Lacaze and Spencer outstanding at the Milers Club



Nicola Davis U20 Women C 2:30.1 9th
Kaitlin Barr U18 Women D 2:22.8 2nd

Tom McFarlane Op Men B 1:54.9 4th
Jack Marquardt Op Men C 1:58.2 5th
Jordan Crane Op Men C 2:00.5 8th
*******Adam Spencer U16 Men E 1:56.8 1st
Michael Comport Op Men H 2:07.3 2nd

1 MILE (incorporating the Victorian Mile Championship).

*****Genevieve Lecaze Op Women A 4:32.6 1st
Sharon Firisua Op Women B 5:16.5 8th

Ben Kelly Op Men B 4:18.3 5th
Sam Toll U18 Men B 4:29.7 12th
Jack Bullock Op Men B 4:32.9 14th
Daniel Hamilton U18 Men B 4:40.6 15th
Jasper Pickering U16 Men C 4:43.1 15th
Rosefelo Siosi Op Men D 4:33.5 4th
Andrew McEvoy 40+ Men E 4:48.2 9th
Eamonn Murphy op Men E 5:05.2 15th

Genevieve is now Victorian Women’s Mile Champion.

A Fantastic dominant run from go to finish.

Genevieve is the Club’s second Vic Mile Champion following the win of Daisy Drew (Irwin)(nee King) in 1966 (the second running of the championship). Daisy’s time of 5:38.6 was reflective of the struggle the women had in the 50/60s to establish themselves in distance running. There were few opportunities; an 880 yards was introduced in 1960 at the Olympics and XC running had its first championships in Victoria and Australia in the early 1960s. Susie Power won a title in the 1990s while running with Doncaster Womens Club. Genevieve’s time is a new club record, bettering Benita willis’ time from 2006

We have had 1500m winners in Brenda Carr (Jones) 1968,1969, Susie Power 2000, Sonia O’Sullivan 2001 and Anna Thompson 2003.

Adam Spencer’s run in the 800m is a new club record for U15, and Adam doesn’t turn 15 until October. His time betters that of Michael Power (1:57.6) set back in 1992. Adam is certainly developing well under the tutelage of another great former HUNTER in Tim O’Shaughnessy who was a teen sensation middle distance champion at Xavier College, coached by Pat Clohessy, in the late 1960s and early 1970s (just prior to Deek).