XCR 15 Ladner Park Details – Saturday 9 May, 2015 – from TV

Our first individual round at Lardner Park is only a week away and hope to have many Hunters competing.

Below is some important information you will need to know before the event:

Date: Saturday 9 May, 2015

Location: Lardner Park, Warragul
155 Burnt Store Rd, south of Princes Freeway. Approach from Drouin or Warragul.
Melway Ref X912 U8

12:30pm Race 1: 2km Cross Country Women U14, Men U14
12:40pm Race 2: 4km Cross Country Men U18, Men U20
1:00pm Race 3: 3km Cross Country Men U16, Women U16, Women U18, Women U20
1:20pm Race 4: 8km Cross Country Men Open and Masters
2:00pm Race 5: 4km Cross Country Women Open and Masters
Presentations will be made as soon as possible after the events.

Entry Information:
Athletes must register via the Athletics Victoria website, the event page for Lardner Park can be found here. For an athlete to be eligible to score team points they must be registered and entered before the entry closing deadline.

Entries Close: 12pm (midday) Wednesday 6 May, 2015.

Series Ticket entries will close at the same time as above and re-open at the completion of the event.

Please remember to approve any memberships before the 12pm (midday) Wednesday 6 May cut off time, otherwise athletes will have to register as a non-member and compete via invitation.

The competitor entry list as at 10:00am May 1, 2015 is now available online here. Please note this will be updated before the closing of entries.


Timing Chips & Bibs:
Competitors will need to find their timing chip from previous seasons if they have been allocated one, if an athlete is unsure if they have received a chip please call the AV Office. If it has been lost or misplaced, athletes can purchase a replacement chip on the day – a replacement chip costs $50. Newly registered athletes will receive their timing chip at Lardner Park as part of their membership.

The timing chips are guaranteed to work for 3+ years. Chips testing will be available please make sure athletes check these prior to the event. If current chips are deemed faulty by AV admin staff the athlete will receive a replacement.

All athletes MUST wear both current AV bibs at all rounds of XCR’15. If an athlete fails to wear both bibs (back and front) they may be disqualified. If any athletes forget their bibs please go to the admin area to get a replacement set prior to the start of the race. Team managers will need to pick up any new memberships from the admin staff on the day of the event.


Club Rules (Constitution)‏

 Current Rules of GAC

 Proposed Rules for GAC Inc 2015

 GAC- Special Resolution

A special resolution will be put to the AGM (Saturday May 16th)  to change the Club Rules  so that it will comply in all respects to the new Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. All members are asked to read the Special Resolution that will be put to the AGM and to consider the changes to the Current Rules. Readers will notice the new Rules are far more detailed but do omit some matters contained in the current rules. Some obvious ones are highlighted. Where this occurs the Committee will include those matters in our Club policies where the issue needs to be included in our operational procedures. The advantage of this is that changes to any of those policies will not require a “constitutional” change and will therefore be less cumbersome.

The key reason for following this procedure is that acceptance of the “Model; Rules” will gain approval from Consumer Affairs Victoria without any need to involve lawyers and potentially drawn out process around approval of a set of Rules we have drawn up ourselves. If anyone requires further explanation of the proposed changes they should contact Max Binnington at MaxB@vicsport.com.au to discuss.

The Committee recommends full support of the changes.

Round 1 XCR 15 – Jells Park Relays

Beau Lang runs a strong 20.52

Cross Country Relays 18th April 2014 – overall summary by TV

Thankfully the weather was kind to us, making this year’s  XC relays a most enjoyable experience.

The Hunters fielded 31 teams across all the Divisions and Age Groups (M & F), including 3 invite teams made up of athletes from TV and Len’s Run Monash squad – and this was 10 more teams than any other club. Our total number of participants was an amazing 111 (77 males and 34 females).

Thanks to all of our helpers, officials, and team managers for all their work on the day.

To top the day off nicely we enjoyed a great/traditional Hunters afternoon tea.

Family involvement was really quite remarkable;

Father and son – Humphrey and Leo, Victor and Jamie, Joe and Eamonn, Chris and Declan, Mick (official) and Shane, Lyndon (official) and Daniel, Paul (official) and Ben.

Partners – Peter and Kellie, Peter and Helen, David and Bridget.

Father and Daughter – Brett (official) and Kaitlin, Simon and Laura.

Mother and daughter – Heather (official) and Dana, Kara and Isobella.

Mother and son – Julie (official) and Sam.

Mother, son and daughter – Jill, Jack, and Sophie.

Brothers – Ben James, and Michael.

Father, son, and daughter – Paul, Jack, and Gemma.

·         Apologies for any I’ve missed.

 Click here for TV’s Hunter Results

Open/Masters Men – report by TV

Once again we struggled a little at the top end, however we had a very young Division 1 team, which included 3 of our juniors (1 x U18 and 2 x U20). In fact the average age of our Division 1 team was just 20.5 yrs !

Our incredible depth was demonstrated by our overall team placings with 11 of our 14 open/masters teams finishing in the top 10 in their division/age group. Lots of PB’s were achieved with Rhydian Cowley our fastest on the day (18.57). Peter Macknamara (20.17) was our quickest master (40+).

We used a few of ‘Masters’ age in our open teams, however with everyone running in their correct age groups we might easily have won both the 40+ and 50+ events.

It is always difficult at the start of the season to get the rankings right.

Go Hunters


Women’s report by Cass Higham

As usual Jells was a great way to start the new XCR season. Although it threatened rain we were treated to a brilliant day for round 1 relays.

-We had teams in all 5 divisions, 40+ and an invitational team from Monash
-Premier division won gold with close times run by all members
-The 40+ team made up of Kellie, Bridget and Gill won silver
-We welcomed 9 new women to our open team: Anne and Sam up from juniors, Brooke and Rebecca from the track season and new members to the club Jillian, Emma, Lesley, Rhiannon and Sharon
-Sharon, who led out her division 2 team, will be heading back to the Solomon Islands in a few weeks, we hope she’s enjoyed her short stint with the club
-PBs were run by Cass and Kara and Tarli ran the fastest time for the Hunters with 21.28
I hope you all enjoyed an exciting day of relays and a great time with the Hunters. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Lardner Park.

Junior Boys start XC Season showing early form at Jells Park by Phil Hutton

XC15 got off to its usual start with the XC Relays. The weather had looked really threatening but by the time of the races, it was bright and sunny; a great day for running. Well done to all juniors

  • We entered five teams with seven club debutants.

Results:         U20     Team 1          8th                   Team 2          12th

U18                             11th

U16     Team 1          5th                   Team 2          12th

Some Highlights:

  • Solomon Islander Rossi Siosi having his sole race in XC, after some track competition, before heading to Cairns for training and then home. He and Sharon are great ambassadors and benefitted greatly from their stay. Good luck to you both for the future. Rossi was our fastest with a time of 21:07.
  • We had 9 other junior members representing their school at APS in the morning who were unable to compete. Shows we have begun to develop some good depth.
  • We had 4 juniors elevated to seniors with 3 of them representing the club in Division 1; an amazing effort from Ben, Sam, and Jack, and also Dan in the lower senior division. 
  • Luke McCarthy and Jack Highnam both had terrific first up runs with 22:20 and 22:11 respectively. Declan Murphy, Max Meuleman and debutant Daniel Bryden both did well first up and will be better for the run. Callum Harris 29:49 enjoyed his first outing for the club.
  • Jasper Pickering was our fastest U16 with 10:05 equalling the fastest overall in the competition on the day. Will Ockenden was our fastest in U18 with 10:37; impressive.
  • Liam Glew, 11yo, came in as emergency and impressed with 13:34 for U16. Thanks Liam
  • It was great to see Joseph Inglis, one of our top junior sprinters, turn his talents to XC, and for Jake Roberts to compete well after long term injury.
  • Liam Halloran 11:25 and Nathan Crawley 11:53 both impressed with their debut XC runs with the club.
  • It was good to see Jack Strangio return after a season to lead off our U18s with a 10:49; good first up Jack.


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REGISTRATION for 2015-16 – Glenhuntly Athletics

Glenhuntly Athletics encourages athletes of all ages and abilities to join our great club.
Glenhuntly offers expert coaching for all ability levels. You may find items of interest in our training ideas section.

The summer season events provide competition in track and field events from October to March for ages 12 onwards. There are ten winter events running from April to September. Information for the Road and Cross Country season can be found here.

Membership of Glenhuntly Athletics is offered as competing membership, non-competiting membership or dual registration. Competing membership and dual registration membership includes registration with Athletics Victoria from 1 April to 31 March.

Please direct all club detail enquiries to Trevor Vincent on 0423 529 091 (Mob), or email at hunteraths@gmail.com. Follow the links below to join

Glenhuntly Athletics – REGISTRATION process for 2015-16 

Glenhuntly Athletics – Member form 2015 – 16

XCR 15 & other races & events 

Membership Enquiries
Club Registrar –
Phil Hutton (H) 97543696 (Mob) 0477 968620
Email; gohunter@tpg.com.au

For the Coaches – Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Course – Melbourne – 17 May

Dear Coaches,

In 2015, Sporting Schools will become Australia’s largest school based participation program for children and it will provide a supportive environment to foster a lifelong connection with sport. Sporting Schools, formerly the Active After-School Communities, aims to encourage more children to participate in sport across a greater number of schools.

Athletics is one of the 34 chosen sports, and as such Athletics Australia are closely working with the Australian Sports Commission to deliver IAAF Nestlé Healthy Active Kids’ Athletics through the Sporting Schools Program from term two 2015. This is a fantastic opportunity for our sport to interact with children across the nation.

We are currently developing the athletics program workforce and will deliver Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Courses in each state in the coming weeks. This course will train coaches in how to run a Kids’ Athletics program in the Sporting Schools model including how to plan, progress the activities and run the final week Kids’ Athletics Team event.

Sporting Schools offers Accredited Athletics Coaches who are upskilled as Kids’ Athletics coaches an excellent paid employment opportunity, as well as the chance to deliver quality sporting programs at schools – before, during, or after school.

The only pre-requisite to attend the Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Course is to be a currently registered Accredited Athletics Coach with Athletics Australia. Teachers who wish to undertake the course who are not currently coaches can pay a first year registration fee of $55 and after successfully completing the upskilling course become an IAAF Kids’ Athletics for Sporting Schools coach.  Teachers who would like to be a Level 1 Community Athletics Coach as well must either attend a Level 1 course or, if they have the competencies of Level 1 Community Athletics Coach, can undertake the RPL process.  Teachers can email lynne.evans@athletics.org.au for more information.

Albury Upskilling Course

When:  12:00 – 4:30pm, 9 April 2015
Where: Albury Athletics Track
Cost:    Free of charge to currently registered Accredited Athletics Coaches (teachers not registered with Athletics Australia $55)


Melbourne Upskilling Course

When:  9:30 – 1:30pm, 17 May 2015
Where: Catherine Freeman Room, Athletics House, 31 Aughtie Drive Albert Park
Cost:    Free of charge to currently registered Accredited Athletics Coaches (teachers not registered with Athletics Australia $55)


If you have any questions about the upskilling courses please contact kylie.italiano@athletics.org.au


Kind Regards,

Jill Taylor | National Coaching Development Manager | Athletics Australia
Athletics House, Level 2, 31 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, VIC 3206
T +61 3 8646 4550 | W www.athletics.com.au