Club Juniors lead the way to win the Theobald Shield for 2015



The 69th staging of the Arthur Beames contest for the Mrs. A.A.Theobald Shield.


The Annual Challenge match between the Western Districts (Adelaide) club and Glenhuntly took place at Norton’s Park Glen Waverley on Saturday.


What a great day it was too. It was terrific to finally see some fine weather as well as some great racing, especially from our young competitors.


41 competitors faced the starter (TV) for the 5km race and handicap. Runners had to estimate their time for the handicap. There were 18 masters, 6 juniors (U18) and 17 open age. 12 WD district runners came across to defend the shield they won in Adelaide last year.


The race was followed by presentation of trophies and then a dinner at the Wheelers Hill Hotel; attended by about 50.


The race was won for the fourth time by junior Ben Kelly (U20) from two other juniors; Sam Toll (U18) and Will Ockenden (U17). What a great result for the future from these youngsters. Fourth was Rhydian Cowley (Open) who had just arrived home on Thursday from the World Universiade (20km walk).


Ben’s win takes him into third place for the most wins in this challenge, four times, behind club life members Keith Lyons 5 and Trevor Vincent 6.



Team Results:

Male (teams of four)   Female (Teams of three)
Ben Kelly                         GHY         1

Sam Toll                            GHY       2

Will Ockenden               GHY      3

Rhydian Cowley           GHY       4

Tim Callahan                 WD         5

Grenville Wood              WD        6

Geoff Troiano                WD          7

Gaetano Aiello                WD        8

  Cassie Higham       GHY       1

Karinna Fyfe           GHY       2

Dana Dekkers       GHY       3

Beverley Moss       WD       4

Lesley Rutherford   WD     5

No 6th runner.


GHY                 10 points                                           GHY                 6 points

WD                  26 points                                           WD                  15 points


This event has a lot of history attached to it, having been first run in 1947.


Trevor Vincent has been a member of GHY teams on 21 occasions, having been first home on 6 occasions. Life Member, Keith Lyons, had a magnificent stretch of 9 first GHY member home between 1947 and 1955. Murray Edwards holds that distinction with 4 first homes for WD from 1960 -63.

WD Club President made his 19th team and is closing fast on Trevor Vincent. What can TV do? A comeback in 2016? Or encouraging more WD athletes to run to make it harder for Gaet. Time will tell.



Full results below.


Name Club Estimated Actual M/F Open Junior Masters Adjusted
Time Time U18 40+ Time
1 Ben Kelly GHY 16:00 15:53 M Y -7
2 Sam Toll GHY 16:15 16:10 M Y -5
3 Will Ockenden GHY 17:00 16:17 M Y -43
4 Rhydian Cowley GHY 15:59 16:32 M Y 33
5 Jack Bullock GHY 16:30 16:41 M Y 11
6 Simon Bowly GHY 16:52 16:53 M Y 1
7 Jake McCahon GHY 16:30 16:54 M Y 24
8 Beau Lang GHY 16:25 17:35 M Y 1:10
9 James Robertson GHY 18:52 18:04 M Y -48
10 Matt Wynne GHY 41:00:00 18:05 M Y 22:56
11 Andrew McEvoy GHY 19:00 18:06 M Y -54
12 Cassie Higham GHY 18:30 18:12 F Y -3
13 Karrina Fyfe GHY 18:15 18:30 F Y 15
14 John Baker GHY 17:30 19:03 M Y 1:33
15 Tim Callahan WD 19:25 19:23 M Y -2
16 Grenville Wood WD 19:30 19:39 M Y 9
17 Dana Dekkers GHY 20:20 19:48 F Y -32
18 Shane Davin GHY 20:01 19:49 M Y -12
19 Matt Larkin GHY 19:00 19:58 M Y 58
20 Geoff Troiano WD 20:15 20:31 M Y 16
21 John Evans GHY 23:00 21:16 M Y -1.44
22 Gaetano Aiello WD 21:50 21:36 M Y -14
23 Kaitlin Barr GHY 20:50 21:41 F Y 51
24 Chris Dimitrak WD 21:25 22:12 M Y 47
25 Anna Ross GHY 24:37:00 22:53 F Y -1.44
26 Lyndon Loader GHY 22:30 23:47 M Y 1.17
27 Ryan Moss WD 23:05 23:48 M Y 43
28 Eleanora Gilbert GHY 25:00:00 24:01:00 F Y -59
29 Spencer Hall WD 30:00:00 24:20:00 M Y -5.4
30 Nando Princi WD 23:00 24:22:00 M Y 1.22
31 Beverley Moss WD 25:00:00 24:50:00 F Y -10
32 Lesley Rutherford WD 21:00 24:51:00 F Y 3.51
33 Noah Portelli GHY 25:57:00 26:32:00 M Y 35
34 Angelo Portelli GHY 26:00:00 26:33:00 M Y 33
35 Alan Irwin GHY 26:30:00 27:36:00 M Y 1.06
36 Lindsay Hall WD 25:00:00 28:44:00 M Y 3.44
37 George Linou WD 32:00:00 31:21:00 M Y -39
38 Tony Doran GHY 30:02:00 33:18:00 M Y 3.16
39 Phil Hutton GHY 31:00:00 33:18:00 M Y 2.18
40 Kevin Esmore GHY 43:00:00 36:21:00 M Y -6.4


GHY 1st Home Open Ben Kelly
Junior U18 Sam Toll
Handicap Male Simon Bowly
Female Karrina Fyfe
1st Home Open Cassie Higham
Junior U18 Kaitlin Barr
WD 1st Home Open Tim Callahan
Junior U18 Ryan Moss
Handicap Male Tim Callahan
Female Beverley Moss
GHY 1 Ben Kelly
2 Sam Toll
10 3 Will Ockenden
4 Rhydian Cowley
WD 5 Tim Callahan
6 Grenville Wood
26 7 Geoff Troiano
8 Gaetano Aiello
GHY 1 Cassie Higham
2 Karrina Fyfe
6 3 Dana Dekkers
WD 4 Beverley Moss
5 Lesley Rutherford
15 6 no runner


Club Event against Western Districts at Nortons Park: this saturday 18th.

NEXT EVENT: This Saturday, Norton’s Park (Glen Waverley) 18th July at 2.45pm. 5km event. Handicap event and trophies.


Our friends from the Western District’s Club in Adelaide are making the trip this weekend to try and defend the AA Theobald Shield they won in Adelaide last year. This will be the 69th staging of this annual challenge. (Our club won the women’s shield in 2014.)


It is hoped club members will come along and enjoy the competition.



  • fastest male and female
  • Fastest junior, male and female (Under 18)
  • Handicap winners; male and female
  • Fastest master (Over 40)
  • Spot prizes.


Club Juniors outstanding at Albert Park





The Road Races at Albert Park produced some outstanding results from our Juniors.


On what was a great morning for running, the course along the lake was a perfect setting for fast times. The weather was very kind, with little wind and plenty of sunshine.


The 3km race for Boys U16 and U14, and Girls U20, U18, U16, and U14 saw Adam Spencer, U16, show out for a great second overall, just a few seconds down on the winner. Adam has been representing his school Wesley College so far this winter and this was his first outing for the club this winter. He continues to show tremendous potential, considering he is just 14 and has another year in the U16 age group. Unfortunately, he was not supported by a team in the team’s event, as many of our others were either injured, sick, or playing Sunday football.


The Girls too did very well with Dana Dekkers in the U20 finishing in 8th place, Genevieve O’Brien U14 in 5th place and Georgie Macdonald 6th U18. All really top efforts. Genevieve ‘s run was outstanding for a 12 year old, and Georgie, following her state school’s championship U17 title, competed very well in the upper age group.


It was terrific to see the performance of our Under 18 girl’s team finish in SILVER position, with great support from Kaitlin Barr and Sophie Highnam, who both finished close together.

Well done to all girls.


In the 10km road race, run by the U18 and U20 boys, it was fantastic to see Sam Toll and Will Ockenden, both very highly placed with a Bronze and 4th respectively. Outstanding efforts in fast time. Sam and Will were supported by Luke McCarthy who ran very well for 16th placing to help give our team a very close SILVER placing.


The Under 20 boys also completed a team with Jack Bullock showing fine form in a strong 11th placing in a very competitive field. Jack Highnam continues to show improved form and Declan Murphy ran a solid race on limited training.

Well done boys.


Men Under 16- 3k    
2 Adam Spencer 9.28.7
Men Under 18 – 10k      
3 Sam Toll 33.07.9
4 Will Ockenden 33.39.4
16 Luke McCarthy 36.25.9
Men Under 20 – 10k      
11 Jack Bullock 33.54.8
19 Jack Highnam 34.51.2
26 Declan Murphy 38.34.3



Women – U14 – 3k      
5 Genevieve O’Brien 11.08
Women U16 3k      
24 Eleanora Gilbert 12.55.3
Women – Under 18 – 3k      
6 Georgie McDonald 10.31
10 Kaitlin Barr 11.20.2
11 Soohie Highnam 11.25.7
21 Jess Clark 13.26.7
26 Isobella Gilbert 14.37.2
Women – Under 20 – 3k      
8 Dana Dekkers 10.50.6



NEXT EVENT:   Sandown Relay Saturday 11th July at 12.45pm

XCR ’15 Round 5 Albert Park Road Race 10 & 3 km

Link: TV’s Hunter Results

Jack Highnam

Women’s report:

Starting the event with a moments silence for the late Ron Clarke we were off and racing and getting jostled by the men the whole way. We couldn’t have asked for a better day at Albert Park and the women made the most of the perfect race conditions to secure numerous personal bests.
  • Backing up from her recent podium finish at Bundoora Karinna took bronze and ran her first sub 34 minute 10km!
  • Taking 2 minutes off last year’s time, Cassie finished 6th and broke 35 minutes for the first time.
  • Despite an upcoming half marathon Amelia raced to help the premier division to another much needed win. Taking it easier than usual she still finished inside the top 10.
  • After a very strong track season Anna showed her versatility, posting an extremely impressive time over the longer distance.
  • In her first ever 10km Bec narrowly missed the 40 minute barrier, certainly giving her something to aim for next time.
  • Kellie bettered her time for the course and outright personal bests were run by Katherine and Kara. It was an excellent day and great to see so many excited Hunters post race. Good luck to those competing on the Gold Coast this weekend and I look forward to seeing you all at Sandown soon! Cass Higham

Men’s Report

Sunday’s Albert Park road race took on special significance this year, with the passing of club great Ron Clarke the previous week.  All club members wore black armbands as a mark of respect to the distance running legend.  Toeing the start line we were told of some or Clarke’s great achievements, many of which were over the 10k distance we were about to tackle.  This must have inspired the Hunters – all of us took advantage of great race conditions to record some of our best results of the season to date.  After the race it was hard to find runners who hadn’t just smashed their previous best times for the distance.

In all we had 33 runners filling 8 Open and Masters teams.  The division 1 team of Rhydian, Josh, James, Nigel, Simon and Julian managed our best finish for the year of 4th place overall.  This week was a very competitive one for spots at the top, with Jake, Darren and Beau all finishing just seconds away from a Div 1 place.  A few of the clubs junior runners also finished around or in the mix for our top team – promising signs for the next few years!  For the masters our 50+ team of Paul Strangio, Mick Ryan and Victor Cook finished a strong 3rd to put them in 5th place for the season.

The list of PB’s is a bit long to reel off – but special mentions to Chris Allan and Jian Yen for their first sub 40 minute efforts and Jack Marquardt for his first sub 35.  Hope this is a sign of another great team effort at the Sandown relays next weekend!

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XCR ’15 Round 4 Bundoora Cross Country

Link: TV’s Hunter Results

Open Women at Bundoora Park

The women had a great day out at Bundoora last week. There was a change to the course this year and although it was still extremely challenging it must have agreed with our girls as there were many great runs over the 8km race.
-Karinna led the Hunters, claiming a well deserved silver and her first individual medal for the season, she’s secured her place on the Victorian team for Nationals.
-For the second round in a row Amelia and Cassie also finished in the top 10, add to that impressive runs by Julia and Rebecca and the Premier team secured a comfortable and much needed win.
-Julia was the 1st masters runner to finish overall, collecting maximum points on the individual ladder.
-We hope Katherine Alexander enjoyed her first run with the club.
-Lisa had an excellent run, finishing 5th in her age group.
We had 10 women complete the course, a little down on previous years but enough to have teams in the first two divisions and masters. Congratulations to everyone who ran and thanks for all the cheering around the course. It would be great to see more of you out at Albert Park this weekend, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for great conditions.

Men’s Report

Ben Kelly wins the Men's U/20  8 km event
Ben Kelly wins the Men’s U/20 8 km event

Bundoora was full of surprises this year – a new course from AV, some warm winter sunshine and a surface that was unusually mud-free.  Much debate was had about whether AV’s changes had made the event easier or harder – but all seemed relieved to avoid so many passes of the water tower, particularly back up the steep side.

Toby Rayner stole the show, as he often does in cross country, placing 3rd overall to help our Division 1 team to a strong performance.  Then came the barrage – close finishes in pairs between Nigel P and James A; Jamie C and Jake M; Simon B and Julian K.  In all, 33 runners carried the blue boomerang around the 12k course, so many that it was hard to find a 30 second window without another Hunter finisher, from our 2nd to 20th runner.  It was great to see so many team mates pushing each other on to faster times, and those supporting us from the sidelines clearly had their work cut out!
3 runners in the top 50 and 11 runners in the top 100 helped our 8 teams to some of our highest places for the season: 4th for Division 1 and 5th for Divisions 2, 3, and 5.  As usual, the Hunters masters placed highly, with Tony Russo and Andrew McEvoy both in the top 10 for 40-44 and Paul Strangio 5th in 50-54 division.  Both 40+ and 50+ teams finished 5th.
With all but one of the cross country events complete, we’re heading to Albert Park in 2 weeks time for 10k on the road.
Simon Bowly

Club Junior News; entries required for Albert Park and Sandown




Hi Junior Hunter


The efforts of the Club’s juniors for their schools at the All Schools Championships was outstanding. Well done to all who competed.

See the Club website and facebook for the report.


We had 16 juniors run and some top efforts.


The Next event:


ALBERT PARK                       ROAD RACE               SUNDAY MORNING


8.30am           Boys                3km                U16 and U14


Girls                3km                U20, U18, U16 and U14



9.00am           Boys                10km              U20 and U18



I hope that many of you are available to represent the Club in this event. If you have a season’s ticket then you are already entered. Just turn up but remember your timing chip and bib numbers.


If you don’t have a season’s ticket you need to enter by Monday 22 June at 11.59am. (NEXT MONDAY).



SANDOWN RELAYS               ROAD RACE               SATURDAY 11th JULY


This very popular event is held at the Sandown Motor Raceway and is on a Saturday afternoon. There is no APS event scheduled for this day.


I hope you are keen to form part of our teams.


EARLY PLANNING: Please let me know by email:

ASAP if you would be available to run.


Teams of three in U20 (6km), U18, U16 and U14 (3km).


The Club enters teams and there is no additional cost to you. But I really need to know if you plan to run so that I can ensure we enter sufficient teams for all to get a run.



NORTONS PARK       XC RACE         Club versus Western Districts Adelaide.


Saturday 18 July


This event has been run since 1947, so is in its 69th year. It is a great run over 5km and is a social event for the club.


I hope many of you will be able to come along and make it a successful effort by the Club.   The race is scheduled for 2.45pm


There is no entry fee and there are prizes available for winners, handicap, and spot prizes.





Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any enquiries.


Phil Hutton                  


9754 3696