Vic Masters Champs- 23 medals from 14 members. Great Results.

March 24/25@ Doncaster.

Some fantastic results from our Masters athletes over the weekend. Fourteen of them braved the adverse, wet conditions to finalise their summer season; earning eleven GOLD, five SILVER, and seven BRONZE.
Ralph, Gwen Vanessa and Toni attained two GOLD medals each; WOW.

Louise (7), Toni (5), Andrew(4) and Joe(4) and Kurt(3) attempted multiple events.

Some of the performances by our Master’s seem to be Age Group Club Records; these are currently in preparation and it is hoped to have them announced soon.

It is really impressive to see these Master athletes perform so well in representing themselves and the Club with distinction.

Vanessa Wilson W36 1500m 4:57.53 GOLD
5000m 18.29.62 GOLD
Leigh Phelan M42 100m 11.42 GOLD
Peter Macknamara M45 3km Steeple 10.36.32 SILVER
Kurt Golonka M48 100m 12.59 4th
400m 55.79 BRONZE
200m 25.23 4th
Ben Hodgens M46 200m 35.84 7th
Shot Put 10.15m BRONZE
Angelo Portelli M48 400m 66.75 9th
Long Jump 4.38m 5th
Mikael Soussan 800m 2.11.78 5th
Louise McLean W53 100m 16.29 SILVER
Long Jump 3.29m 4th
60m 9.76 BRONZE
200m 34.47 GOLD
Triple Jump 7.70m BRONZE
Discus 16.64m 6th
Shot Put 6.84m 4th
Toni Matters W50 Long Jump 3.50m SILVER
Javelin 24.43m BRONZE
60m 10.27 4th
Discus 31.21m GOLD
Shot Put 10.13m GOLD

Joe Zammit M53 Javelin 23.82m 5th
Hammer 17.13m 5th
Shot Put 9.02m 4th
Discus 21.58m 4th
Andrew Crawley M52 Hammer 27.71m BRONZE
Weight Throw 10.90m SILVER
Shot Put 11.08m SILVER
Discus 35.81m GOLD

Joe Campisi M60 5000m 21.58.96 BRONZE
Gwen Steed W75 3000m W 21.50.7h GOLD
1500m W 10.19.28 GOLD

Ralph Bennett M76 3000m W 18.10.27 GOLD
1500m W 8.45.13 GOLD


22 Juniors outstanding in Sydney. Lochlan, Adam and Jessica lead the way.

Outstanding results from 22 of our young athletes at the top level. Lochlan Curry smashes his own club record in the high jump with 1.94m and a Bronze Medal. Jessica Stefanovic also won Bronze in the Discus and competed in 4 events in her debut season. Adam Spencer again shone with a silver and bronze medals.
CR = Club Record
Liam Halloran 800m 1:56.77 20th

Christine Byrne 100m 11.98Q 12.07 5th
200m 24.83Q 24.82 6th
Samantha Miller Javelin 35.92m 13th

Adam Spencer 800m 1:54.25Q 1:53.56 BRONZE
1500m 4:00.26 SILVER
Edward Marks 3000m 8:44.81 4th
Jason Clayton 3000m 9:31.03 25th

Juliet McBurney 3000m Steeple 7:33.23 8th
3000m 11:01.0 13th
Jemma Stapleton 100m H 14.53q 14.55 7th
Sophie O’Sullivan 800m 2:12.71Q 2:10.14 5th
1500m 4:41.57 7th
Alana Porter Triple Jump 11.91m 5th
Long Jump 5.40m
Romin Kodikara 800m 1.58.83q 1:59.71 5th

Aisling O’Connor Buckley 100m H 14.54q 14.81 8th
Jordyne Orb Triple jump 10.56m 11th

Lochlan Curry High Jump 1.94m CR BRONZE
Liam Glew Hammer Throw 23.48m 12th

Sophie Carne 2km Steeple 7:55.14 14th

James Harper Javelin 32.14m 10th
Jessica Stefanovic Discus 36.34m BRONZE
Hammer Throw 31.94m 7th
Javelin 23.39m 9th
Shot Put 12.88m 4th
Polly Deane-Johns High Jump 1.50m 7th
Sophie Hanlon 400m 59.89 10th
800m 2:19.49 13th

Amy Liu Triple jump 9.68m 11th

Victorian Junior Titles; magnificent results from 35 club juniors.

N = National Qualifier
CR = Club Record

Thirty five Club juniors were in action over the weekend at the Victorian Junior Championships and there were some terrific results. Twenty medals were achieved (4 Gold, 7 Silver, and 9 Bronze) and many PBs too. There were 12 National Qualifiers as well as a Club U17/U18/U20 record to Juliet McBurney in the 2km Steeplechase.

Congratulations to all on a great weekend.

U20 Jasper Pickering 1500m4.25.10q 4.20.17 15th
Haftu Strintzos 1500m4.10.47Q 4.02.42 7th
Ben Edwards 400m 52.80 15th
Liam Halloran 800m2.00.35Q 1:56.00 5th
Yotam Kimchi Long Jump 6.42m 8th

Christine Byrne 100m12.41Q 12.28N Bronze
200m26.28Q 25.96 Silver
Aisling O’Connor-Buckley Long J 5.01m 9th
Claudia Carter 400m59.98q 60.67 6th

U18 Adam Spencer 1500m 3.59.30N Silver
400m53.07q 51.85 5th
Jason Clayton 1500m 4.12.47 6th
3000m 8.52.93N Silver
Alistair Strutt 1500m 4.13.94 7th
800m 2.03.85 5th

Alana Porter Triple J 11.53m GOLD
Long Jump 5.56m GOLD
Sophie O’Sullivan 1500m 4.34.36N Silver
400m60.23Q 58.85N 5th
Jemma Stapleton 100mH 15.39N Bronze
100m13.07Q 13.11 4th
200m28.19q 28.18 8th
Juliet McBurney 2km Stp 7.29.97CR Silver
3000m 10.48.36N 6th

U17 Romin Kodikara 1500m 4.14.51 6th
800m2.00.55QN 1.57.98N Bronze Lukas Ryan 100m 12.47 13th
Max Rosenberg Discus 34.62m 8th
Shot Put 12.23m 5th

Aisling O’Connor-Buckley 100mH 15.45N Silver
Genevieve O’Brien 1500m 5.07.93 5th
400m61.84q 62.53 7th
800m 2.26.56 9th
Hayley Rees High Jump 1.45m 5th
Jordyne Orb Triple J 10.97m Bronze
Isabelle Harper Triple J 10.64m 5th
Long Jump 5.08m 5th

U16 Lochlan Curry High Jump 1.90mN GOLD
Liam Glew Triple J 11.76m 9th
Hammer 31.28m 5th

Leah O’Sullivan 400m 62.56q DNS
Sophie Carne 2km Stp 7.52.15 5th
3000m 11.41.71 7th

U15 Rubin Howard 1500m4.42.74Q 4.45.07 10th
800m 2.19.73 8th
James Harper Shot Put 8.23m 4th
Javelin 21.71m 4th
Shot Put 8.23m 4th
Finn Paynter 100m13.01Q 13.04 6th
200m 26.14 5th
400m59.09q 60.60 7th
Long Jump 5.14m 7th
Logan Janetski 3000m 10.29.02 14th

Jessica Stefanovic Shot Put 12.61m GOLD
Javelin 25.71m Bronze
Discus 28.63m Silver
Hammer 31.48mN Bronze
Sophie Hanlon 400m59.95QN 60.49 Bronze
800m 2.23.32N 4th
Polly Dean-Jones High Jump 1.50m Bronze
Emily Mackie High Jump 1.40m 8th

U14 Amy Liu Long Jump 4.48m 5th
Triple J 9.98m Bronze

Jessica, Simone, and Jordan shine in State Titles.


Our members were prominent at the recent State Titles and achieved some excellent results. It was great to see Jessica Kaufman win her first state Title, and for Jordan Ziebell and Simone McInnes to gain their first Silver Medals. Rhydian Cowley continues his dominance in Walking in this State and was rewarded with Commonwealth Games selection.   

Well done to all.



100m            Christine Byrne    12.28Q, 12.40q                 12.36            8th


100mH         Jenny King                                                              15.89            8th


400mH         Ashleigh Horrobin          59.95Q


Shot Put      Jessica Kaufman                                                 13.03m        GOLD


5km Walk   Simone McInnes                                                  23.15.33      SILVER




100m            Aidan Debernardi           11.10Q, 11.24q     11.03            5th

                        Attila Baranyay               11.17Q, 11.21q     11.26            8th

                        Tom McLean                     11.49q, 11.91


200m            Attila Baranyay               22.93Q

                        Josh Steyn-Ross               23.13q. 23.23


110m H        Jordan Ziebell                                                       15.45            SILVER


400m            Will Little                                                                51.87


400mH         Kulan Ranasinghe          59.47q


800m            Jack Marquardt                                                   1:59.31


1500m         Adam Spencer                                                      4.02.59

                        Daniel Hamilton                                                  4.24.26


5km Walk   Rhydian Cowley                                                   20.01.95      GOLD


Discus          Joshua Plante                                                       29.44m        11th


Shot Put      Joshua Plante                                                       9.70m           7th


Half Marathon Open & 5K Junior – Burnley – Sunday 10th September 2017
Half Marathon Time

Some great results from our members. Ben Kelly, Rebecca Beagley and Dana Dekkers top efforts.

Our Masters and Juniors also produced some great results. Well done.
2017 . 2016 . 2015
6 Ben Kelly 68.07
30 Jamie Cook 72.33 69.34.6 71.05
35 Mark Thompson 74.14
56 Chris Winter 77.11
77 Dale Woodbridge 79.23 80.24.3 81.58
81 Andrew McEvoy 79.48 81.20.2 77.41
110 David Heath 81.39
114 Han Quach 81.44 86.00.9
125 Peter Rushen 82.17 87.45
151 Nick Van Agtmaal 83.46
163 Ben Howe 84.42 84.13.3
184 Shane Davin 86.22 85.08.2
186 Pat Beguely 86.40
188 Peter Macknamara 86.50 81.51.5 76.38
204 Simon Bowly 88.11
231 Simon Bull 89.43 92.12
244 Mike Comport 91.43
289 (Inv) Mike Asquith 97.30
292 John Evans 97.54
300 Chris Murphy 99.45 102.37.8 110.52
318 Humphrey Enter 103.31 110.49.0 107.19
327 Ian Henderson 104.23
334 PJ O’Brien 105.26
367(Inv) Jarrad Drogemuller 125.52


11 Rebecca Beagley 82.37 84.36.4 89.28
14 (Inv) Erica Fountain 84.32
16 Dana Dekkers 85.19
22 Tessa George 88.26
44 Bec Kirkham 92.49
91 Alice Enter 103.54
94 Kim Nanscowen 104.11
120 Izzy Bespalov 110.23
130 Ciara Greene 117.21
5 Km

7 Jason Clayton 16.21
15 Liam Halloran 17.2

5 Will Ockenden 15.58
6 Sam Toll 16.03

2 Erika Florez 18.12

Teams Results
Place Ladder
Men – Div 1 5 5

Men – Div 2 8 8

Men – Div 3 10 6

Men – Div 4 5 3

Men – Div 5 9 4

Men – 40+ 4 1

Men – 50+ 8 10

Women – Div 1 3 1

Women – Div 2 9 4


The XCR17 season finished with team relays at Princes Park (in place of the TAN (under repair)) and the Hunter teams were out in force; securing premierships in Open Womens and Masters Men 40+.

We were also well placed in other divisions. 22 teams represented the Club; what an effort.

WELL DONE to all athletes for their efforts and support for the season.

ALSO: what a great effort TV does in organising, entering, encouraging, and supporting our teams as SENIOR team manager. Its a time consuming task but he has been well supported by sectional team managers.

THANK YOU to Cass Little, John Evans, and Gill Highnam for their significant contributions and to those who assisted the team managers.

ALSO: What a fantastic effort by John Evans and Chris Allan in getting our trailer(tents etc)to the venues, erecting and dismantling them and then returning them to the Club Store. GREAT EFFORT BY BOTH.

ALSO: THANK YOU to all members who assisted at the various meetings to fulfil our Club Helper responsibilities (thanks too to registrar Julie Nield for arranging roster) and to regular club officials Marg Dunbar, Pam Noden and Maureen Austin for their efforts for AV.

ALL IN ALL a great season

Princes Park Relays – Saturday 16th September 2017

Div/Age Group Name Time “Team
Place” Final Ladder

Div 1 Erika Florez 11.05
Dana Dekkers 11.23
Amelia Aslanides 11.00
Rebecca Beagley 11.16
Anna Saw 10.49
55.33 2nd 1st
Div 2 Tessa George 12.12
RebeccaKirkham 13.29
Stacey Bulger 11.14
Cass Little 11.53
48.48 6th 5th
Div 3 Sarah Hilborn 14.29
Alice Enter 13.14
Laura Eades 12.24
Nicola Davis 13.41 6th
53.46 5th
Div 4 Michelle Ciavarella 13.50
Ciara Greene 14.05
Kara Gilbert 14.55
42.48 9th 9th
Div 5 Sarah Howe 12.38
Claire Osborn 13.32
Lynn Bullock 15.32
42.02 6th 22nd
40+ Kim Nanscawen 14.11
Gill Highnam 13.20
Helen Rainey 14.10
41.31 8th 5th / 23rd
U20 Genevieve O’Brien 12.53
Larissa McBurney 11.36
Sophie O’Sullivan 11.59
36.28 1st 3rd=
U18 Sophie Carne 12.32
Eleanora Gilbert 13.10
Minke Cook 16.46
42.28 8th 8th/17th

Div 1 Rhydian Cowley 9.16
Jack Marquardt 9.41
Toby Rayner 9.28
Mark Thompson 10.07
Denyan Claxton 9.55
Jack Bullock 10.07
58.34 7th 5th
Div 2 Jack Highnam 10.32
James Neeson 10.56
Chris Winter 10.24
Beau Lang 10.35
Dale Woodbridge 10.43
Declan Murphy 10.44
63.54 12th 8th
Div 3 David Ceddia 10.01
Matt Larkin 11.24
Simon Bowly 11.00
David Heath 10.57
Eamonn Murphy 11.18
54.40 8th 6th
Div 4 Nick Van Agtmaal 11.03
Michael Manongdo 11.52
Matt Wynne 11.29
Michael Comport 11.32
Ian Henderson 13.10
59.06 8th 3rd
Div 5 Justin Cohen 12.12
PJ O’Brien 12.25

Team incomplete
Div 6 Kurt Golonka 14.00
Michael Asquith 13.14
Matt Shearer 18.5
Team incomplete
Men 40+ (1) Julian Kuppler 10.24
Andrew McEvoy 10.51
Han Quach 11.13
32.28 1st 1st
Men 40+ (2) Jamie Rossjohn 10.38
Kevin Mannix 11.00
Ben Howe 11.33
33.11 3rd 5th
Men 40+ (3) Alec Highnam 11.32
John Evans 12.44
Chris Allan 13.26
37.42 9th 14th
Men 40+ (4) David Eadie 10.48
Lyndon Loader 14.10
Scott Orchard 13.15
38.13 12th 27th
Men 50+ (1) Peter Rushen 11.16
Paul Strangio 11.05
Joe Campisi 13.31
35.52 8th 8th
Men 50+ (2) Peter Bence 12.31
Dennis Gellert 13.06
Chris Murphy 13.48
39.25 14th 19th
M 50+ (3) Chris Wardlaw 14.20
Richard McGuire-White 13.22
Humphrey Enter 13.12
40.54 15th 23rd
M 50+ (4) Len Johnson 14.59
Eric Sigmont 15.03
Victor Cook 13.05
43.07 17th 30th=

Men U20 (1) Daniel Hamilton 9.42
Sam Toll 9.45
Matt Heislers 10.19
29.47 2nd 3rd
Men U18 Liam Halloran 10.08
Jasper Pickering 10.25
Jason Clayton 9.58
30.31 3rd 4th / 12th
Men U16(1) Finn Pickering 12.11
Taj Cook 12.11
Jade Cook 11.28
36.00 19th 10th
Men U16 (2) Sam Lindsay 11.23
Max Kaufman 12.22
Jayden Loader 14.23
38.08 14th 16th=
Men U14 (1) Will Orchard 13.18
James Higgins 15.24
Etian Revah 15.15
44.07 12th 6th=

Alan & Marita Irwin
Anthony Hamilton
Daniel Heath
Doug Adeney
Gill Highnam
Joe Murphy
John Evans
Julie Nield
Kim Allan
Marg Dunbar
Michael Halloran
Pam Noden
Peter Battrick
Peter Cuttler
Ralph & Dawn Bennett
Simon Bowly
Tony Doran
Tony Wilson
Trevor Vincent

30 Club Members win 11 medals (8 GOLD) with 7 breaking 15 club records; Outstanding.

AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS- OPEN, AMBULANT AND UNDERAGE                                                                 2017

What a fantastic Championship for our Athletes. There were some stunning results and a spate of Club Records and Medals.

Congratulations to ALL who took part in what was a fantastic climax to our summer season. (still Stawell Gift and Aust Little Aths and Masters to come later).

These represent some of best results for many years.


There were many many highlights and at the risk of singling one out I would like to mention 18yo Christine Byrne’s Club Record 100m in winning GOLD in the 100m in Club OPEN Record time of 11.69. This breaks a record set by the great late Wendy Hayes,  who was the Club’s first women to represent the Club in the Empire Games (1958 in Cardiff). Her record of (11.6h)11.84 had stood for 58 years (with Katie Chivers and Ellia Green running close electronic equivalents).  A really top effort Christine, and of course well done to your coach (club coach Terri Cater).

Age Athlete Event Place Performance
  Simone McInnes 10km W 4th Club Record



  Anna Saw 1500m 13th 4:30.38
    800m 26th 2:16.24
  Ashleigh Horrobin 400m H 6th 61.71Q 59.89q       60.73
  Cassie Higham 3km Stp 8th 11:04.16
  Emily McLean 400m H 17th 63.80
  Ryan Gregson 1500m GOLD 3:47.74Q         3:52.86
  Rhydian Cowley 10km W SILVER 41:35.60
  Nicholas Hum Long J 23rd 6.76m
  Spencer Brown 100m 31st 11.15
Open Amb Nicholas Hum T20/F20 Long J GOLD 7.11m
  Russell Short T12/F12 Discus GOLD 39.32m
    Shot Put BRONZE 13.01m
U20 Christine Byrne 100m GOLD Club Record

Open, U18, U19, U20                      11.69

    200m BRONZE 24.34Q         24.39
  Samantha Miller Javelin 15th 32.38m
  Daniel Hamilton 1500m 18th 4:05.90
    800m 27th 1:58.05
  Haftu Strintzos 5000m SILVER 14:45.67
  Sam Toll 5000m 7th 15:15.81
U18 Liam Halloran 1500m 21st 4:08.40
    800m 18th 1:57.60
  Yotam Kimchi Triple J 11th 12.70m
U17 Sophie O’Sullivan 1500m GOLD Club Record

U16, U17, U18                 4:29.17

    800m GOLD Club Record

U16, U17, U18

2:12.26Q         2:10.00

  Jemma Stapleton 400m H 12th 68.57
    100m H 9th 14.76
  Alana Porter Triple J 7th 10.95m
  Juliet McBurney 3000m 16th 12:06.48
  Adam Spencer 800m GOLD Club Record


1:57.22Q         1:53.98

  Alistair Strutt 2km Stp 12th 6:34.60
  Edward Marks 3000m 8th 9:05.47
U16 Aisling O’Connor- Buckley 90m H 12th Club Record



U15 Lochlan Curry High J GOLD 1.87m
Gemma Craddock 200m H 18th 32.24
    80m H 4th Club Record

U13, U14

13.53q                   13.16

    Javelin 4th 33.22m
U14 Sophie Hanlon 800m 10th 2:22.94
  James Harper Javelin 7th 30.06m