Hunters take 6 medals and 2 Club Records at State Relays.

What a great day for the club at the annual Victorian State Relay Championships.

We had 21 teams compete and there were some fabulous successes with 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals, as well as two Club Records set.

Team spirit was terrific and the teams were keen and competitive.

And of course there were many highlights.

Just a few included:

  • The total dominance of the Masters men sprints with a club record in one event and a dropped baton in the other (and they were on the way to another record).
  • A runaway win in the girls Under 16 medley in club record time, 15 seconds better than the old record.
  • The Open Men’s 4 *100m in a very close finish for second but highlighted by some great baton changes.
  • A very close 4th in the Open 4 * 800m after Australian representative Alex Rowe from Deakin club ran a blinder to take Bronze from our grasp.
  • A Silver and Bronze to our Under 14 boys teams with terrific efforts from all. Young Liam Walsh 11, Liam Glew 12 and with Romin, David and Will, all 13, they looked every part a great team allround. Special mention here to Will Sharp, fresh off the plane from Adelaide in the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships where he contested 12 races and medalled.


AGE 4 * 100m 4 * 400m 4*800m


SILVER       42.07

Chris Byron

Jojo Kwenin

Aidan Debernardi

Nicholas Hum


Leigh Phelan

Pat Beguely

Tim Rosen

Jordan Ziebel

10th                  3:25.27

Chris Byron

Jojo Kwenin

Kulan Ranasinghe

James Alexander

4th                 7:53.40

Jack Marquardt

James Alexander

Tim Crane

Pat Bryce

Masters 40+ 10th               63.57

Kurt Golonka

Alex Newman

Andrew McEvoy

Geoff Pittman

GOLD                 3:43.09  

Kurt Golonka               Club

Leigh Phelan             Record

Andrew McEvoy

Geoff Pittman

(Alex Newman)  



No event

Under 18


    10th               9:12.39

Alistair Strutt

Ed Marks

Beau Sciberras

Jasper Pickering

Under 16


7th                       3:50.49

Alistair Strutt

Cody Bellgrove

Jasper Pickering

Adam Spencer



No event

Under 14


SILVER         51.60

David Blecher

Liam Walsh

Romin Kodikara

Will Sharp

BRONZE           4:06.92

David Blecher

Liam Glew

Romin Kodikara

Will Sharp



No Event 


AGE   Medley


9th Aidan Debernardi, Tim Rosen, Kulan Ranasinghe, James Alexander                                                                                     3:41.35
Under 18


9th Kipp Wilson, Max Schepisi, Joshua Grant, Sam Toll


Under 16


8th Gabe Shaw, Cody Bellgrove, Ben Edwards, Adam Spencer



AGE 4 * 100m 4 * 400m 4*800m


7th                      50.92

Sherena Mulgrave

Emily McLean

Jenny King

Nicola Davis


Sherena Mulgrave

Ciara Losty

Ashleigh Horrobin

Nicola Davis


Jenny King

Natalie Leontardis

Kaitlyn Papworth

Claudia Carter

Under 18


8th                     53.04

Claudia Carter

Brittney Tran

Jasmine Fassoulis

Ciara Losty

  BRONZE       9:44.98

Larissa McBurney

Kaitlin Barr

Juliet McBurney

Sophie O’Sullivan

Under 16



No Event

Under 14



No Event


AGE   Medley





Sherena Mulgrave, Ashleigh Horrobin, Emily McLean, Dana Dekkers


Natalie Leondaris, Jenny King, Brooke Gordon, Cassie Higham


U 16


GOLD Brittney Tran, Jasmine Fassoulis, Ciara Losty, Sophie O’Sullivan

                                            U16 and U18 Club Record     4:08.25


Hi All,

Just to quash all rumours about the track replacement I have it officially from Council today (24/11/2015) that there will be no work done on the track until grant money has been received from Sport and Recreation Victoria, and no decision will be made on those grants until March 2016.

So don’t believe anyone who tells you the track replacement is starting anytime soon. If you happen to be talking to a local politician please feel free to encourage them to put all the pressure they can on SRV to do the right thing and ensure the Duncan Mackinnon works get the necessary funding as a regional facility. Remind them what great work is being done for local schools and especially the great work we do with the Specialist Schools in the Region.

Max Binnington

Club Helpers who have supported the Club at Shield this year

Club Helpers who have supported the Club at Shield this year.

If your name (or someone from your family) is NOT on the list, then you are still to take your turn as a Club helper.

If you have assisted but your name does not appear please make sure you let Max Binnington know tomorrow.

We need more parents assisting rather than have athletes and Team Managers and Club officials who already give a great deal of their time to ensure we do not lose Team points due to a lack of Club Helpers. You do not need to be a qualified or experienced official to undertake these roles. The Athletics Victoria officials will ensure you know what to do.

Please let Max know tomorrow that you will help for an hour or so.

Jeff Lang Athlete
Brett Barr Parent, Kaitlin Barr
Ralph Bennett Athlete
Alex Newman Team Manager, athlete
Phil Hutton Athlete, Team Manager
Kara Gilbert Club Member, athlete
Geoff Pittman Athlete
Leigh Phelan Athlete
Will Little Athlete, team captain
Cassie Higham Athlete, team manager
Ralph Bennett Athlete
Sandra Howorth Athlete
Tony Doran Athlete, club official
Max Binnington Club Official, Coach

HUNTERS show fine form at Victorian Milers Club Round One

Twenty- two Hunter athletes competed at the first of this season’s Miler’s Club runs. There were some great performances with many achieving PBs. It was great to see some of our younger runners take part too. There were 800m and 3000m races this round.


Jack Marquardt   1:57.3,  Tim Crane 2:12.1, Tom McFarlane 1:57.0, Patrick Bryce 1:58.5, Jordan Crane 2:00.6, Michael Holloway 1:59.4, Jack Bullock (U20) 2:01.1, Michael Comport 2:08.1, Mickael Soussan (40+) 2:12.6, Alistair Strutt (U16) 2:13.5, Eamonn Murphy 2:15.4, and Edward Marks (U16) 2:20.4.


Toby Rayner 8:20.0, James Alexander 8:40.1, Tarli Bird 10:06.8, Amelia Aslanides 10:11.4, Ben Kelly (U20) 8:46.2, Sharon Firisua 10:31.1, Sam Toll (U18) 8:42.3, Jack Powell 9:10.2, Beau Lang 9:19.6, and Daniel Loader (U20) 10:24.9.


If you would like to represent the club at this years track relays at Lakeside on saturday 28th November please register your interest asap with your team manager. or email (

Events are:  BOTH male and female.

Open:   4 *100m, 4*400m, Medley, and 4*800m.

U18, U16, U14:  4*100m, 4 *400m, Medley(U18,U16 only) 4 * 800m (U18 only)

Masters:    4*100m, 4* 400m, 4*1500m





Outstanding efforts from our junior athletes at Lakeside over the weekend saw them represent their school and achieve 20 medals.    

(8 Gold, 7 Silver, and 5 Bronze).

35 Juniors participated.

 Well done to all.

Particularly pleasing were the results of so many U14s.

(Apologies if I missed anyone’s results. Please let us know at


U20                 Sebastian Zammit   Discus                                    33.46m     Silver

                                                           Shot Put                                 10.57m     GOLD

                                                           Javelin                                    31.84m   Bronze


                        Dana Dekkers           5000m                                   18:09.93   Silver


U18                 Kaitlin Barr              2km Steeple                          7:47.02     Silver

                                                           800m                                     2:33.05             6


U17                 Will Ockenden         2km Steeple                          6:24.22     Silver

                                                           3000m                                   9:06.22             7

                        Max Meuleman         2km Steeple                          6:47.52   Bronze                  Haftu Strintzos        1500m                                   4:12.83   Bronze

                                                           3000m                                   9:02.00             5


Christine Byrne       100m             (12.44)          12.27           GOLD

                                   200m             (25.79)          DQ

                        Larissa McBurney   800m                                     2:20.12     Silver

                        Samantha Miller      Javelin                                    28.45m             7

                                                           Hammer Throw                  22.05m             4

   Shot Put                                    9.60m       Bronze

                        Claudia Carter          400m                                     63.99                 6


U16                 Yotam Kimchi          100m                                     11.85                 9

                                                           Triple Jump                          12.87m             4

                                                           Long Jump                            5.80m                        11

Gabe Shaw                100m                                     12.26               12

                                   Long Jump                            6.25m                   Silver

Jesse Scholz              400m            (53.21)          50.96         Silver

                                   100m Hurdles                     14.32       Bronze

                        Ben Edwards            400m                                     55.19                 9

                        Jasper Pickering      1500m           (4:26.88)       4:35.91          10

                                                           3000m                                   9:32.41 Bronze

                        Beau Sciberras        1500m           (4:49.04)

                        Riley Thompson      Shot Put                                 15.67m     GOLD

                                                           Hammer Throw                  55.69m     GOLD


                        Indica Cohen             1500m           (5:03.31)       5:22.34          12

                        Brittney Tran           90m Hurdles                                    15.98              12



U15                 Alistair Strutt           1500m                                   4:39.63          13

                        Edward Marks         1500m                                   4:45.78          18

                        Cody Bellgrove        1500m                                   4:49.70          19


                        Juliet McBurney       1500m           (5:15.47)       5:19.60             9

                        Sophie O’Sullivan    High Jump                             1.50m                           4                                                                 800m             (2:24.91)       2:15.36     GOLD

                                                            1500m                                   4:41.60     GOLD




U14                 Will Sharp                1500m           (4:33.70)       4:27.02     GOLD

                                                           800m             (2:21.10)       2:06.61     GOLD

                        Romin Kodikara      1500m           (4:35.28)       4:38.54             8

                        Liam Glew                Triple Jump                          9.84m                           9

                                                           Long Jump                            4.37m                        13

                                                            200m Hurdles                     38.08                 7


Aisling Buckley       100m             (13.46)          13.68              14

            Triple Jump                          9.58m                        14

            Long Jump                            4.11m                        24

            80m Hurdles            (13.63)

Genevieve O’Brien   400m             (63.70)          64.75                 7

                        800m                                     2:36.80          12

                        Leah O’Sullivan        400m                                     68.12              18

                                                            800m                                     2:35.49          11

Sophie Carne            1500m           (5:11.16)       5:09.77             5

            Long Jump                            4.09m                        25

Isabella Harper       High Jump                             1.35m                        17

            Triple Jump                          9.39m                        17

            Long Jump                            4.40m                        16

Gemma Craddock   Javelin                                    20.08m          13