FANTASTIC RESULTS from our Masters over the weekend of March 23/24. EIGHTEEN of our MASTERS competed in a variety of age groups and events to achieve THIRTY-NINE medals; 24 Gold, 15 Silver, and 15 Bronze.
CR = Club Record
Attila Baranyay 100m 11.11 GOLD
60m 7.13 GOLD
Justin Cohen Javelin 34.51m Silver
Tim Rosen Triple jump 11.69m GOLD
Shot Put 9.98m. Silver

Ansuha Kankanamage Long Jump 2.69m. Silver
60m 11.35 Bronze
200m 41.74 Bronze
Discus 11.06m. Bronze

Leigh Phelan 60m CR 7.23 GOLD
200m 22.97 GOLD
Kulan Ranasinghe 110m Hurdles 16.98 GOLD
Long Jump 5.31m. GOLD
Triple jump 10.20m. GOLD
Alex Newman Javelin (800g) 36.16 Bronze
High Jump 1.55m. Sixth
60m 7.88 Fourth
Pole Vault 2.96m. Bronze
Shot Put 11.00m. Silver
Discus 32.01m Bronze
100m 12.43 Fourth

Kurt Golonka 100m 12.61 Fourth
200m 25.36. GOLD
400m 56.99 GOLD
Mikael Soussan 800m 2:13.92 Silver

Louise McLean 100m 16.42 Bronze
60m 10.06 Bronze
Triple jump 7.62m. GOLD
Shot Put 7.47m. Fifth
Discus 20.60m Bronze
(Count back) Long Jump 3.69m GOLD
Toni Matters (on countback) Long Jump 3.69m Silver
Javelin 29.29m GOLD
Shot Put 10.07m. Silver
High Jump 1.10m. Bronze
Discus 30.36m. Silver
80m Hurdles 19.19 GOLD
Charles Sutherland 1500m 4:58.07 Fifth
Stuart Mackie Pole Vault 3.41m. GOLD

Sandra Howorth Hammer Throw 29.36m GOLD
3000m Walk. 23:33.4 Bronze
Peter Rushen 5000m 18:42.53 Silver

Joe Campisi 5000m 24:40.20 Sixth
Gwen Steed 1500m Walk 10:03.84. GOLD
3000m Walk 20:55.50. GOLD
Ralph Bennett 3000m Walk 18:35.68 GOLD


Australian Open and Junior Championships – Sydney 1-7 April

CR = Club Record

Some terrific results the past week for our 27 club members at the Australian Championships. We had 11 Open and 16 Juniors, 13 male, 14 female.
There were 10 medals earned (TWO Gold, SIX Silver, and 2 BRONZE, along with THREE Club Records.
Well done to all.
Anna Saw 1500m 4:33.93 20th
Michael Tsostos 400m 47.93 12th
Rhydian Cowley 10000m Track Walk 40:44.81 Silver
Ryan Gregson 1500m 3:42.80Q 3:44.03 Silver
Daniel Hamilton 1500m 3:50.66 25th
Luke Major 400m Hurdles 51.62Q 51.15 Silver
Ashleigh Palmer 400m Hurdles 60.32q 59.45 8th
Aidan Debernardi100m 11.08 38th
Christine Byrne 100m 12.08Q 12.05 17th
200m 24.77 23rd
Russell Short F12Shot Put Ambulant 14.10m Bronze
Will Johns 200m 21.64 26th

Chritine Byrne (4*100m), Will Johns ((4*100m) and Michael Tsostos (4*400m) ran in relays for Victoria.

Under 20
Sophie O’Sullivan800m 2:10.06Q 2:06.82 GOLD
Juliet McBurney 3km Steeplechase CR 10:43.73 GOLD
5000m CR 17:05.38 5th
Adam Spencer 800m 1:53.59Q 1:55.60 7th
Edward Marks 5000m 14:31.43 Silver

Under 18
Cooper Smith 400m 49.28Q 49.18 Silver
200m 22.87 18th
Jessica Stefanovic Shot Put 13.43m 8th
Isabella Harper Triple jump 11.85m 6th
Long Jump 4.98m 12th

Under 17
Lochlan Curry High Jump 1.99m Bronze
Noa Kino High Jump CR 1.69m 4th

Under 16
Jessica Stefanovic Shot Put 13.67m 4th
Discus 37.85m 6th
Sophia Hanlon 400m 58.19 11th
800m 2:17.71 12th
Polly Dean-Johns High Jump CR 1.68m Silver
Gemma Craddock Javelin 34.20m 9th

Under 15
Caeden Paterson 100m Hurdles 15.23 10th
Hammer Throw 31.37m 9th
200m Hurdles29.43Q 29.57 6th
Ava Cameron 2km Steeplechase 8:01.64 8th

Under 14
Tanasha Santosh 800m 2:21.42Q 2:19.72 4th