XCR ’16 Round 8 Ekiden Relay

Link: TV’s Hunter Results   Gallery

On a nice day for running we saw around 70 Hunters participate in this popular event.

Special thanks to all who helped our teams on the day – but especially Julie Nield, Chris Bowly & Tony Doran who filled the AV ‘helper’ spots for us. Thanks again to Phil Hutton for bringing the trailer down with all our gear on it

We had 4 teams place in the top 3 in their event and now have 5 teams in the top 3 on the progressive ladders. Our U18 Men are on top of their ladder.

Due some pre-race damage to the course all legs were around 300m longer than advertised so comparison with last year’s times was not possible.  Additionally there were a few issues with the directions to runners on the course resulting in a number being misdirected & so losing valuable time/places.

See you all at Burnley on September4th


With athletics about to start, it is time to get behind our club Olympians and cheer them all the way.

Best wishes to Rhydian Cowley (20km Walk), Ryan Gregson (1500m), Genevieve LaCaze (3km Steeplechase), Rosi Siosi and Sharon Firusia (for the Solomon Islands) in 5000m.

Our past Olympians:

26  Club athletes have represented Australia at the Olympic Games.


The first male was Don Keane in 1956, first female was Brenda Jones(Carr) in 1960.

( Don also represented Australia at the 1952 Helsinki Games as a West Australian where he finished 10th in the 10km walk 47:37.0.)


They have achieved 5 medals.                     1 Gold   2 Silver   2 Bronze


A further 9 athletes have been Olympians but were members of other clubs at the time.

(Steve Monaghetti 1996, Shaun Creighton 1996, 2000, Don Baird 1972, 1976, Phil May 1968, Don Keane 1952, Dave Stephens 1956, Tony Benson 1972, Dave Chettle 1976, and Terri Wangman (Cater) 1976)



Max Binnington 1976 Montreal 110m Hurdles DNF  
      4*400m Relay 5th in heat  
Brenda Carr (Jones) 1960 Rome 800m SILVER 2:04.58
Ron Clarke 1964 Tokyo 5000m 9th 13:58.0
      10000m BRONZE 28:25.8
      Marathon 9th 2:20:26.8
  1968 Mexico 5000m 5th 14:12.4
      10000m 6th 29:44.8
Tony Cook 1964 Tokyo 5000m 5th in heat 14:02.4
      10000m 8th 29:15.8
      Marathon 51st 2:42.03.6
Duane Cousins 1996 Atlanta 50km Walk DNF  
  2000 Sydney 50km Walk 34th 4:10.43.0
Robert Decastella 1980 Moscow Marathon 10th 2:14.31.0
Peter Fitzgerald 1976 Montreal 200m 8th in Semi 21.29
      100m 6th in heat 10.87
Debbie Flintoff-King 1984 Los Angeles 400m Hurdles 6th 56.21
  1988 Seoll 400m Hurdles GOLD 53.17
Tim Forsyth 1992 Barcelona High Jump BRONZE 2.35m
  1996 Atlanta High Jump 7th 2.32m
Nick Harrison 2004 Athens Marathon 45th 2:21.42
Benita Johnson


2004 Athens 10000m 24th 32:32.01


  2012 London Marathon 100th 2:49.38
Don Keane 1956 Melbourne 20Km Walk 6th 1:33:52.0
Kris McCarthy 2000 Sydney 800m 5th in heat 1:48.9
  2004 Athens 800m DNS (inj)  
Rob McGregor 2000 Sydney Pentathlon 20th 4784 points
Andrew Martin 2000 Sydney Javelin 16th 81.31m
Gary Minihan 1984 Los Angeles 400m 4th in heat 46.93
      4*400m Relay 4th  
Julian Paynter 1996 Atlanta 5000m 12th in Semi 14:00.25
Lawrie Peckham 1964 Tokyo High Jump 10th 2.09
  1968 Mexico High Jump 8th 2.12
  1972 Munich High Jump 18th 2.10
Michael Power 2000 Sydney 5000m 13th in heat 13:51.0
Rohan Robinson 1996 Atlanta 400m Hurdles 5th 48.28
  2000 Sydney 400m Hurdles 4th in heat 50.80
Pat Scammell 1984 Los Angeles 1500 10th in Semi 3:40.83
      800 7th in Rd 2 1:47.4
  1988 Seoul 1500m 35th 3:45.21


Kate Smyth 2008 Beijing Marathon


44th 2:36.10
Sonia O’Sullivan 2000 Sydney 5000m






  2004 Athens 5000m 14th 16:20.90
Trevor Vincent 1964 Tokyo 3000m Steeple 8th in heat 8:58.8
Chris Wardlaw 1976 Montreal 10000m 12th 28:29.91
      Marathon 35th 2:23:56.8
  1980 Moscow Marathon 28th 2:20:42.0


Sean Wroe 2008 Beijing 400m 21st 45.17
      4*400m 6th  


XCR ’16 Round 7 Albert Park 10 km

Link: TV’s Hunter results
On a fine, but windy day 63 Hunters participated in the State Road Championships (3k/10k) at Albert Park.

Once again our females starred – with a great win by our Division 1 team & 2nd placings to both the Division 2 team and the Under 20s.

Open Men struggled again – with a great many of our regulars missing – and we finished with our lowest Division 1 placing for in a long time – 9th !

The U18 Men scored another big win & sit nicely at the top of the ladder.

There were a number of fine individual performances – with Will Ockenden the star – 1st in Men U18, Sophie O’Sullivan 2nd in Girls U16, & Tarli Bird 3rd in Open Women.

Other top 10 Hunters were; Dana Dekkers (4th Women U20), Karinna Fyfe – 8th & Amelia Aslanides – 9th (Women Open), Sam Toll (5th Men U20), & Genevieve O’Brien (8th Girls U16 )

XCR ’16 Round 6 Sandown Road Relays

Link: TV’s Hunter Results

In great conditions, but running in the wrong direction (in the opinion of the old hands),  the Hunters had a some
terrific results at Sandown.

We scored wins in 3 Junior age groups – Women U16 & U20 as well as Men U18, second places were picked up by Open Women, Div 1 & Men U16, and we presently top the premiership ladders in Men 40+ & Men U18, with our Div 1 Women & U20 Women lying in 2nd place.


Club Juniors returned some outstanding results at All Schools XR

Twenty three club juniors represented their schools at Bundoora last saturday in what can best be described as cool/chilly conditions. The course was soft and challenging with some very wet patches.
Outstanding was the win of Sophie O’Sullivan in the girls U16 event; a dominant performance. well done Sophie.
Two silver medallists in Haftu Strintzos, U18 boys, and Adam Spencer U16 boys were also impressive, both finishing within a second of the winner. Well done boys, magnificent.
Will Ockenden in U18 boys finished 4th after really taking the race on in the early stages and finished within 8 seconds of the winner.

Results are shown below; well done to all. Bring on the Sandown relays.


Under 14

22 Sophie Carne 11.59.8

Under 15

5 Genevieve O’Brien 15.03.8
42 Gretel McKenzie 17.44.9

Under 16

1 Sophie O’Sullivan 14.05.8
18 Juliet McBurney 16.06.0
44 Eleonara Gilbert 17.47.3

Under 18

21 Sophie Highnam 16.50.7
23 Samantha Miller 16.59.6

Under 20

7 Dana Dekkers 23.33.9
16 Kaitlin Barr 25.14.7


Under 15

14 Will Sharp 13.50.0
22 Romin Kodikara 14.09.8

Under 16

2 Adam Spencer 12.40.2
10 Ed Marks 13.24.0
14 Jason Clayton 13.15.8

Under 17

9 Jasper Pickering 12.40.2
14 Liam O’Halloran 21.31.3
52 Nathan Crawley 24.57.6

Under 18

2 Haftu Strintzos 19.25.8
4 Will Ockenden 19.29.6

Under 20

10 Sam Toll 26.39.2
28 Jack Highnam 28.32.8
32 Declan Murphy 28.45.9