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aaeaaqaaaaaaaaivaaaajguxmwq1ogm2lti2n2utndayyy04odq5lwe0zdk1mde5yjjhna Our coaching page on the website has been updated.

Please welcome Throwing coach  Joshua Plante to the Hunter team of coaches.


30 Club Members win 11 medals (8 GOLD) with 7 breaking 15 club records; Outstanding.

AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS- OPEN, AMBULANT AND UNDERAGE                                                                 2017

What a fantastic Championship for our Athletes. There were some stunning results and a spate of Club Records and Medals.

Congratulations to ALL who took part in what was a fantastic climax to our summer season. (still Stawell Gift and Aust Little Aths and Masters to come later).

These represent some of best results for many years.


There were many many highlights and at the risk of singling one out I would like to mention 18yo Christine Byrne’s Club Record 100m in winning GOLD in the 100m in Club OPEN Record time of 11.69. This breaks a record set by the great late Wendy Hayes,  who was the Club’s first women to represent the Club in the Empire Games (1958 in Cardiff). Her record of (11.6h)11.84 had stood for 58 years (with Katie Chivers and Ellia Green running close electronic equivalents).  A really top effort Christine, and of course well done to your coach (club coach Terri Cater).

Age Athlete Event Place Performance
  Simone McInnes 10km W 4th Club Record



  Anna Saw 1500m 13th 4:30.38
    800m 26th 2:16.24
  Ashleigh Horrobin 400m H 6th 61.71Q 59.89q       60.73
  Cassie Higham 3km Stp 8th 11:04.16
  Emily McLean 400m H 17th 63.80
  Ryan Gregson 1500m GOLD 3:47.74Q         3:52.86
  Rhydian Cowley 10km W SILVER 41:35.60
  Nicholas Hum Long J 23rd 6.76m
  Spencer Brown 100m 31st 11.15
Open Amb Nicholas Hum T20/F20 Long J GOLD 7.11m
  Russell Short T12/F12 Discus GOLD 39.32m
    Shot Put BRONZE 13.01m
U20 Christine Byrne 100m GOLD Club Record

Open, U18, U19, U20                      11.69

    200m BRONZE 24.34Q         24.39
  Samantha Miller Javelin 15th 32.38m
  Daniel Hamilton 1500m 18th 4:05.90
    800m 27th 1:58.05
  Haftu Strintzos 5000m SILVER 14:45.67
  Sam Toll 5000m 7th 15:15.81
U18 Liam Halloran 1500m 21st 4:08.40
    800m 18th 1:57.60
  Yotam Kimchi Triple J 11th 12.70m
U17 Sophie O’Sullivan 1500m GOLD Club Record

U16, U17, U18                 4:29.17

    800m GOLD Club Record

U16, U17, U18

2:12.26Q         2:10.00

  Jemma Stapleton 400m H 12th 68.57
    100m H 9th 14.76
  Alana Porter Triple J 7th 10.95m
  Juliet McBurney 3000m 16th 12:06.48
  Adam Spencer 800m GOLD Club Record


1:57.22Q         1:53.98

  Alistair Strutt 2km Stp 12th 6:34.60
  Edward Marks 3000m 8th 9:05.47
U16 Aisling O’Connor- Buckley 90m H 12th Club Record



U15 Lochlan Curry High J GOLD 1.87m
Gemma Craddock 200m H 18th 32.24
    80m H 4th Club Record

U13, U14

13.53q                   13.16

    Javelin 4th 33.22m
U14 Sophie Hanlon 800m 10th 2:22.94
  James Harper Javelin 7th 30.06m


MASTERS excel in Vic Masters Titles; 19 GOLD. (32 medals and 3 Victorian Records).


What an outstanding championships for our Masters athletes. Twelve of them contested these championships, earning 32 medals (19 GOLD, 5 SILVER, and 8 BRONZE). In addition there were 3 victorian records set as well as a number of club age records. Marlene Gourlay contested 8 events for 5 Gold and 3 Bronze, set age 65+ records galore. Alex Newman was fantastic . in the Pole Vault for 3.80m setting a Masters Club Record held since the late 1970s by former Club Captain Ian Sivell. Gwen Steed had 2 GOLDS in the walks in the over 70s while Leigh Phelan and Russell Short made Victorian Records in their events. Well done ALL. Magnificent. Vic

Age Athlete Event Place Performance
30-34 Josh Plante Shot 7.26m SILVER 10.26m
40-44 Alex Newman 100m 5th 12.74
    Javelin 800g GOLD 35.15m
    60m 8th 8.23
    Discus 2kg BRONZE 32.12m
    Shot 7.26kg BRONZE 9.89m
    Pole Vault GOLD Club Rec3.80m
  Peter Macknamara 3km Steeple GOLD 10:36.11
  Leigh Phelan 60m GOLD Vic Rec         7.26
    200m GOLD 22.36
45-49 Kurt Golonka 400m SILVER Age CR       55.68
    60m SILVER 8.22
    200m SILVER 25.28
    800m 6th 2:25.97
  Mickael Soussan 1500m BRONZE 4:43.55
    800m SILVER 2:14.93
  Russell Short Discus 2kg GOLD 38.64m
    Shot 7.26kg GOLD Vic Rec14.58m
50-54 Andrew Crawley Javelin 700g BRONZE 30.31m
    Hammer 6kg GOLD 28.87m
    Weight Toss GOLD 11.08m
    Pole Vault GOLD 2.30m
    Shot 6kg GOLD 9.75m
    Discus 1.5kg GOLD 32.27m
  Joe Zammit Shot 6kg SILVER 9.64m


Age Athlete Event Place Performance
50-54 Louise McLean 100m 5th 16.05
    60m 4th 9.89
    200m BRONZE 34.10
65-69 Marlene Gourlay 1500m GOLD 6:19.57
    100m BRONZE 18.11
    2km Steeple GOLD Vic Rec   9:41.24
    400m GOLD 84.47
    5000m GOLD 22:53.82
    60m BRONZE 11.30
    200m BRONZE 38.43
    800m GOLD 3:21.00
70-74 Gwen Steed 3000mW GOLD 12:18.33
  1500m W GOLD 9:57.25


REGISTRATION FORM 2017; for non competing athletes only.

Glenhuntly Athletic Club

Membership Form 2017-18

To be used for Club Training and Club Supporter membership only.




Note: Non-competing members may upgrade to competing membership at any time.


** Competing members register online with Athletics Victoria:


Family Name:


Given Name(s)


Phone: (H)






Date of Birth:


Gender (M or F):
Disability: (Y or N) Disability Classification:


Emergency Contact:


Contact No.
Relationship to contact.


School /Employment:



Membership Fees

Club Training    Senior

(recreational runner)

Junior U20


Non Competing




Provides training with the club, access to the club coaches and club facilities,
Club Supporter (social)


$40 Provides access to club activities


Payment Details:

Cash/ Cheque/ Money Order :

Payable to Glenhuntly Athletic Club Inc.

Funds Transfer: Bendigo Bank      BSB # 633 000     Account # 139 341 002

Signed: ____________________________________   Date: ________________________

(Parent/Guardian if U18)


Please Return completed form to the Club Registrar.

Julie Nield   76 Landcox Street, Brighton East VIC 3187

0420 908 242


2017 REGISTRATIONS OPEN; April 1 FEES PAYABLE (process to follow).

REGISTRATION for 2017-18 with Glenhuntly Athletics Club.

Active from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018


Membership can be either COMPETING or NON-COMPETING




For Club Members and Club Supporters (non-competing): If you only wish to be a Club Supporter or train with the club and access the Club’s coaches (includes “Running with Kids” and “Hunters Family Group (recreational runners)) then you should complete the club’s registration form (obtained on website: and forward it to the club registrar:


Ms.Julie Nield         76 Landcox Street Brighton East 3187   

0420 908 242                       



Athletics Victoria Registration with our club for the 2017-2018 season (1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018) is done online with Athletics Victoria.


[For Victorian Athletic League only go to their website at]


Registration requires members to purchase:

An Athletics Victoria Base Package

+ Glenhuntly Fee

+ at least one of:      Relay package*

Winter XCR17 package**

Summer Shield T/F Package***              



Relay permits registered athletes to compete for the Club in relay events. The club meets all costs of entering teams for these relays (four in winter + relay championship in Summer).


**         Winter Package: provides season ticket entry to all winter cross country and road championship events. There are 6 individual events. Winter events can be entered individually but a season’s ticket provides substantial discount.


***       Summer Shield: provides for weekly shield competition for 12 rounds plus a final. There is no weekly entry for this series but a shorter package for the final 6 rounds is available in late November.



A substantial discount is available for members who purchase both a winter XCR17 package AND a Summer Shield T/F Package


ENTRY FEES are also payable for entry into State Championships, Milers Club, and Australian Championships. (you do not need to purchase a summer or winter package to enter these events.)



To Register online with Athletics Victoria:


SELECT one of the options below.


  1. For current members:

GO TO the Athletics Victoria website ( and on the HOME PAGE click on MEMBERS PORTAL (located in top right hand corner of screen).


To renew your membership, LOGIN, and follow three steps.

(If you have forgotten your login details click on FORGOTTEN USERNAME /PASSWORD and AV will email your username and new password details.)


Step 1. Access your profile. PLEASE CHECK your profile for accuracy.


Step 2. Once checked, click on renew (located on right hand side of page).

If you permit, click on allow the club to update your member detail.


Step 3. Confirm and make payment. Follow the prompts and pay on line

(AV remits the club portion of the fees regularly to the club).



  1. B. For new members:

GO TO the Athletics Victoria website ( and on the HOME PAGE click on JOINING (located at the bottom left hand corner of screen).


FOLLOW the steps

You will need to create a profile.

To do this click on Create a Profile

Please complete all sections and, if you permit, click on allow the club to   update your member detail.

Confirm details, check terms and conditions, and submit.

Make payment. Follow the prompts and pay on line (AV remits the club portion of the fees to the club).




ENTRY FEES are also payable for entry into State Championships, Milers Club, and Australian Championships.










Glenhuntly Athletic Club Inc Fees 2017-18

(Note: Ages taken at 31st December 2017)




This section covers those who wish to train with the Club’s Training Groups and includes the “Kids Athletics Sessions” and the “Hunters Running Family”.   It also covers Club Supporters.


Athletes wishing to represent the club in competition and compete in Athletics Victoria events should go to section B for an indication of the registration fees.


The Fees outlined in this section are the Glenhuntly Club Fees only.


To Register: Use the Club Registration Form found on the Club Website


Send the form to the club Registrar at:


Ms.Julie Nield                        76 Landcox Street Brighton East 3187     

0420 908 242                                      



Club Fees entitle members to a range of opportunities including the use of the Duncan Mackinnon training facilities, access to club coaching and its training squads, to social events and other opportunities offered by the Club from time to time.


Club Fees 2017-18              


                                 You Pay

Open Age  


Members born before 1/1/98


Age 11 to 19  ie: Born after 31/12/97.                                                                        
Club Supporter


   $40 All ages


Glenhuntly Athletics (GAC) encourages its members to seriously consider competing in club teams at the Athletics Victoria (AV) Shield competition, the Winter XCR series, and state and national championships.





Section B:         COMPETING MEMBERSHIP (with Athletics Victoria)


This section covers those members who wish to compete for the Club with Athletics Victoria, in either winter or summer events, or both.




If you elect to take both a winter and summer package then the Maxi package provides a discount. The fees outlined below include both Athletics victoria Fees and Club Fees.  



Open Age

Members born prior to 1/1/98


Plus competition package(s)









Athletics Victoria Base Fee                                   $100

Plus Club Fees                                                              $92



Relay Package                                                 $0

Winter Package **                                   $125

Summer Package                                      $125

Maxi Package                    $200

(joint summer and winter $50 discount)


Age 13 to 19

Born after 31/12/97


Plus competition package(s)









Athletics Victoria Base Fee                                     $80

Plus Club Fees                                                              $52



Relay Package                                                 $0

Winter Package**                                    $100

Summer Package                                    $100

Maxi Package                   $150

(joint summer and winter $50 discount)


Aged 11 to 14 and current LA Vic member.


Plus competition package(s)









Athletics Victoria Base Fee                                     $50

Plus Club Fees                                                            $52



Relay Package                                               $0

Winter Package**                                     $55

Summer Package                                      $55

Maxi Package                       $75

(joint summer and winter $35 discount)

Official $0
Coach $0 Currently registered and accredited coach with Athletics Australia.
Recreational Runner             Open






Athletics Victoria Base Fee                                   $40

Plus Club Fee (junior $52)                                   $92


     ** Entries can be made separately for individual races.