Eleven Club athletes travelled to Brisbane to compete in the Australian titles. Some outstanding results achieved.

Russell Short and Nicholas Hum taking out Gold.

Our wheelchair athlete, Jake, taking a silver and well as Rhydian in the Walk.

Another Highlight was Cass Higham, Women’s Shield Final captain setting a big PB and an oh so close fourth in the 3km Steeple to rank 3rd all time in the Club.




            Russell Short F12     Shot Put Ambulant               13.50m           81.23%

Nicholas Hum T20    200m Ambulant     (23.0)    22.32              96.10%


Rhydian Cowley        10000m Walk                       42:29.00

Nicholas Hum   T20  400m  Ambulant   (53.14)   50.96             91.68%

Jake Lappin    T54     400m Wheelchair                 51.07             88.25%

Russell Short   F12   Discus Ambulant                   37.69m           71.07%



Nicholas Hum T20   100m Ambulant   (11.18)   11.10                         96.22%

Nicholas Hum T20   Long Jump Ambulant           6.42m             85.83%



Cassie Higham           3000m Steeplechase                        10:57.32

Kaitlyn Papworth T/F20   1500 Ambulant          6:24.11           68.57%



Kaitlyn PapworthT/F20       400m Ambulant                    73.83      8th   76.91%


Ashleigh Horrobin                 400m Hurdles                       62.02              12th

Emily McLean                        400m Hurdles                       63.98              17th

Anna Saw                               1500m                                   4:30.64           17th

Anna Saw                               800m                                      2:13.10           23rd

Aidan Debernardi                 100m                                      11.35              51st

Kelly Hetherington               800m                                      2:06.46q



Liam Glew and Adam Spencer lead the way at Little Athletics titles.

The Victorian Little Athletics Titles were held over the weekend (March 28/29, and a number of our dual athletes competed with great success.

These youngsters have had full, busy track seasons and have produced some fantastic results.


Well done to all.


Results were: (apologies if I have missed any).




Adam Spencer           U13                 800m                          2:07.84

Adam Spencer           U13                 1500m                       4:27.22

Liam Glew                  U11                 Triple Jump               10.62m

Liam Glew                  U11                 Long Jump                 4.80m



Jasper Pickering        U15                 800m                          2:09.82

Jesse Scholz                U15                 400m     (52.81q)     51.46

Jasper Pickering        U15                 1500m                       4:25.96



Adam Spencer           U13                 200m     (25.75)        25.11

Genevieve O’Brien    U12                 800m                          2:27.37



Yotam Kimchi                        U15     Triple Jump                          12.07m           5th

Yotam Kimchi                        U15     100m              (12.15)           12.07              7th

Yotam Kimchi                        U15     Long Jump                             55.60m           7th


Jesse Scholz                U15     100m Hurdles (14.25)

Jesse Scholz                U15     200m              (24.39)          24.46              4th


Liam Glew                  U11     60m Hurdles (10.29)           10.18              6th

Liam Glew                  U11     80m Hurdles (13.86)           13.69              7th

Jemma Owen             U15     Shot Put                                 8.88m            10th

Jemma Owen             U15     Discus                                     25.02m           6th

Jemma Owen             U15     Javelin                                                23.77m           12th



Byrne, Spencer, Scholz, Macdonald, Thompson, Barr and McLean lead Club assault on Australian Junior titles

In difficult conditions in Sydney, Seventeen Club Juniors produced some fantastic results to culminate the 2014-15 season.

There were Six medallists (2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 3 Bronze).

There were Four club athletes who bettered Club Records with Eight records broken.

 Under 20

Dana Dekkers                                    5000m                       20:05.65        9th

Tom McLean                          200m Para                 23.54          BRONZE   (1st over line, 3rd on %)

Tom McLean                          400m Para                 54.00              5th       (1st over line, 5th on %)

Ben Kelly                                5000m                       15:36.97        11th

Under 18

Kaitlin Barr                            2km Steeple               7:34.71           6th Club Record U17,18,19,20

Bridget Brammer                  400m Hurdles           67.04              9th

Sam Toll                                 3000m                       8:52.73           8th

Daniel Hamilton                    3000m                       9:03.75           15th

Daniel Hamilton                    1500m   (4:03.50)    4:11.14           6th

Under 17

Christine Byrne                     100m       (12.41)      12.16              GOLD

Georgie Macdonald               800m     (2:12.85)   2:12.23           SILVER Club Record U16, U17

Georgie Macdonald               1500m   (4:40.11)   4:38.37           BRONZE Club Record U16

Christine Byrne                     200m                          25.93              10th

Larissa McBurney                 800m                          2:19.64           17th

Will Ockenden                       2km Steeple               6:52.71           15th

Under 16

Jesse Scholz                            400m  (51.28)         51.45              BRONZE

Riley Thompson                    Shot Put                     13.54m           5th

Riley Thompson                    Hammer Throw         45.75m           5th   Club Record U16

Jasper Pickering                    1500m                       4:18.20           8th

Jesse Scholz                            100m Hurdles           14.32              9th

Gabriel Shaw                         Long Jump                 5.35m             12th

Brittney Tran                         90m Hurdles             14.99              26th

Under 15 

Adam Spencer                       800m  (2:04.37)      2:02.54           GOLD

Adam Spencer                       400m  (54.36)          DQ

Under 14

Liam Glew                              Triple Jump               9.64m             9th

Outstanding Results at Knockout final. National Qualifiers and PBs achieved.



The Club had a significant presence at the inaugural Athletics Knockout Final .


Following two previous qualifying rounds, club members showed excellent form in this final.


SIX national qualifiers (Q) achieved with PBs. Well done.





First                Simone McInnes        2Km Walk                  10:01.15

Jordan Ziebell                        110m Hurdles           15.25              Q

Anna Saw                   1500m                       4:36.30           Q

Noni Thompson         Discus AWD               13.23m

Non Thompson          Shot Put                     6.71m


Second            Emily McLean            400m Hurdles           62.59              Q

Anna Saw                   800m                          2:10.92           Q

Beau Lang                  Javelin                                    50.54m


Third              Tim Crane                  800m                          1:55.16

Emily McLean            100m Hurdles           15.54              Q

Sherena Mulgrave    100m                          12.57

Cassie Higham           3000m                       9:53.55           Q

Beau Lang                  Pole Vault                   3.45m

Sophie Lichoudaris   Javelin                                    40.01m


Fourth                        Sherena Mulgrave    200m                          25.48


Sixth               Jordan Ziebell                        100m                          11.92



Under 20

First                Sebastian Zammit     Discus                         31.67m

Sebastian Zammit     Shot Put                     10.38m


Second            Nicola Davis               200m                          26.03

Nicola Davis               400m                          59.06

Sebastian Zammit     Javelin                                    33.31m


Under 18

First                Haftu Strintzos          3000m                       9:26.64


Second            Kaitlin Barr                800m                          2:24.29



Third              Christine Byrne         200m                          25.53

Claudia Carter           400m                          62.43


Seventh          Haftu Strintzos          800m                          2:07.93

Brittney Tran             90m Hurdles             14.76


Under 16

First                Jesse Scholz                200m                          23.84

Jesse Scholz                100m Hurdles           13.96


Second            Jesse Scholz                400m                          52.33


Fourth                        Joseph Zeleznikow    Shot Put                     6.14m


Fifth                Cody Bellgrove          1500m                       4:42.95


Sixth               Romin Kodakari        1500m                       4:57.36

Joseph Zeleznikow    Javelin                                    20.83m

Joseph Zeleznikow    Discus                         15.13m

Joseph Zeleznikow    Hammer Throw         13.72m


Girls Girls Girls – raising girls 9 to 12 years of age

Glen Eira City Council Parent information Session

Presented by Sharon Witt for parents and guardians raising girls nine to 12 years of age.

Tuesday 10 March 7.30pm–9.30pm

Glen Eira Town Hall — Theatrette

Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield

Cost: $8 per person

Parenting a tween can have its challenges but the good news is, you are not alone in your parenting journey — there is an abundance of collective wisdom that can be drawn on. Sharon has been immersed in the tween world for two decades in her role as a secondary teacher, mentor and presenter to tweens and their parents around the country. In this presentation, Sharon will offer parents sound, practical advice and strategies to help raise and better understand tween girls aged nine to 12.

Places are limited. Registration and payment must be received prior to the session. No refunds or exchanges.

To book online, visit http://www.gleneira.vic.gov.au or contact Council’s Service Centre on 9524 3333.

Parent Information Night – Girls 9 to 12

Hunter Juniors magnificent at Victorian Junior Titles 2015


Great results from our Club’s Junior athletes at the titles.

Thirty-Six (36) of our Juniors gained twenty-three (23) medals (6 Gold, 8 Silver, and 9 Bronze) and seventeen (17) national qualifiers.

In addition, four (4) club records were bettered.

CR = New Club Record

N = National Qualifier

We appreciate the efforts of Club Officials and Club Helpers in what proved to be a very long weekend of athletics.


Dana Dekkers                       5000m   CR U18       19:25.90       Bronze

Nicola Davis                           400m                          60.40              5th

Natasha Ockenden                3km Steeple               15:40.39        5th


Ben Kelly                               5000m           N         15:20.02        Gold

Sebastian Zammit                 Discus                        28.68m           4th

Sebastian Zammit                 Javelin                                    35.77m           5th

Sebastian Zammit                     Shot Put                     10.72m            5th

Chris Hibbert                         3km Steeple               11:01.73        6th

Chris Hibbert                         5000m                       16:45.03        13th

Jack Highnam                                    5000m                       16:51.27        15th

Tom McLean                          400m                          54.68              20th

Tom McLean                          200m                          24.12              25th



Kaitlin Barr                          2km Steeple       N    7:41.98          Silver

Bridget Brammer               400m Hurdles         66.92              Bronze

Kaitlin Barr                            800m                          2:28.10           7th


Sam Toll                                3000m              N      8:52.19          Silver

Sam Toll                                2km Steeple     N      6:18.96          Bronze

Daniel Hamilton                    1500m                       4:08.42           4th

Daniel Hamilton                    3000m                       9:23.22           5th



Georgie Macdonald             1500m           N         4:44.59          Gold  

Georgie Macdonald             800m                         2:14.91          Bronze

Sophie Highnam                  3000m                       11:17.39        Bronze

Christine Byrne                     100m  (12.75)    N   12.56              4th

Christine Byrne                     200m   (25.82)   N     25.92           4th

Claudia Carter                       400m                          62.59              7th

Claudia Carter                       200m                          27.87              12th



Will Ockenden                       2km Steeple   N         6:47.83           4th

Haftu Strintzos                      3000m                       9:31.47           5th

Haftu Strintzos                      1500m                       4:23.37           6th

Will Ockenden                       3000m                       9:46.63           10th

Josh Grant                              400m                          57.02              12th



Ciara Losty               N         400m                         58.00              Silver

Brittany Tran                         200m Hurdles           31.99              5th


Jesse Scholz              N         400m                         52.22              Gold

Riley Thompson CR U16N Hammer Throw      49.37m          Gold  

Jesse Scholz  CR U15 N      100m Hurdles         14.23              Silver

Jesse Scholz                          200m (24.20)          23.98              Silver

Gabe Shaw                            Long Jump                5.87m                        Silver

Jasper Pickering                  1500m                       4:28.85          Bronze

Jasper Pickering      N         3000m                       9:35.76          Bronze

Yotam Kimchi                       Triple Jump               12.20m           4th

Ben Edwards                         400m                          57.21              6th

Gabe Shaw                             200m  (25.31)           25.34              6th

Liam Halloran                        1500m                       4:44.76           8th

Ben Edwards                         200m                          26.13              9th

Yotam Kimchi                       Long Jump                 5.61m             11th

Liam Halloran                        800m                          2:18.71           14th



Sophie O’Sullivan    N         1500m                       4:54.14          Bronze

Sophie O’Sullivan    N         800m                         2:21.71          Bronze


Adam Spencer          N         800m                         2:06.50          Gold  

Adam Spencer CR U14 N   400m                         52.48              Silver

Cody Bellgrove                      1500m                       4:47.96           6th

Alistair Strutt                         1500m                       4:51.08           8th

Cody Bellgrove                      800m                          2:19.46           9th

Lachlan Zachest                     400m                          63.30              12th

Lachlan Zachest                     200m                          29.17              14th




Genevieve O’Brien                800m                          2:30.43           5th

Genevieve O’Brien                400m                         65.09              6th


Liam Glew                            Triple Jump              10.05m          Gold

Liam Glew                            200m Hurdles        37.95              Silver

Liam Glew                              Long Jump                 4.47m             5th

Romin Kodakari                    800m                          2:22.59           6th

Romin Kodakari                    1500m                       5:08.01           11th


Please forward any queries , omissions, or corrections to Phil Hutton please.