                               U14                           Long Jump                              4.75m                      10th

Yotam Kimchi                      U17                           100m                                         11.79                       12th

David Blecher                      U15                           400m                                         61.55                       18th




Christine Byrne       U18                 100m                         12.01              GOLD

Christine Byrne       U18                 200m                         25.14              GOLD

Jemma Stapleton     U16                 90m Hurdles                        13.46 CR       GOLD

Sophie O’Sullivan    U16                 1500m                       4:49.09          GOLD

Alana Porter             U16                 Triple Jump              10.95m          GOLD


Georgie Macdonald U18                 1500m                       5:02.50          SILVER

Samantha Miller      U18                 Javelin                        36.76m          SILVER

Jemma Stapleton     U16                 200m Hurdles         30.25              SILVER


Georgie Macdonald U18                 800m                         2:17.06          BRONZE

Aisling O’Connor-Buckley U15     90m Hurdles                        13.70              BRONZE

Gemma Craddock   U14                 Javelin                        28.84m          BRONZE


Lidia Baxevanis                   U17                           Hammer Throw                  29.14m                                     4th

Juliet McBurney                  U16                           3000m                                      11:14.71                4th

Samantha Miller                 U18                           Discus                                       21.44m                                     5th

Samantha Miller                 U18                           Shot Put                                   9.36m                      5th

Sophie O’Sullivan               U16                           High Jump                               1.50m                      5th

Genevieve O’Brien             U16                           1500m                                      5:02.00                                     5th

Aisling O’Connor-Buckley U15                     200m Hurdles                     32.04                       5th

Jemma Owen                         U17                           Shot Put                                   8.95m                      5th

Genevieve O’Brien             U16                           800m                                         2:27.76                                     6th

Aisling O’Connor-Buckley U15                     Triple Jump                           10.42m                                     6th

Jemma Owen                         U17                           Discus                                       29.48m                                     7th

Alana Porter                         U16                           Long Jump                              5.00m                      8th

Gemma Craddock              U14                           80m Hurdles                        14.07                       9th

Jemma Owen                         U17                           200m                                         29.55                       10th

Gemma Craddock              U14                           200m Hurdles                     33.97                       10th        

Camillia Burrows              U15                           Triple Jump                           10.22m                                     10th

Sophie Carne                        U14                           1500m                                      5:21.03                                     11th

Gemma Craddock              U14                           Shot Put                                   8.51m                      11th        

Isabella Harper                                     U15                           Long Jump                              4.44m                      12th

Aisling O’Connor-Buckley U15                     100m                                         12.91                       12th

Isabella Harper                                     U15                           High Jump                               1.40m                      12th

Leah Sullivan                        U14                           800m                                         2:37.30                                     12th

Isabella Griffin                     U16                           400m                                         66.04                       13th        

Sophie Carne                        U14                           800m                                         2:41.95                                     16th

Sophie Hanlon                     U14                           1500m                                      5:26.09                                     20th

Jamie Blecher                       U14                           100m                                         14.35                       28th